Photos: Bermuda Youth Chess Tournament

January 17, 2017

The first Youth Library Chess Championship was held on Saturday, January 14 at the Youth Library on Church Street.

The children, who were “very enthusiastic and keen to play,” came from around the island to take part, with Dimitri Goncharov emerging as the overall winner of the competition.

The games were played with chess clocks, with three members of Bermuda Chess Olympics team supervising the games.


The format of the event was Swiss 4 rounds tournament. Games were limited to 20 minutes. The young chess players were playing very seriously, and many games lasted to the last second on chess clocks.

The competition was tough but everyone had a great time, including the parents that were watching the games.

The tournament’s results follow below:


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  1. PBanks says:

    I’m just impressed by how young some of these players look. Pretty impressive to have learned the game at such a young age. Keep it up, and congrats to all.

  2. Chess gives children the skills that they need to excel scholastically and socially n the world today.
    If you would like for your child to learn chess or they need to play chess with, then join them up for the chess club!

    Saturday 3:00-5:00 p.m.
    Bermuda Youth Library

  3. Samuel says:

    Chess in Bermuda is growing fast and gaining momentum. The more players that get involved the more resources will be organised.

    It improves reasoning, concentration, creativity, memory and a long list of other amazing skills, which is hugely beneficial for students of all ages. Get your kids involved in this cheap, fun, social activity.

    You can also ask at your local school, about starting a chess club. Several Bermuda schools have recently organised new clubs.

  4. Nick Faulks says:

    Well done to Larry and all the guys in the Bermuda Chess Association who made this happen. The local chess scene will only continue to thrive if these juniors come through.

  5. Larry Ebbin says:

    Since the children had such a good time playing with each other, I am going to be having a tournament the second Saturday each month. And hope that more then five children from each school will enter.
    Bermuda’s first Grandmaster could be here, since the 4 and 5 year old players are already good.

    Many thanks,Larry Ebbin