NMAC Launches TLC Programme In Bermuda

October 17, 2015

Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Center [NMAC] has taken a new approach to healthcare with the launch of their Disease Prevention Programme, becoming the first in Bermuda to launch the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change [TLC] Programme, aimed at helping to prevent diabetes.

A spokesperson said, “Northshore Medical & Aesthetic Center is first in Bermuda to launch the ‘Therapeutic Lifestyle Change [TLC] Programme’ modeled after the Center of Disease Control and Prevention’s [CDC] Diabetic Prevention Program [DPP] Curriculum which is evidence based and highly recognized throughout the United States.

“The TLC program was developed with the oversight of Dr. David Cavan of the International Diabetic Foundation [IDF] and author of the book “Reverse Diabetes”. The Diabetes Prevention Program [DPP] was conducted by a wide spectrum of expert scientists and physicians.

“They discovered that people can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes by losing some weight, eating a healthy diet and increasing their activity. High risk people who followed this program decreased their risk of developing diabetes by 58% and reduced some of their medications.”

Dr. Stanley James, lead physician of the TLC programme, said, “Diabetes and obesity are growing epidemics in Bermuda. They contribute to kidney diseases, heart disease, blindness and amputations. If we are going to make a difference we need to meet you where you are. In the TLC program we supportively coach you into a new lifestyle. Specifically we explore how you live, work, and play.

“If we can coach you into a new way of enjoying life now, you will really enjoy your life later. Above all else we want you to prosper and be in good health.”

“The TLC Programme harnesses the power of clinical management, group sessions, disease education with cooking classes and exercise. The goal is to encourage patients to lose weight and thereby reduce the risks associated with obesity. Blood sugars and pressures are measured, BMIs checked and lipids followed.

“The hope is to reduce the impact that obesity related illnesses have on the overall health care system by actively engaging our patients and motivating them with group sessions. The aim is also to inform patients so that they can have the power of knowledge and inspiring them through their clinical encounters with their doctors and lifestyle coach.

“NMAC Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programme [TLC] started its first class on October 1st, 2015 with a packed house at both the 5:30pm and the 7pm class. Participants are embarking on a 6 month journey to discover new ways of eating, living and moving.

“The course is all about making positive lifestyle changes that would lead to reduced medication load, more energy, weight loss, and possible reversal of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol.”

Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Founder and Medical Director of NMAC, said, “My vision is to create a health community not a medical practice. Our focus is patient centered which is evidenced via our many programmes. Apart from the TLC programme we have also started our group exercise classes, free educational seminars, and soon to launch our Healthy Home Cooking Class with Dr. Armani Flood.

“Our aim at NMAC is on disease prevention and reversal. We have great evidence from Dr. Cavan that it is possible to reverse Diabetes through lifestyle changes i.e. healthy eating and exercise.”

The next cycle of classes starts January 2016; for more information, contact the Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre.

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