Photos & Results: Edward Cross Comet Race

June 16, 2015

Stephen Dickinson and Sara Lane Adderley sailed to victory in Monday’s [June 15] Edward Cross Long Distance Comet Race with their red hulled comet Kitty Hawk.

Stephen Dickinson becomes only the third sailor in the race history to with it three consecutive years for a hat-trick, joining Alton Millett who accomplished it twice as well as Rudy Bailey.

Slideshow with almost 100 photos of the event


2015 Edward Cross Long Distance Race Results:

  • 3:10.15 Stephen Dickinson & Sara Lane Adderley – Kitty Hawk
  • 3:17.21 Ben Smith & Peter Dill – Summers
  • 3:18.02 Maxwell Curtis & Stefan Furbert – Raymor Has It
  • 3:19.10 Ceci Wollmann & Ellie Wollmann – Star Burst
  • 3:21.05 Rockal Evans & Christina Bernard – High Yella
  • 3:22.00 Heath Foggo & Kiarah Foggo – Cedric
  • 3:23.09 Gladwin Lambert & Lorenzo Lambert – Melody
  • 3:23.16 Gus Miller & Micah Raynor – Sea Breeze
  • 3:25.32 Quinton Simons & Greg Proctor – Stir De Pot
  • 3:29.07 Scott Fox & Wesley Tucker – Get The Cat
  • 3:32.25 Dale Brangman & Michori Parfitt-Jones – Shaka-Zulu
  • 3:35.03 Antoine Wingood & Fred Bulford – Swizzle
  • 3:41.40 Zaniko Hendrickson & Zanikae Hendrickson – Radical
  • 3:43.30 Ross Smith & Jorel Smith – Punisher
  • 3:58.51 Gerald Smith & Clifton Williams – IsMay

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Congratulation Stevie Dickinson and Sarah Lane on your victory…A special congratulations to you Stevie, upon making history :-)
    I’d been somewhat disappointed hearing Wesley Tucker and Scott Fox were not more competitive, (even though I hadn’t witnessed the race)But, better luck next year you two…

  2. Floyd Pitcher says:

    Glad Scott lost the bridesmaid tag this year but he is overdue to win this race outright.
    Congrats to Steve and Sarah to bad it wasnt as exciting as some we have witnessed over the last four years. Get em next year you Corn Flakes and Blue

  3. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to Stevie & Sarah for Your Victory. Another Great Sailing lesson by Stevie. I’m a Somerset Fan so don’t care for U to win anymore. U THE BEST!