Property Skipper Portal To Expand To Guernsey

December 15, 2015, a leading island property search website operating in Bermuda and Barbados, will be expanding to Guernsey.

The website, which launched in January 2013, has rapidly expanded over the last two years and now advertises the listings of over 40 agents in Bermuda and Barbados.

“Our platform has been a great success in its first few years – we have consistently seen both substantial traffic growth and increased agent enquiries on the site,” says Director of, Peter Goodall.

“The platform was built to make it adaptable to other jurisdictions and we feel that Guernsey is a perfect location for our continued expansion.”

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“Guernsey, with a population of around 65,000 and an area of 30Sq.miles has many similarities to Bermuda, in particular, despite the near 3500 mile distance that separates them.

“Both are well respected financial centres – indeed many businesses operate in both Islands which drives a healthy flow of professionals between the two. Both islands also have a local and open [international] housing market and of course they both share a long history and connection to the UK.”

“We already have some leading agents in Guernsey onboard including Livingroom, Sarnia, Swoffers and All Island Property with others in the process of connecting shortly.”

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Peter Goodall concluded, “We see this as a continued opportunity to create a website that is a hub for property search across the some of the most desirable island locations in the world”

To visit Propertyskipper Guernsey click: here

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