Photos, Video & Results: Junior Cycling Race

May 30, 2010

The Bermuda Bicycle Association Road Race Series held a Crit this morning [May 30] in the City of Hamilton. In addition to the adult races, some of Bermuda’s young cyclists were out. Scroll down for results, video and a photo gallery of the Juniors, and for coverage of the adults in this same event click here.

Junior A Division Results

  1. [33:47.5] Daelan Richardson
  2. [32:54.1] Daniel Oatley
  3. [32:54.1] Nico Barcley
  4. [33:52.1] Gabby Arnold
  5. [33:53.0] Rico Smith
  6. [33:53.5] Deshi Smith
  7. [34:40.8] Kamryn Minors

Junior B Division Results

  1. [12:28.5] Christian Oatley
  2. [13:12.2] Tristan Narraway
  3. [13:14.9] Zion Dowling
  4. [13:17.6] Jessie Godfrey
  5. [13:44.8] Cameron de ste Croix
  6. [13:53.1] Max de ste Croix
  7. [13:52.4] Kaz Godfrey
  8. [14:06.8] Laura Hope
  9. [13:13.2] Nicholas Narraway

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