GQ Magazine Releases Article On Cup Match

August 17, 2017

Earlier this week, GQ Magazine published an article titled ‘Inside Cup Match, the Wildest, Most Fun Island Party You’ve Never Heard Of.’

“It’s actually a cricket match in Bermuda. And it puts any tailgating party to shame,” the subtitle adds.

The article reads: “When you’re an island whose fame to claim is pink sand beaches and delicious rum consumed in large quantities, you’ve already got a leg (or six) up on everyone else in the fun department. So what happens when that same island decides to host a two-day sporting event held over consecutive national holidays? You get one hell of a party.

Slideshow of the second day of Cup Match


“Bermuda’s annual Cup Match is a giant, island-wide celebration masquerading as a cricket match between the rival parishes of St. George’s and Somerset. This year, over August 3rd and 4th—the island’s Emancipation Day, which celebrates the abolition of slavery, and Somer’s Day, which commemorates the man whose shipwreck let to Bermuda’s settlement—Cup Match goers gathered to watch cricket, not watch cricket, dance on the beach, party on boats, gamble, celebrate the island’s history, and, yes, drink rum.

The article is accompanied by a large gallery of photos, taken by Harry Mitchell, showcasing the event.

A BTA spokesperson told Bernews: ”Photographer Harry Mitchell’s photo spread for was one of two projects the Bermuda Tourism Authority organised and executed during this year’s Cup Match celebration.

“The other was Bermudian Damon DeGraff’s takeover of Conde Nast Traveler’s Instagram account, which resulted in nine ‘Insta-stories’ and 268,000 impressions. Both are great examples of how the marketing team is working to use Bermuda’s unique culture and way of life to capture the imaginations of a new generation of younger and more experiential visitors.”

To read the full article click here.

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