30 Minute Video: CITV Production On Airport

July 4, 2016

The Government television station CITV has produced a 30-minute film — called “On Borrowed Time” — that Government said provides a “critical look at the state of Bermuda’s airport terminal building.”

A spokesperson said, “A critical look at the state of Bermuda’s airport terminal building is found in the film, On Borrowed Time, created by the Government television station CITV, and airing tonight [July 4] on ZBM television Channel 9 at 8pm.

“The special documentary presentation reveals some of the central issues with the terminal building through the eyes of Bermudians who have responsibility for the upkeep of the structures, together with analyses from international airport experts who thoroughly studied the Bermuda facilities.

“The General Manager of the L.F. Wade International Airport, Aaron Adderley, said during the taping of On Borrowed Time that an extraordinary amount of resources have to be dedicated to maintaining the structure on a day to day basis.”

The 30-minute video courtesy of CITV is below:

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  1. Terry says:

    Build a new Airport.

    Both gentlemen I listened to made so much sense.

    26 minutes into this the guy makes so much sense once again.


    • Jim bob says:

      It was interesting but I have to say it was one of the most bias and unbalanced documentaries I have ever seen. No one is disputing the need for a new airport, I think it’s more about the process which was or was not followed and the lack of tender to build it.

      Also, I note that Mr. Burchall was wearing an Aecon hi-vizability jacket. Who commissioned this documentary? Was it Aecon? If so, that is very interesting and could account for the bias.

  2. Jadon says:

    Lol what a joke…

  3. San George says:

    George Bush and the U.S. government said Iraq had WMD’s as well; they even showed the trucks they were using to make chemical weapons. Nothing like video evidence. So this means we don’t get to watch the B*b tell us how stupid we all are any more?

    • Just the Tip says:

      So your basically saying we don’t need a new airport. When was the last time you travelled?

  4. Onion Juice says:

    Is this de same CITV that was critized by Dunkley that was being used a a propaganda tool?

    • mixitup says:

      hahaha!! That’s the first thing I said! What Hypocrites.. I also don’t dispute the need for a New Airport, but this Aeocon Commissioned report does not speak to the Tendering Process for the best deal…. I think we will regret having handed over the reigns to this company for the next 30 years.

  5. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Any people really want to believe that Bermuda doesn’t need a new airport or MAJOR upgrades…..lol smh! People are stuck on stupid.

    • Unbelievable says:

      It’s only cuz its an OBA thing. The oBA are messy for sure and they could have introduced this idea differently but this development will happen and it will bring jobs to Bermuda.

      But that’s not the PLP’s business. They are all about party first.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        I agree with you. Both the PLP and OBA have agreed on a new airport at some point in time! The OBA could have and should have done/introduced it better like you said, but at the end of the day Bermuda NEEDS a new airport! If you don’t see that than…..you’re really stuck on stupid!

        • filobedo21 says:

          No matter how it was introduced, people would show opposition. Much of it contrived by the Opposition. They forget that they proposed building a new airport too. Get along with things OBA Government. You are the Government. People need jobs, especially the construction workers who have had a hard road these past few years.

        • Suset says:

          It’s far too big and expensive…we can’t afford it and don’t need it to be so large

    • john says:

      the main thing u said in ur comment or a major upgrade. When it is put out to tender to see what would be the best for bermuda a upgrade or new 1 from different companies exactly. IT is the process not if it needs 1. I am 100% sure if the did the airport process like the hospital (wow under the plp) there will be no concern against the deal n then guaranteed revenue for 35 years were is the risk it is none i could get any investor to jump on this deal. u want the bermudians to turn a blind eye. no we r not

      • Bermyman says:

        Name ONE tendered infastructure project under any Government in the last 30 years that has been value for money, come in on budget and has not had some element of favour to a cronie or two? Name ONE?

        $250m of inward investment, new airport, employment and not a scrap added to our national debt. No brainer, take the deal. The existing airport and runway was build and maintained by foreign entities throughout its lifetime.

        • Suset says:

          The reason the airport is guaranteed to come in ‘on budget’ in simple terms goes a bit like this… they estimated a figure, doubled it then added a bit for luck…..everyday business in the building trade for time immemorial.

          The $250m, contrary to what they would have us believe, IS a debt which would be guaranteed by the government which means that if the airport doesn’t pay for itself (there’s little hope of that) ‘You and I and everyone in Bermuda’ will pay annually to cover any shortfall/interest on the loans/bonds( money that could be spent on education and helping lower income bracket people)….the Canadians just can’t lose…they must be laughing all the way to the bank!

          This burden on the tax payer could push the country into bankruptcy….so much for ‘building Bermudas future’…..what a terrible state of affairs when the public doesn’t get to see/understand all the vital details.

          Mr Richards has worked very hard I’m sure but I fear that far from being remembered for ‘the world class airport’ he may well be remembered for bringing the country to its knees.

          This airport is a white elephant …far bigger than we need or can afford.


  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    No matter how slick the production is, no matter how it is laid out for those who cannot read, there are those who refuse to see & listen. JW is correct. There are people who are stuck on stupid. There is no changing them.

  7. Roger says:

    I think it is the revealing of a new Government Department. DOP.

    Department of Propaganda. As foreseen by our Premier when he sat at another place.

    • Just the Tip says:

      So why is it propaganda? What about this whole thing makes it propaganda to you?

      • Terry says:

        Because the truth is just the tip.
        And if your not in the Lodge and money you cry.


    • Unbelievable says:

      At least back then, it actually was propaganda. This is actually, you know….. factual and useful information. Not something that anti-OBA folks are used to.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      So you think that the water dripping on the floor, the broken escalator, the unreliable baggage carousels, the leaking plumbing, the broken airconditioning, the ceiling tiles falling down, the furnace of a freight shed are all fake do you? All the place needs is another coat of paint. Is that the way you see it?

      It was determined that the place needed replacing many years ago. The PLP spent near a million & got us an artists impression of something very fancy & very expensive. Typical. Must be loaded with bling. Just like the hospital & court buildings.

      800,000 passengers use the terminal every year, used to be more, but the PLP found out that Bermuda was broke. It seems that enough to pay for 2 new terminals has simply vanished.

      • A few queries says:

        Actually the PLP spent $3mn on design plans for a new airport with the lower estimate for new construction being just under $500mn while the top estimate being just under $1bn.

        • What?? says:

          The spent $1 million for an airport master plan. The same plan that is being used as the basis for the proposed terminal.

          They gave a very preliminary estimate of $540 million (1 billion is not mentioned anywhere) for all proposed airport upgrades. That included a new terminal, a new cargo facility, a new general aviation facility, a new taxiway as well as improvements to the current taxiway and runway, rerouting Kindley Field road and other roads plus a number of other projects. Some of those upgrades have already been done and some still need to be done.

          • Onion says:

            Plus the normal PLP budget expansion after approval. Estimate of $1 billion for final cost isn’t unreasonable given the historical pattern.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Thankyou for the correction. Seems like there were so many things that the gonna government was was gonna do, it is easy to get confused on which fancy drawing cost how much. The causeway was another one. Got trotted out at every throne speach but we are still driving on the same falling down bridge.

  8. LostinFlatts says:

    Fact 1: Both the PLP government and the OBA government agree we need a new airport. The PLP’s commissioned plans and the price was around $500m, the latest plans are smaller and $250m capital cost.

    Fact 2: Bermuda does not have $500m, or $250m or $2m to build a new airport because the PLP created such a staggering debt burden that we can barely afford to pay off the interest, much less borrow any more.

    Fact 3: 1 + 2 means we can’t pay for it ourselves. So needed a creative solution, hence the agreement with the CCC, who have done over 200 PPPs.

    It really is that simple. No idea what folks are complaining about. You can’t put something to tender that you can’t pay for. And because of the PLP’s irresponsible financing, Bermuda can’t afford to pay for any capital projects at this scale.

    • Toleratate says:

      And the sheep still will not understand…. You say it’s “that simple”… You’re giving far too much credit to people who have been successfully programmed to object and see EVERYTHING Non-PLP as negative, anti-Bermudian, anti-Black.
      It’s the new slogan of the opposition…. and their cheer-leaders call this propaganda… Sadly I wait for ANYTHING other than the 2025 Plan…. crickets…

  9. Tom Cooke says:

    Having just viewed this documentary.. man I thought the public areas were bad. .. I wonder why the union has not made a fuss about the working conditions in the back of house areas.. damm…

  10. Widget says:

    It makes no difference what’s being built, Betty and the gang of nut bars will object at all costs.

    Build the airport. After all. The PLP were going to do it for Just under a billion.

  11. Average Bermudian says:

    the ubp/oba spent millions above budget and the airport was never properly completed after all the renovations.

    i remember the leaking roofs (as triangle states) and the over and over again repairs – all under the ubp/oba

    Wasted $$


  12. After seeing this 30 minute video of the airport in its current condition there is no doubt that a new airport is required. To renovate the existing airport would cost more than building a new one (no brainer). This video is based off of the PLP report that they spent millions on in 2006. It’s clear that the report suggested that a new airport is required.
    OBA now need to focus on how they will prove to the country that this is good deal once negotiations are complete. An independent assessment of the cost of the airport needs to be presented at the same time as the negotiated terms and conditions.
    OBA, you will only get one chance to prove that you can properly communicate this to the electorate so use it wisely. Do not let the PLP distract you. They can not sing the ‘renovation’ song anymore so they only have the tender process to attack. If we are getting VFM, this should be very easy to communicate.

  13. wahoo says:

    If the plp had not gotten taken advantage of when the US left we might have had some funds for this. Call Richard Branson and see if he wants a place to run his space tourism program from, he could finance the airport and have all the empty buildings that the US left behind.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You need to get yourself a copy of USS Bermuda & have yourself a read to see what a bunch of bumbling rude incompetents the PLP was when dealing with the US Government & Navy brass.

  14. Who jock says:

    Well …I feel the need for a bridge or two down there…and a ferries dock!
    The bridge could produce electricity to pay for “itself”… And eventually make a profit….
    It is called hydro electric power…or that power could be utilised by works and engineering to produce solid ” inert”../hydrogen fuel cells.
    As it presently is…
    You are force feeding a baby that is not hungry…
    Then you show us a film to baby to show it why it should eat now…

  15. Who jock says:

    Your ideas are like the cart before the horse…presently we have two bridges that you haven’t put zinks on for over thirty years and are near collapse due to rust.
    When it does I will personally look at culpability within govt. If anyone is injured or dies due to said bridge failure.
    These statements are harsh…
    but they are valid and due…
    ie. Due diligence!

  16. TXKF3264 says:

    They need to look into building a new Airport Fire Station too. The current facility is in bad condition as well.

  17. Y-Gurl says:

    What a load of Sh#t these clowns have deliberately left leaks in the roofs to accelerate detrition, failed to repair and maintain the most basic of facilities, left hurricane damage for over a year before repairing with duct tape and blu tac, the same tactics WEDCO did with the historic buildings in Dockyard, how stupid do the OBA think the public are, just because we put you in doesn’t mean we are completely unable to form logical an coherent thoughts, the reason for your pending downfall should be scribed onto the airport welcome sign

    • Toleratate says:

      Wow… speechless…soooo the DELIBERATE mismanagement and lack of repairs in sayyyyy four years was the cause of the damage…. Let me get this right… win election and stop ALL maintenance of structure…. wait three to four years and pull the wool over the public’s eyes… Am I got that right????
      “How stupid do the OBA think the public are?”
      RTFOL…… Go lay down….

      • Sponge Bob All Over Again says:

        Wow. That was just mind blowing. Yes, you found them out. They stopped all maintenance because they want to be sued when one of those tiles falls on someones head or someone slips in the pool of water on the floor and they along with all of Bermuda are liable. Good that you pointed it out. They must think the public are very stupid!

        People complain about it all the time yet other proposals for this project were over 400 Million for the terminal ALONE. Hmmmm…Wonder where that money would come from? Maybe you expect quarter of a billion dollars for free because it is just how it should be.

        Arrange for a behind the scènes tour with the airport manager. Spend a day in the cargo area with no air condition and then come back here and post a comment on what it was like to be back there working for the day. Bet the experience would not be that great. Oh yes, it is propoganda. My bad.

    • ImJustSayin says:

      That’s hilarious..

  18. ImJustSayin says:

    I don’t know why there are so many, putting it politely, silly people in Bermuda. That airport is a mess. It looks pretty on the outside but inside it’s in shambles. The airport needs replacing. Come on people WAKEUP!!!!

  19. mj says:

    good documentary, airport staff well represented views and professional opinion,.. The airport definitely needs upgrade.. Who should do it for the sake of maintenance going forward and general upkeep is the situation. but agreed needs upgrade,. where IS the B.I.U. on this