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May 20, 2018

[Updated] The 2018 Bermuda Powerboat Association [BPBA] season got underway this afternoon [May 20] at Spanish Point Boat Club [SPBC] with the race course spanning the waters of the Great Sound.

Seven boats from different classes took part in this season opener and spectators watched from both sea and land with pleasure boats about the course and spectators enjoying the amenities of the boat club. A crane was on site to hoist boats from the dock to the water. We will update with results as able.

The 11-minute live video replay is below:

Update May 21, 8.40am: The Association said, “The BPBA held their first race day of the season from the Spanish Point Boat Club. This venue provided a first class viewing opportunity for spectators.

“All drivers all brought the competitive spirit with them and were full throttle thoughout the race. This was a fast moving race of 45 minutes around a lengthy course of markers in the Great Sound. Our S-Class entry reportedly saw speeds in excess of 101mph.”

Race day: 1 Race – 45 minutes

A Class

A 29 [1st place]
David Selley
Matthew Smith
12 Laps completed.

A 77 [2nd]
Jody Carreiro
Tony Carreiro

B Class

B8 [1st place overall winner] [14 laps]
Mark Selley
Jordan Fletcher

B4 [2nd] [13 Laps completed]
Cleveland Maybury
Donnie Raynor

D Class

D69 [1st place 12 laps]
Shawn Butterfield
Alex Gibbs

D007 [2nd 9 laps completed]
Shaki Easton
Shane Madeiros
D69 [1st 12 Laps completed]

S Class

S68 [1st] [13 laps completed]
Henry Talbot
Andrew Cottingham

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