Bermuda Triangle of Stress Relief

February 3, 2011

1cambridgeprA Canadian travel columnist whose stress vanished while she was on the island isn’t sure whether to credit Bermuda’s laid-back ambience — or the Bermuda Triangle and other mystical associations.

Writing with her tongue partially in her cheek in the “Toronto Star” today [Feb.3], Carol Perehudoff said she arrived at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa overworked, overtired and overstressed — “between blogging, Tweeting, online writing, Facebooking, Stumbling and Digging, I feel as if I’ve been ripped into a million cyber pixels and my brain no longer shuts down.”

“My hope is that this trip to Bermuda — a subtropical British dependency about 1000 km off the coast of North Carolina – will get rid of my stress,” she said. “After all, this is the Bermuda Triangle – things are supposed to disappear.”

Ms Perehudoff’s visit coincided with a psychic retreat being held at the West End cottage colony by British medium Jayne Wallace who she consulted (the clairovoyant’s advice was more commonsensical than spiritual — she urged the Canadian writer to cut back on her workload).

Pondering the results of Miss Wallace’s psychic reading, Ms Perehudoff then decided to experiment with another New Age stress-relief technique on offer at Cambridge Beaches.

“Could crystals be the answer?” she asked. “People rave about their transformative powers.In the spa’s Crystal Mist Room I sit cross-legged on a tiled lounger facing four shimmering rocks. Suddenly a cool mist pours into the room and a spotlight shines down on a white calcite crystal. There seems to be a shadow on its centre. Maybe that represents a shadow on my life — the blight of cyber overload. I try to will it away. After a burst of success in which the stone seems to glow, I realise it is just the overhead lights changing. Nonetheless, it feels cleansing.”

After spending a relaxing afternoon visiting Dockyard, Dolphin Quest and the National Museum of Bermuda, Miss Perehundoff returned to the guest property and was sitting on a rocky outcrop overlooking the ocean when she abruptly realised her stress had lifted.

“It happened,” she said. “I managed to slow down. Was it simply the fresh ocean breeze and the break from my computer? Or were the more tantalising therapies of labyrinths, psychics and crystals responsible? Whatever the reason, Bermuda made my stress disappear.”

Miss Perehundoff described Cambridge Beaches to readers as ”a luxury resort with a swanky multi-tiered infinity pool, 4 private beaches and some appealing holistic tendencies.”

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