PLP Bills Pass, No Confidence Motion Introduced

May 19, 2017

The Decriminalisation of Cannabis Bill 2017 and the Statutory Interest Rate Amendment Act — Bills which were both brought by the Opposition PLP — passed in the House of Assembly on Friday evening [May 19].

The Bills must now head to the Senate, where they must also pass before becoming law.

Noting the passing of the Bills, the PLP said the “votes have revealed that the minority OBA government no longer has control of Parliament” and  ”it is clear that it is time to take it to the people and for Bermudians to decide the direction of Bermuda’s future” and “that’s why we have introduced this motion of no confidence.”

A PLP spokesperson said, “Tonight, the Progressive Labour Party won two major victories for the people. Since 2014, the PLP has fought to decriminalise simple possession of small amounts of cannabis and, despite opposition from members of the OBA Cabinet, the bill passed. Then, over the objections of the Minister of Finance, the PLP successfully passed a bill to reduce Bermuda’s Statutory Interest Rate from 7% to 3.5%.

“Over the last year, two founding members of the OBA voted with their feet and reduced the OBA to a minority government without a mandate to govern.

“Tonight, two of those same OBA MPs voted against their former party. In fact, they voted against the OBA twice – including on a significant measure that will protect our young people from gaining unnecessary criminal records.

“Today’s votes have revealed that the minority OBA government no longer has control of Parliament. Having lost the support of even their founding members, it is clear that it is time to take it to the people and for Bermudians to decide the direction of Bermuda’s future.

“Bermuda can do better than the failed minority OBA government. That’s why we have introduced this motion of no confidence. It’s time to put the power in the hands of the people and let them choose a government that puts Bermudians first.”

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    The PLP crack me up. The OBA are turning this country around and they KNOW IT but can’t stand it. The PLP aren’t interested in country…they just want power back. And they’ll get it.

    Vindictive lot the PLP are.

    • Lolol says:

      There aren’t two Bermudas, unless you count the power-hungry devil worshipping weed smoking gays, right?

      • Real Deal says:

        weed smoking and gays have nothing to do with each other. ops ends of the spectrum

      • aceboy says:

        The PLP are not the answer. They will create one Bermuda but it won’t be the utopia many people think it will be. Quite the opposite.

      • wahoo says:

        It has now come to this, the plp are in a very desperate situation with so many concerns about not only the incompetence of their last administration but some very serious concerns about its’ integrity and honesty. By any means they HAVE to win power and stop the flood of information.

        They are not forthcoming with a solid platform only words of negativity and chants of “two Bermudas”. I hope the majority will see through the hollowness of the plp and its’ words only campaign.

    • Spilt milk says:

      Turning what around… The countries dept has been doubled and people leave the island to start a new every week..
      Get your head out the clouds and put your feet on d ground so you can see whats going on.

    • Honestly says:

      Do you think the OBA is working for the people who voted them in? Not. Their are selfish. Yes they may have experienced progressed but at the countries expense. Personally I’m sick of not getting my pay raised over 8 years based on not having no funds. Now they are finding money for what they want. Sick of the OBA and some of their nasty bipolar supporters.

  2. Encyclopedia says:

    It is the duty of the Opposition leader to introduce this motion, if their bills pass. The same would have happened in any country, in any parliament.

    OBA would have done the same thing if they were the Opposition.

    That’s politics 101 !!

    • Sojourner says:

      It has been my experience that a minority government will fall when the opposition cannot get their own important legislation passed. Why would you introduce a motion of non confidence when your own legislation is being supported by the government? That is like saying ‘I have no confidence in you because you are agreeing with me.’

      • What?? says:

        You are making an assumption that doing the right thing for the people (at least their version of the right thing) is the end goal. Unfortunately, in many cases, with politicians it’s power itself that’s the prize.

    • Hang up and call again says:

      No, not necessarily. Just because bills are put forth from one side or the other doesn’t mean that “no confidence” is demanded. Why can’t an idea come from the opposition and get enough support to pass? It’s not always about “the party line”. Burt clearly is an opportunist and intends to continue to do anything and everything to disrupt. Bermudians will pay the price in the end.

  3. Warlord says:

    The PLP don’t have a chance on this one.This will only give their supporters a false hope.Nice try Burt,you will also lose at the next election as well because really you don’t have any concrete platform to move forward.The “vision 2025″ is only a dream my friend.

  4. Natural says:

    Time for an Election!!!

  5. Bumbling bear says:

    This action shows david Burt does not truly care about our country and its people, we have the biggest event ever in Bermuda and he can’t wait an extra month ?
    This is wrong, but it validates his motives , and who he really is.
    We can’t afford leadership like this.

    • Spilt milk says:

      So plp and oba should stop governing your saying. Because of an event..

  6. Rasta says:

    Thankyou govt of Bermuda.

  7. Janice says:

    The number one bermudian passion smoking weed the new Jermuda

  8. Oh its Real... says:

    Excellent work PLP, even the OBA members can see the writing on the wall. Listen to lolol running on really makes me lolol. Election time, take back the Power and never give it back. We are the majority, how you like that? To all you OBA members here is a word for some. Dunk good on you mate, back to the milk truck. Bob, well hey like father like son. Craig, I just have one statement SMH, PLP will have to shake the truth out of you mate. Kenny i guess you will badger St.Georges people until they make you the Mayor, more like the Town Cryer. Nandi its real job time now. Now for the last but definitely not least, Randy undercover OBA. You oh you! No i can’t say it…..YOU NEED AN OLD FASHION……no no i can’t do it….

  9. sandgrownan says:

    I suppose it’s inevitable that the PLP would pull a stunt like this – they see the OBA, for all it’s warts, dragging the country back to an even keel. Something they had neither the wit or foresight to do.

    The 2025 “plan”, as such it is, is tax and spend BS which will lead to ultimate downgrade for Bermuda. The disingenuous nature of this is right on form for the lying PLP. They had 14 years to decriminalise cannabis, but they were too busy with their hands in places

    Does Bermuda need more economic shackles and financial slavery?

  10. Mistah Fistah says:

    So does this mean now that the PLP is now the PLP/UBP/OBA? There will definitely be two Bermudas if this continues. Those MPs in the PLP/UBP/OBA reaping the rewards, and then the rest of us.

  11. Bullseye says:

    I wish this was a step towards parties working together both able to pass legislation but it seems more about total control. Party before country as usual. For the people it is an ideal situation right now where Party lines alone won’t cut it.

  12. O.M.G says:

    God help us

  13. blankman says:

    Anything to disrupt the America’s Cup.

  14. Chaves says:

    They had to do something noteworthy to garner BS attention during the AC!

  15. Nabbajabbadingdongbabydaddy says:

    Look…medical marijuana is the clear path to tourism and prosperity!

  16. Pastor Syl says:

    Some roller coaster. I thought after Mr. Burts speech, and with the passing of the marijuana bill that better days were coming. I should have known better. Things that look like an improvement are merely precursors to something far worse.

  17. ROGER L says:

    Decriminaliziation has its pluses for those who use it, want to use it or want to sell it. Will their be an age limit to use it? 18, 21 or even 25? If under the age limit then can they be stopped from going to certain countries? Can an employer not hire someone because weed is in their blood? More Emplyers are asking for drug tests. Will there be a quick test for weed in the blood like for alcohol? Is this decrimializing a step towards Medical REAL Marijuana, not THAT SYNTHETIC STUFF? Like Nabba says Medical Marijuana towards Medical Tourism. MORE QUESTIONS can come

    • sage says:

      The current and past drug testing regimes are highly biased against, and ‘weed out’ herb users since it is detectable in the system for over 30 days, therefore people are being penalized for using the substance, not necessarily being impaired at work. What would an acceptable level be, if they could test for intoxication directly like alcohol which is legal to drive with under 0.8? Dunks was rambling on with his reefer madness BS defending the continued discrimination against a substance far less harmful than the legal alternatives. All this foolishness about love wins, some of us love ganja, and all the ‘human rights activists’ are ok governments persecuting people for it with no good reason.

  18. Just curious says:

    Why do some people in Bermuda think that the elected government have to consult with the people. We elect a government and simply ask that as a collective group they do what is right. This applies to any party. If we don’t like what they do we don’t elect them again. Mr Crockwell, use the influence we gave you and stop whining about consultation with the people.