Bill: Define Marriage Between Male & Female

May 19, 2017

MP Wayne Furbert said the Human Rights Amendment Act 2017 — which seeks to make an amendment to define marriage between a male and a female — has been tabled.

Bill Follows Landmark Court Ruling

The Private Members Bill seeks to, in effect, restrict marriage to between a man and woman, and follows after a landmark court ruling which paved the way for same sex marriage in Bermuda.

Winston Godwin and Greg DeRoche filed a legal challenge after their marriage application was declined by Bermuda’s Registrar-General, and the court ruled in their favour .

The Court’s conclusion stated, “The common law definition of marriage, that marriage is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman, and its reflection in the Marriage Act section 24 and the MCA section 15 (c) are inconsistent with the provisions of section 2 (2) (a) (ii) as read with section 5 of the HRA as they constitute deliberate different treatment on the basis of sexual orientation.

“In so doing the common law discriminates against same-sex couples by excluding them from marriage and more broadly speaking the institution of marriage.”

Following the ruling, Minister of Home Affairs Patricia Gordon Pamplin said, “The Government acknowledges the Supreme Court ruling handed down on Friday last and upon legal advice, we have determined that we will not lodge an appeal against the judgment.”

Wayne Furbert’s Comments

Earlier today, Mr Furbert told Bernews, “We tabled the Human Rights Amendment Act 2017. The Human Rights Amendment Act 2017 speaks about making an amendment to define marriage between a male and a female.

“The reason why we did this because we have been called, texted, stopped on the street and said, ‘Wayne, do something. You brought the Private Members Bill last year, and we want you to do something again.’ So we didn’t feel we should abrogate our responsibility.

“The courts went as far as it did, one person made a decision, and Parliament should speak. Parliament has always been supreme just below the Constitution. We’re not doing anything outside of the Constitution.

“But we should, at the end of the day, speak on behalf of the people. Fourteen thousand people turned up and said, ‘No to same-sex marriage,’ and we, as Parliament, should speak and vote on that accordingly.”

When asked when will it happen, Mr Furbert said, “This will take place roughly July 7th or July 8th of this year. The Constitution says that if a bill is defeated by the Senate, then it has to come back for the House and wait a whole year before it’d be passed again.”

Similar Bill Was Brought Before

Mr Furbert previously attempted to bring an amendment like this, with the Human Rights Amendment 2016 passing in the House with 21 votes for, 9 against, and 1 abstention in July 2016.

However, the Bill then failed in the Senate, with six Senators voting against the Bill, while five voted in favour. Nine of the eleven Senators that voted at that time remain in the Senate, with two changes made since that time.

Human Rights Amendment Bill 2017

The Bill — which is a Private Members Bill brought by Mr Furbert — states, “Whereas it is expedient to amend the Human Rights Act 1982, to preserve the institution of marriage; Be it enacted by The Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and the House of Assembly of Bermuda, and by the authority of the same, as follows;

“In section 2 of the Human Rights Act 1981, at the end insert— [5] Nothing in this section shall be taken to override the provisions of section 15[c] of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1974 [which provides that a marriage is void unless the parties are respectively male and female].”


In Bernews recent interview with three lawyers involved in the legal case, we asked what would happen to a gay couple if they got married and an amendment managed to get passed in Parliament, the lawyers explained that the marriages will remain legal – but they couldn’t get divorced.

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  1. Noncents says:

    Yay PLP!!!!

    One minute their leader talks about equality for all (as opposed to TWO Bermuda’s) then they flip-flop (pun intended) to a position of oppression on this issue.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your PROGRESSIVE labour party. Give me a break.

    • Cow polly says:

      Exactly. Two Bermuda’s isn’t divided by race. It’s divided by sexual orientation

      • Real Deal says:

        income divide is used to influence into this new sexual orientation just like in the other countries.

        • bdaboy says:

          “income divide is used to influence into this new sexual orientation just like in the other countries.”

          Once again, in English please.

          or, go back to wherever you came from…I know you lot like to throw that one around often.

          • Wentin says:

            Let it go Wayne. Dinosaurs not needed thank you.

    • LOVEWINS says:

      Flip Flop Furbert is the village idiot of politicians and the mascot of bigotry for the NOT “Progressive” PLP.

  2. Onion Juice says:


  3. wondering says:

    Wayne you’ve never been about anything except your narcissistic socialite self.

  4. Janice says:

    Lots more taxpayers money wasted on courts and and a legal mess of huge proportions

  5. frank says:

    Wayne thanks for listening to your people

    • Zevon says:

      I thought Burt said he was against bigotry, Has he changed his mind?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Yeah. Thanks for listening to bigots who refuse to give a reason to deny access to rights to Bermudians.

      • Sargasso says:

        Oh shut up Mike Hinds. you’re a bigot yourself. Go crawl in your cave…

        • Mike Hind says:

          Wait… I should listen to you… why?
          Because you can’t even spell my name right and it’s LITERALLY right there in front of you!
          Or is it because you don’t like it when bigots that you agree with are called out on it?

          How am I a bigot? Because I stand up for equality?
          Please, explain.

          Or, are you going to do the usual thing and just go running off like a coward, feeling like a big shot because you told me off because you don’t like what I have to say?
          You’re a real big shot, hiding like a worm behind a fake name, taking potshots at people you disagree with. Real brave. Real good for Bermuda.

          Crawl back under your rock, coward.

          • Mike Hind says:

            That’s exactly what I thought.

            And we’re supposed to listen and respect these bigots who don’t even have the courage to stand up for what they say. Ridiculous.

        • bdaboy says:

          “Oh shut up Mike Hinds. you’re a bigot yourself. Go crawl in your cave…”

          That’s the best you can do?
          You can’t defend your bigoted position, so you resort to childish name calling?
          Look up the meaning of bigot, it’s just another word you clearly don’t understand.

    • jt says:

      I’ve yet to hear one person who disagrees with same sex marriage state clearly how it will negatively effect their life.

      • MsBDA says:

        Then you haven’t branched out and talked to folks you don’t know.

        • Mike Hind says:

          I have. And I’ve yet to meet a person who can definitively state both how it’s going to affect them negatively and an argument for bringing back the discriminatory restriction.

          Not once. Would you care to offer any insight?

  6. Mike Hind says:

    What possible reason is there to do this?
    What possible reason can be given to stop people from getting married?

    Now, they HAVE to give a reason and argue it and defend it and back it up.

    If not, this is just pure, unadulterated discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender.

    • Sargasso says:

      Because then they are going to want rights to marry their own children, cousins, aunts and grandparents…

      • Mike Hind says:

        Nope. This is completely untrue and something you made up. Family members don’t need the rights of marriage as they already have them.

        You are wrong. You can’t just make stuff up to support your hate. You have to have ACTUAL reasons to discriminate against people.

      • bdaboy says:

        “Because then they are going to want rights to marry their own children, cousins, aunts and grandparents…”

        …and toasters and lawnmowers! they want to marry everything!
        and this will affect my life… absolutely no way.

        Grow up, bigot…you have nothing but hate.

  7. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Christianity ,will never condone or accept…..Same Sex marriage or L.B.G.T,Q,,,Behavior…….Al- Islam and Muslims will never accept ,,,,Same Sex behavior,,,,,L.B,G,T,Q,,,,or same sex Marriage.Takbir Karriem Sharrief will never accept this Behaviour either.

    • Zevon says:

      You can have your stone age beliefs and superstitions but fortunately you can’t force them on others.

      • Sargasso says:

        Go and live where it’s already accepted. Or do what columbus did. Invent your own country…

        • Mike Hind says:

          Now you’re telling Bermudians to leave their own country!
          Why? Why should they have to leave?
          Give us one good reason!

          • Onion Juice says:

            Pathetic Colonial ideology.

            • Mike Hind says:

              This isn’t even a thing! You’re just spewing your catchphrases Willy-nilly without even looking to see if they apply.
              You’re pathetic.

        • Zevon says:

          Why you go and start your own country based on your stone age beliefs. Here, we have freedom to believe or not believe whatever we want.

      • loco says:

        Stone AGE lol what 2 men doing in a bed is sick!!!! You want to do it and pass it but no one wants say what actions the other is doing to other. They don’t even have a health class on Male on Male XXX

    • Mike Hind says:

      You do understand that things being against your religion mean that YOU aren’t allowed to do it, not everyone else, right?

      You are more than welcome to believe what you want and accept what you want, but you don’t get to tell anyone else that they can’t make a family because YOUR religion says that YOU aren’t allowed to.

      • LORD HELP says:

        Making a family requires a MAN and WOMAN as intended by OUR CREATOR!!

        • Mike Hind says:

          Again, that’s YOUR religion. That means that YOUR marriage is defined like that.
          It doesn’t apply to anyone else that isn’t interested in your religion.

          And making a family simply takes two people that want to make a family.

          Or are you saying that procreation is a requirement for marriage? If so, can you please point out the clause in the law that says that, because my marriage of almost 20 years hasn’t resulted in any offspring. Should I be denied the same rights as you because we don’t have kids?

          You know what? Why am I wasting my time. You don’t have the courage to actually debate this. You’re just gonna go skulk away like a coward, just like the rest.

          • Onion Juice says:

            Its nature not religion, so now tell me animals practice it too.

            • Mike Hind says:

              You’re right. Animals DON’T practice it.

              Marriage IS unnatural.

              Or are you arguing against homosexuality itself? If so, you lost that fight. It being natural or not (it is, you’re wrong, as usual, and you know it) is irrelevant. What is pertinent now is that it IS protected by the HRA and, as such, the law (clause 15c) is discriminatory and HAS to change.

              Keep spewing your ignorant, bigoted, hateful lies. It’s not going to get you anywhere.

            • Just the Tip says:

              Practice what? Marriage? They don’t, there are animals that mate for life but marriage is strickly a human thing cause of the rights that come with getting married.

              If you meant homosexuality then you have been given proof before.

        • bdaboy says:

          “Making a family requires a MAN and WOMAN as intended by OUR CREATOR!!”

          YOUR creator is pathetic.
          My creator loves me for being gay, proud and happy.
          Your creator loves you for being bigoted and hate filled, your creator is not my creator….DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?

        • Father Ted says:

          Making a family requires people who are committed to each other and the child. Go preach to the baby daddies with multiple kids by different women.

      • Sargasso says:

        Gays can’t make a family. Get real Mike Hind…

        • Mike Hind says:

          Sure they can. There is absolutely no difference between my relationship with my wife and my friend’s relationship with his husband. None.

          I defy you to try to defend your position.

          • Mike Hind says:

            As expected, silence from the macho man, playing tough on the internet.

          • MsBDA says:

            There is a huge difference, but your head is stuck between your legs so you can’t see it. You being married to a woman is different from two men or two women being married. The only commonality you share is that you both “love” your spouse and you’d probably do anything to protect them.
            Same sex couples often take roles in their relationships; one being masculine and the other feminine. Why???? Because deep down they know that a relationship should be between a man and a woman. They purchase “strap ons” and get sex changes to only reflect that a marriage/relationship of that nature is between a man and a woman. I

            • bdaboy says:

              “They purchase “strap ons” and get sex changes to only reflect that a marriage/relationship of that nature is between a man and a woman”

              You seem to be an expert on “strapping one on”.
              You must also realize that your homophobic remarks come from the deeply repressed homosexuality that rages inside of you.

            • Mike Hind says:

              None of this is based in anything but your fevered imagination.

              And ignores anything that i said. So dishonest.

        • bdaboy says:

          “Gays can’t make a family.”

          Yes we can, and often do.

        • Father Ted says:

          You’re confusing making a family with conception.

    • Cow polly says:

      And that is your right to do so. However what is not your right is to force your beliefs on others.

      • Honestly says:

        Thank you for speaking out in favor of us who are again SSM! Bermuda is not the place for it. Why? I want to know why it was pursued in the first place. Mmm right. OBA acting on their own again. Not for the people. Thank you Mr. Furbert.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Noone gives a f#@% what you think you disgusting piece of $#!t.

    • jt says:

      Religion’s acceptance has absolutely nothing to do with this. The problem is that some people believe it does.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      But this is why ddemocracy has Freedom of Religion. It guarantees that people’s religious beliefs are protected, but it also guarantees that people’s religious beliefs are not used to deny others their equality under the law. The Furbert Bill is a failure to uphold and evolve our democracy.

  8. To The Hon:Wayne Furbert JP MP,

    It is important to note and always remember, that no man or woman could ever fight against the order of nature and expect to win.

    Sir What you do now is not only on behalf of your people and this Country, but it is on behalf of the Christian beliefs and those who of other faiths respect the order of nature and the true Creation story.

    God’s Word declares that what ever a man sow’s that shall he also reap, and truth being told according to scripture, clearly shows that those who go against the Will of God, will also experience the repercussions that come with it.

    Wayne stand firm and strong and just know that if God be for you, who or what can stand against you and expect to win. God does not expect of us to justify stupidity, neither try and determine what the outcome of a matter will be, or not be.

    He has asked us to stand, and having done all to stand, Just stand, and He, God Jehovah will do the rest, so be encouraged that you are doing the right thing, and there are more that are for you then those that are against you, both in the Heavens and the Earth.

    • Mike Hind says:

      If it’s against your religion, you don’t get to do it.
      Leave everyone else out of it, please.

      • Flap jack says:

        Oh Mike shut TF up. You’re carrying on like a baby. You’re just wasting your time. I wish both sides of this matter would shut up. It’s like watching toddlers fight for toys. IMO, if you don’t like gay marriage then just leave it at that,no need to try to explain why it’s wrong. And if you’re for gay marriage, then Ok, we get it. There’s no need to try to force that on people who believe otherwise. Everyone needs to stop forcing people to think that their way is best.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Another Internet tough guy hiding behind a fake name like a coward.

          It’s called “fighting for equality”. You get that, right? Just because you are privileged enough that you don’t have to care doesn’t mean this isn’t worth fighting for. Those of us that are for marriage equality aren’t trying to force people to think like we do. We’re fighting to end this unjust and unlawful baseless discrimination. We don’t care what people think, we care about them forcing the Government to refuse equal access to rights to Bermudians. How are you this ignorant of the subject? The only ones forcing people to believe like they do are PM and Mr. Furbert.
          This is not a difficult concept.
          And we’ll all shut up about it when this has finally gone through.

          And no one is forcing you to read this! No one made you post this idiotic, ignorant gibberish. Why on earth do you think you have the right to tell me to shut up? Are you that arrogant?

          • Flap jack says:

            Tough guy?… No. I can see you in the street and my views would remain the same. And I have as much right to tell you shut up as you have the right to criticize everyone who doesn’t have the same views as you. Now quit it, keyboard warrior.

            • Mike Hind says:

              Yay! Ain’t you brace, hiding behind a fake name while attacking people with… nothing.

              It’s not their views, as I’ve said a grajillion times, it’s the fact that they seem to think they have the right to hurt people because of those views.

              They don’t. They are wrong and in any other situation, you would be against this level of bigotry. But, because you agree with it, you give it a pass. That shows an incredible lack of integrity.

              So why don’t YOU quit it?

        • bdaboy says:

          “. There’s no need to try to force that on people who believe otherwise. ”

          That’s funny, no one is doing that…it’s the “god lovers” who are forcing THEIR beliefs onto others…they’re the ones who need to f#@% off.

    • sandgrownan says:

      People of faith once again forcing their stone age fairy tales on others.

      • Sargasso says:

        It’s obvious that you don’t believe in anything. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman. LBGTQ is about corruption…

        • Mike Hind says:

          And here is the hate. Completely ignorant of any sort of facts or data or reality, just spreading lies. Shame on you.

    • wondering says:

      ……and once again, humans trying to rewrite “what is written”.

      The Bible says men will become lovers of men but it also speaks of people like WF & groups like PM who shall be so proud that they will feel that they are God themselves.

      If the scripture says it will be then let it be and lean not to your own understanding.

      The problem of religions worldwide is such leaning……..

    • bdaboy says:

      wow duane, how unchristian of you. Using gods word to further your agenda of hatred. Pathetic and disgusting, like the rest of your ilk.

  9. Bermuda Bred says:

    This is so refreshing to hear!

    • bdaboy says:

      Bermudians find bigotry “refreshing”.
      You’re an embarrassment to humanity.

    • jt says:

      Please explain how same sex marriage will have any impact on you personally.

  10. Wowzers says:

    Honestly how is such moronic backwards thinking manchild in a position of power? We’re hosting one of the biggest global sporting events in the world, and he’s now basically giving himself the image of being one of the most inhumane idiots on a worldwide scale. Does this man sit at home at night and grovel at the idea that somewhere on the island two men or two women are happily in together? Like, damn man, get yourself sorted.

  11. Yowza says:

    How is such backwards thinking manchild in a position of power? We’re hosting one of the biggest global sporting events in the world, and he’s now basically giving himself the image of being one of the most inhumane fools on a worldwide scale. Does this man sit at home at night and grovel at the idea that somewhere on the island two men or two women are happily in together? Like, damn man, get yourself sorted.

    • wahoo says:

      Wayne has a bad habit of doing what he is told, it makes him look stupid in the eyes of many but it gives him the pat on the back that he wants and even yearns for. It is why he stays in politics regardless of what party he is aligned with he just needs to feel wanted.

  12. sandgrownan says:

    Wayne Furbert is disgusting sorry excuse of a human being.

  13. Bah says:

    Next bill up on the docket, bill to outlaw all churches and religions that Furbert doesn’t attend. He is showing that he is a political dinosaur and needs to become extinct.

  14. aceboy says:

    How can an amendment to the Human Rights Act restricting human rights be sensible in any way? Particularly after the courts ruled the way they did?

    It is bizarre.

  15. Young Bermudian says:

    Isn’t it interesting to see all of the bigots hiding behind a wall of religion. Then we see others say it isn’t natural, if you go into the wild with almost any mammalian animal population you will see examples of homosexuality.

    As a heterosexual male, i don’t care if another person is gay. It doesn’t affect my life nor does it affect anyone of you old bigoted farts that barely come outside anyways. Just let go and let love, that’ a phrase the church loves doesn’t it?

  16. Rocky5 says:

    PLP taking us back to the stone age. Wouldn’t surprise me if PLP brings back slavery. Ooops, sorry they already have enslaved Bermudians to foreign banks.
    Maybe Bermuda needs a second much more painful “dose” of the PLP before an overwhelming majority here finally realise how REALLY bad PLP are at running the Government and managing/progressing our economy.

    • bdaboy says:

      “Wouldn’t surprise me if PLP brings back slavery. ”

      well, the bible condones it, and these guys are all about the bible…I don’t see a problem with it.

      • LOVEWINS says:

        Some folks in Bermuda hire workers from Asia and eastern block countries and these people are mistreated badly. “Slavelike” conditions for sure in terms of housing and pay, threats to deport if they do not work 80 hour a week etc.

  17. Community First says:

    This is intentional discrimination that reveals how fragmented we are on this island when it comes to the many significant elements of our diversity. I see this motion as a move from an insecure ego not interested or supportive of our true ecosystem.

    We hear from some of our community members and leaders ‘diversity’ on my terms alone – not universal, not equitable, not beneficial to all. We go narrow and adopt false illusions of our own humanity.

    We need to finds more ways to stay connected as we work through the challenges of change and inclusion on our island.

    We are often blind to our own versions and projections of life on this island – be it a representation of our people on NBC or a anti same sex position in our Legislature.

    May the love of each other, family and friends create more space for all to be included in our diverse community.

    We can do better Bermuda.

    • Sargasso says:

      Yes diversity is one thing. Allowing corruption to take place is another.

      • Mike Hind says:

        What corruption? So much hate in you!

  18. Janice says:

    Wayne is on a wasted mission if bermuda doesn’t progress to marraige equality the gay community can get married in the USA Canada or Britain and come back married and live here’s in bermuda they only thing he is trying to do is to discriminate against Bermudians marrying in their own country …. that’s the PLP away though to busy getting their weed on no problem passing that I guess that will help with the violence murders and road accidents like we all see the unprogressive PLP and the old UBP x leaders bringing us backwards and further into division ……….their embarrassing polictional legacys wont bear any bronze statues I’m afraid ……ps Wayne should go on lip sync battle as he can’t sing at least we will contue to roar our heads off laughing at Bermudas political buffoon.

  19. LOL (Original TM*) says:

    So I’ll except the illogical reasoning if only anyone could prove that a “gay gene” exists and we can go from there. Personally I think the laws did not need amendment but rather the institutions like the hospital for example not letting partners access to their injured or hospitalized significant other. Just on example and I’m sure we could discus others, first lets get passed the first real question. “Is it a choice or not?”

    • Mike Hind says:

      Why does it matter? Why does there have to be a gay gene for you to “except” it? Why does it matter if it’s a choice or not? It’s irrelevant.
      And why does anyone have to prove anything to you?

      You admit, by saying that things need to change, that there IS discrimination and that people are denied equal access to rights. Sexual orientation is protected by the HRA against discrimination. Here’s why your “is it a choice?” Thing is irrelevant: religion is a choice and it’s protected, too.
      So, if there is discrimination, which you agree there is, by denying folks the ability to marry and gain access to the rights afforded by marriage, and “choices” are protected by the HRA, then the law, which is discriminatory, HAS to change to remove the discrimination. Doesn’t it?
      Why create a separate but equal situation?

    • bdaboy says:

      ““Is it a choice or not?””

      It’s not. Next.

  20. Devils Advocate says:

    As a mother, wife, and woman; I can definitely tell you that it takes a man and woman to create life. A union between same sexes cannot sustain a population. It’s simply NOT NATURAL. Why must a nation suffer to please a few?

    I am not religious, nor am I a bigot. Why should I be forced toaccept which is not natural and immoral. One thing I will not, nor have ever taught my children is to accept that which I don’t beleive to be just. Can you justify same sex relationships on any scale? Aside from a perverse form of lust?

    • Devils Advocate says:

      *to accept that….

    • Mike Hind says:

      Procreation isn’t a requirement for marriage, neither is “sustaining the population”.

      Oh, and based on your post? You certainly are a bigot.

    • bdaboy says:

      “Why must a nation suffer to please a few?”

      How are YOU suffering, snowflake?

    • bdaboy says:

      “I will not, nor have ever taught my children is to accept that which I don’t beleive to be just.”

      So, you’re raising bigots…bravo!
      Lets hope they have the intelligence to see through your bigotry when they get older.

    • Varied says:

      What texts support your belief that being attracted to the same gender is immoral or unnatural, if you are not religious?

  21. Amy says:

    What a waste of time!!! Time would be better spent elsewhere, or maybe this is PLP trying to gain religious votes. Human rights for all should be a given. Take religion out of it, it’s completely irrelevant. Open your hearts and look at what other countries are doing. We are so behind the times here!

  22. Nabbajabbadingdongbabydaddy says:

    Bible didn’t say nuthin bout no robots…

  23. Real Onion says:

    Memo to Bermudians:
    Live and Let Live and learn to mind your own business.

  24. Free Bermuda says:

    God does not exist, there is not proof of a god, in reality all Bermuda is waiting for is all these close minded people to die so we can progress. With every death we come come one step closer to real progress.

    • Mike Hind says:

      That sort of ugliness isn’t necessary or helpful. Rise above their level. Let them be the ones who spew hate and negativity. Let’s stay positive, please.

  25. Joe Bloggs says:

    If we are going to purposefully use the Human Rights Act to positively discriminate, can we rename it the Human Wrongs Act?

  26. Mike Hind says:

    I was told today that arguing that God is against it and the Bible says one man one woman isn’t a religious argument.

    How are we supposed to take anyone seriously that says nonsense like this?