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August 13, 2017

[Updated with video] Shaki Easton and Errin Butterfield took the finish line and A-Class honours in the 2017 Around the Island Powerboat Race today [Aug 13] when they crossed the line first in A26 with a time of 1 hour 6 minutes.

Ryan Resendes and Josh Allen won in B-Class when they finished with a time of 1 hour 22 minutes in B17, while Andrew Cottingham and Henry Talbot in D007 won D-Class with a time of 1 hour and 6 minutes.

Full results provided by the Bermuda Power Boat Association:

A Class

  • A 26 Shaki Easton & Errin Butterfield 1 hour 06 minutes
  • A16 Ryan Davidge and Brian Hayne 1 hour and 12 minutes
  • A 9 Cleveland “Chicken” Maybury and Joshua Usher 1 hour and 20 minutes

B Class

  • B 17 Ryan Resendes and Josh Allen 1 hour 22 mins
  • B04 Makai Hodsoll and Darren Hodsoll 1 hour and 27 minutes
  • B 100 Rodrae Wilson and Rickai Raynor 1 hour and 29 minutes

D Class

  • D 007 Andrew Cottingham and Henry Talbot 1 hour and 6 minutes
  • D 69 Shawn Butterfield and Jamal Woolridge 1 hour and 26 minutes


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Comments (9)

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  1. Concerned Sister says:

    It was way to rough to race today, what’s wrong with you??? You put a lot of lives at risk. Let’s bring old school back into racing!!

  2. David john says:

    Well done Ryan resendes!

  3. Up D hill says:

    They could have waited for a better day imop

  4. Yummy says:

    The round the island race must be Bermuda’s best kept secret, I had no idea the race was this weekend until I heard the roar of boats on south shore… Who is the commodore now, do they even have one, do they advertised the race anymore? How did I miss this?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      The publicity in the lead-up this year was definitely a bit low key/non existant .
      However , it’s easy to remember if your a fan. It’s the weekend after Cup Match .

      And I agree with the above who said that it was maybe not the best day for it .
      From where I watched there were many boats already struggling especially the D class cats and by far the roughest water was yet to come .

      • Yummy says:

        Thanks I’ll try to remember that its the weekend after Cup Match, but its nice to hear about it in the days before too. Thanks!

  5. Who is incharge says:

    What is going on, this used to be one of the biggest spectator sports on the island. There was no commercials, no social media buzz, no interviews in the media. At the end of the day the leadership of the sport need to understand that if they are to maintain the sports health on island they have to promote the event. Also sponsors, need to know they are getting bang for their buck. We have reduced one of the island best spectator sport to a non-event.

    the race officals and leadership should be ashamed

    • bdaguy says:

      well said i couldn’t put it better my self,they should be ashames of there self,what a joke they maid this race to be, on top of it people on here are saying they should have waited for a better day its off shore racing not lake racing,what are they boys or man when i used to race we race in alot ruffer water then that,these boys don’t know what ruff water is like to race in,what happen to the s class everyone was waiting to see them come across and not one of them started,you all should hang up the boat because none of you know anything about racing boat, you race against 2 boats and you are the best driver in the world a joke,

  6. 2025 plan says:

    I guess even scrutinizing isn’t that serious anymore either. I might be wrong but on boat D 69 where are the registration numbers?..