June TV: New Shows And Specials On Cable

June 6, 2015

[Written by Shavonne Jeffries, Bermuda CableVision]

“A Midseason Night’s Dream”

There are dozens of new series coming out this midseason, from drama and history to nature and reality shows. Here is a small slice of what you can discover this month.

“Preach” – Series Premiere – Friday, June 5, at 11pm on Lifetime

In this new docu-series, Lifetime follows four powerful female preachers who are dedicated to their calling, developing the powers they say God has given them to heal the sick, see the future and help people overcome addictions. Designated as “Prophetesses,” and each with her own personal style, they are deeply committed to interpreting the will of God to others and to recruiting proteges to whom they can pass on their gifts. As you can imagine, this is not a competition, and the four are very much united in their faith. One is a Muslim who converted to Christianity. See who they choose to carry on their work, and if the message is getting through.

“Preach” trailer:

“Life Story” – Series Premiere –¬ Saturday June 6, at 10pm on Discovery

This epic new series from Discovery, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, will allow viewers to experience “the universal story that unites us with every animal on the planet.” It’s a journey through life, in six two-hour episodes. Filmed in 29 countries on six continents, and with more than 1800 hours of footage, the series brings viewers up close into the world of animals as they experience the full cycle of life stages – from struggling to take their first steps, to surviving without their parents, finding a mate, reproducing and raising offspring. The series captures unique animal behaviour from all over the world, along with stunning landscapes and natural wonders from Australia and Southeast Asia to Africa and the United States. Discovery notes it is the first landmark series to be shot in ultra-hi-definition, delivering the highest quality images ever seen in a wildlife documentary.

“Life Story” Video:

“Player gets Played” – Series Premiere – Wednesday, June 10, at 10:30pm on Oxygen

It’s ‘game over’ for the men in this new series who are all suspected of cheating on their girlfriends or spouses. In each episode, a woman who is very suspcicious about her man’s behaviour embarks on an investigation that enlists the help of friends, relatives and social media to uncover the heartbreaking truth. The ladies, however, are out to have their moment of revenge. They come together to give each man a dose of reality and teach them a lesson. The unsuspecting “player” is unaware that anything is going down until the surprise reveal, when the lesson hits home.

“Player gets Played” official trailer:

“The Seventies” – Series Premiere – Thursday, June 11 at 10pm on CNN

Following on the huge success of CNN’s “The Sixties,” this new series picks up where that one left off, examining the politics, culture and history of this consequential decade. The launch episode, titled “Television of the 70s,” examines the social undercurrents of U.S. TV shows that marked that era, including “M.A.S.H”; “All in the Family”; Monday Night Football and “Saturday Night Live.” The series is executive produced by multiple EMMY Award-winning producers Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and Mark Herzog.

“Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” – Series Premiere – Saturday, June 13 at 11pm on BBC America

This month, as promised, BBC America debuts its original new series based on the fantasy/historical novel by Susanna Clarke. Peter Harness of “Dr. Who” fame adapted the story for the series. Set in England during the Napoleonic Wars, the plot revolves around two magicians who are making the dark arts mainstream again. The miniseries stars Bertie Carvel [Jonathan Strange] and Eddie Marsan [Gilbert Norrell] in the title roles.

The reclusive Norrell rises to stardom, thrilling Londoners and then the entire nation with his tricks, which include summoning a fleet of ghostly ships to frighten the French. Then novice magician Jonathan Strange emerges – young, ambitious and daring, the antithesis of Norrell. The two engage in a dangerous battle, and as their rivalry builds, they delve more deeply into the dark arts, bringing unforeseen consequences and problems they never imagined.

“Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” official trailer:

“Alone” – Series Premiere – Thursday, June 18, at 11pm on History

Just when you thought you had seen the most radical survivor shows out there, along comes this new ten-episode series from History that is being billed as the “boldest and longest survival experiement ever captured for TV.” The ten individuals selected for abandonment in the wilderness of Vancouver Island must survive completely alone – there will be no camera crew, producers, or anyone else to help them if they get into a bind, and they must self-document their own experiences. A half a million dollars awaits the person who can last the longest. The show debuts with a synchronised global event in more than 200 territories worldwide on History and other channesl in the A&E networks group.

“Humans” – Series Premiere – Sunday, June 28 at 10pm on AMC

AMC has a great track record of hit shows, including the wildly popular “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” and this new sci-fi series is the first to launch since those two shows went off the air. The series, starring William Hurt, is set in suburban London, in a parallel world where lifelike robotic servants are all the rage. It turns out they are highly developed and strangely similar to their living counterparts. The series is based on the award-winning Swedish sci-fi drama “Real Humans,” and explores the complex blurring of lines between humans and machines.
June has lots more to offer, but this should get you started exploring.

“Humans” official trailer

See you back here next month!

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