Govt Processed Emergency Permits To Cut Slate

October 7, 2019

The Government said they are aware of the plight of homeowners who have suffered roof damage as a result of Hurricane Humberto, and said a “number of steps have been taken to determine sites that could be used to obtain slate.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Government is aware of, and concerned about, the plight of homeowners who have lost roofs and suffered damages as a result of Hurricane Humberto.

“As a result of the recent storm, a number of steps have been taken to determine sites that could be used to obtain slate. This includes

  • [1] liaising with the Construction Association to determine sites as well as
  • [2] liaising with the quarry operators who have existing licenses to cut slate to ensure that there are adequate amounts that are being produced.

“The Ministry of the Home Affairs has processed emergency permits to enable contractors to cut slate at sites that meet the relevant requirements. Those sites that are either actively being quarried, or the landowners have requested permission, include:

  • “1. Bermuda Slaters – near the Prison Farm, Ferry Reach, St. George’s
  • “2. Butterfield & Vallis site near BAA
  • “3. Barritt’s Soda Company
  • “4. St. Regis site, St George
  • “5. Radnor Estate Road, Hamilton Parish

“On average, quarrying a single site may render 300 – 500 pieces of slate daily with the current wait time for customers being between 1.5 – 2 weeks.

“Small repairs can require up to 500 pieces, whereas a complete roof replacement for an average size home may require anywhere from 1,500 – 2,500 pieces. Property owners are reminded that in lieu of traditional Bermuda slate, synthetic slate continues to be available for purchase locally from businesses such as SAL.

“More sites continue to be identified and will be provided as the Government is informed.

“The Department of Planning encourages those about to embark on excavating a site as part of an approved development to consider quarrying if material is deemed suitable for the purposes of producing slate. To this end, if any property owners have sites that may be suitable for slate cutting and wish to assist under these emergency circumstances, please contact the Department of Planning at 297-7756.”

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  1. Mb says:

    I could have sworn I heard Colonel on the radio insisting there was no problem and it was just sour grapes by ‘one contractor’ …
    but why I am surprised … just another politician who doesn’t listen to the people and consider before speaking

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    Bermuda Slater’s has been around for decades. Why do they need a permit processed? Why was their permit not renewed? Why did Government stop their quarrying?