America’s Cup Environmental Responsibility Plan

October 3, 2016

The America’s Cup Event Authority [ACEA] and the six America’s Cup teams – Oracle Team USA, Land Rover BAR, Emirates Team New Zealand, Artemis Racing, SoftBank Team Japan and Groupama Team France – have announced a Sustainability Charter, an opportunity the ACEA and the teams have embraced collectively in environmental responsibility and positive action, both within the sport of sailing and the worldwide marine industry.


All six teams are signatories to the Sustainability Charter and have signed up together to work to implement the ten points of the Charter as they prepare for and compete in the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda in 2017.

The ACEA has also committed itself to the Sustainability Charter’s ten points. Although not a signatory to the document, the ACEA is actively supporting the agreement and is implementing it across its business.

The ten points of the Sustainability Charter are:

  • 1. Eliminating single use plastics: Ocean plastics are an increasing problem and we see the opportunity and message we can convey by committing to identify opportunities to eliminate single use plastics. We will provide our teams with refillable hydration bottles, avoiding single use plastic drinks bottles.
  • 2. Maximise reuse and recycling: Participating in events and setting up temporary bases can produce waste. We are committed to identifying opportunities to reduce our waste as far as reasonably possible. We are committed to identifying opportunities to reuse packaging and other materials and to recycle waste, where local recycling facilities are available.
  • 3. Conserving water: We are committed to identifying opportunities to conserve water where reasonably possible, particularly in the launch and retrieval of boats. Where possible, we will use water saving butts and minimize the water used for boat wash down. Where possible, we will use rain water for the wash down of our boats.
  • 4. Avoiding water pollution: We are committed to identifying opportunities to protect the waters in which we sail. Where possible, we will use environmentally friendly cleaning fluids for our boats, ensure safe refueling procedures and ensure spill-kits are available on support boats.
  • 5. Reducing energy / carbon impact: We recognize that through the base, our travel and transport, boat construction and the fuel used in vehicles and support boats, we consume energy and have a carbon impact. We are committed to understanding our carbon footprint and identifying opportunities to reduce this, for example through efficient use of resources and material and product choices. We are committed to identifying opportunities to reduce our electricity consumption.
  • 6. Protecting marine habitats: We are committed to identifying opportunities to minimize the risk that our boats and safety boats harm the marine environment. We will not knowingly anchor in areas of fragile marine habitats.
  • 7. Being diverse and inclusive: We are committed to embracing diversity and being inclusive in our activities, including fan engagement, staffing and local outreach.
  • 8. Supporting the local economy: Through our procurement of goods and services we will endeavor to support the local economy and local suppliers where we operate.
  • 9. Communicating a better future: We recognize we are advocates for the oceans and our sport is connected to the natural environment. We will communicate our positive actions and look to inspire fans, suppliers and local communities in taking up our example.
  • 10. Sustainability Champions: We will identify a Sustainability Champion in our own team to collaborate with other teams and ensure we are operating in accordance with this team charter.

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