Ombudsman To Investigate SDO Criteria

April 8, 2011

An investigation has been launched by the Ombudsman in reference to the granting Special Development Orders [SDO].

Ombudsman Arlene Brock announced yesterday [Apr.8] that she has launched a “systemic investigation into the scope and research that ought to be gathered (not only by environment officials but also by other relevant officials) to assist legislators as they consider applications for Special Development Orders.”

Ms Brock said:

The amendment requiring the vote by the entire Legislature for SDO applications is historic and commendable.

However, decision-making and engagement with this new transparency should not be based on the old adversarial paradigm that characterised too much of the recent debate there seemed to be a plethora or opinions, but a dearth of data.

Decisions of such national importance require thoughtful and respectful exchange. Now that the political process has run its course, we have an opportunity to reflect and learn lessons.

The quality of the decision-making process by Legislatures depends on the quality of information provided to them.

The public can submit views on the issue to the Ombudsman before 5pm on Friday, May 6. Briefs should ideally be less than five pages and can be delivered to the Office of the Ombudsman at 14 Dundonald Street, Hamilton or via email to info “at” All submissions will be treated in confidence.

In describing their purpose, their website states that, “The Ombudsman’s staff investigates complaints about the administrative actions of Public Authorities, including Government Departments, Boards and Bodies established or funded by the Legislature. This is an independent, non-government office that provides an impartial form of alternative dispute resolution which is less formal and more flexible and accessible than going through the Courts.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Well…yah know about calling “ghost busters”. Next time someone gets caught at the Hareport with 1/2 pound weed…….Call 1-800-Ombudsman. Callers are waiting……Their motto is…”You got some Bud, we’ll leave out the Man.” Call now…..

  2. Hmmmmm says:

    What a fool’s errand. Will no-one rid us of this woman? if ever there was a pay to be cut her’s is it. Every SDO will not be like Tucker’s Point so why would she throw in her two-cents to create some more rules around what is already a confusing and muddled process? I can’t wait for her to recommend that private companies should be forced to reveal their financial records for public scrutiny in such cases…….watch and see who squirms then.

    • LOL (original) says:

      How many other private companies are looking for Government ie Taxpayers money? You want to get rid of the only office that is suppose to regulate Governement spending to ensure that rules that have been agreed upon are followed, telling. You stop short at calling her names Dennis is LOL at how those use to ride him I’m sure…

      LOL you sure your not part of the government?????????

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Are you and Bermuda that sad, that a person that doesn’t feed on the useless nonsense and cyclical “Government-bashing” in which you all engage must be “part of the government” ? Just respect the opoinion and move on. Try to remember, I didn’t support the SDO; that doesn’t mean that I have to support this mindless picking over the carcass of the process. Have own brain will think. Sorry.

        • LOL (original) says:

          So do you want to get ride of the checks and balances that are in Government i.e. the “Auditor General” that inform the public about over stepping over approved rules and regulations that govern the spending of the public purse? It’s a yes or no question really degrading their opinion because it does not match yours is easily what you are doing also. “you sure your not part of the government?????????” was also a yes or no question I did not say you are a part of government. I just want you to answer the question above.


  3. Cleancut says:

    It’s great to see our Ombudsman in action once again, taking great interest in the SDO. I am sure she will give us a lovely presentation for a report. It’s deffinately time to put this one behind us, along with the Millions of Tax payers dollars that disappeared a while ago. Report it! Present it! File it! Job done.

    • PEPPER says:

      You all need to check if you are eligible to vote … there is some wrong doings going on…