Murder Trial: Witness Describes Final Moments

March 16, 2011

antonio myers 2During the Antonio Meyers murder trial this morning [Mar.16], a Police officer who was also a relative of the victim gave testimony about the moments after Kumi Harford.

The Officer, off duty at the time, was one of the first of the police to arrive, but the circumstances of that night saw her responding as a relative, not a policewoman.

In the witness box, she testified that on the early morning of 5th December 2009, from her residence on Glebe Road, she had : “…heard loud gunshot sounds. One shot, then four more shots.”

From her porch, which faced north and overlooked Glebe Road, she heard the sounds as coming from the Mission Road area. She described the sounds as coming from a semi-automatic describing them as a varied and sporadic sound.

The witness said, “I tried to listen for the noise vehicles and people. There was dead silence first. Then I heard a car racing from St Monica’s travelling northerly down Glebe road. I followed the noise until I saw a vehicle driving down Glebe Road.”

“It was a light coloured car. It was a CRV. I saw the right hand side of the car as well as the back but could not see anyone inside the car. I did not see the licence plate,” she said.

Still under questioning, she continued: “I saw the car turn right onto Robert’s Avenue. There were no other vehicles in front or in back. I heard a loud scream. I knew it was a female voice. It came from same area as the shooting. I went back inside. Got dressed and ran up there. I ran up to Mission Lane.”

As she got closer the witness said, “I knew it was my cousin. I just knew it was him.”

At this point, the witness was overcome with emotion and was silent for many seconds as she sought to control herself.

Taking a tissue from a proffered box of tissues, she continued, “I know that the person that got shot had to be my relative. I saw my cousin’s car wedged into a wall of the Robinson’s residence, and directly across from the Church. I knew it was my cousin’s car because of the colour and make. It was a Mazda. My cousin is Kumi Harford.”

The witness again broke down, turned away from the Judge and Jury, and turning back only after she had composed herself again.

She continued: “I ran to the car. There was a whole bunch of people in the car. I saw my cousin Kumi in the driver’s seat slumped over the wheel. He looked like he was asleep. I called him but there was no response.”

The witness continued saying that after ten minutes and no sound of any ambulance coming, someone was asked to get a car to take Mr Harford to the hospital. The witness said that she checked for a pulse but it was faint. She said that she saw bullet wounds in his body.

A later witness, not on the stand but giving a written statement, said that he was woken up by someone banging on his window. He was asked to help get Mr Harford to KEMH. He said about six guys helped him put a critically injured Mr Harford into his car and that he set out for KEMH. On the way they met the ambulance and Mr Harford was transferred into the ambulance.

The jury was also shown pictures of the crime scene and the victim post shooting. Mr Harford’s family, who were in Court, were warned prior to the photos being shown that they may not wish to view them.

The case continues…

[File photo of Antonio Meyers]

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  1. Hardjustice says:

    Bring in capital punishment, let their close ones witness it, and I’m sure we’ll get some results. Just sayin’…how long can you let the same type of scenarios unfold?

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Capital punishment is not going to happen no matter what the majority wants. As long as Bermuda is a British Colony there will be no death penalty & the ability to have the death penalty is no good reason for independence, so don’t even go there.

    There must be a way to make life very unpleasant for murderers. Bring back the stocks. Set them up where the gangs like to hang out.

    • Just saying... says:

      Back in the day when they did all those punishments, people still committed crimes. America has the death penalty and people still kill innocent people. No matter how hard the punishment is, people will still do what they want. Think about it. . .

  3. Terry says:

    Life in prison. Natrual life. Plus one day so they can make peace with their maker the one that gave them breath and a reflection on thier last.

  4. n says:

    Who are you to judge? I don’t know any of these people or the victim but he didnot deserve to be haunted and killed like an animal. If you read your newspaper most of these guys who were shot outside their homes etc. was not a problem. How many of then have been killed? At the end of the day they leave behind their parents, children and friends greiving for them on a regular basis. Have some damn respect!!

  5. Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

    Ay yo, take ya time. After reading the above story ya just gonna say something negative like that. The problem here is people like you, think they know everything and quick to give ya BS opinion that holds no value. That was MY freind that was killed K, the family nor any of his friends appreciate ya crap a$$ backward no weight holding comments, so piss off!