Cricket: Elite Players Series Replaced

June 4, 2011

cricket logoThe Bermuda Cricket Board said, “Due to the disappointing results that have come out of the Elite Players League and the closeness of the ICC Americas Twenty 20 tournament it has been decided, following a review, that the EPL will be replaced by a four match series involving the top 24 players initially selected for the League.”

These teams have been selected by the four coaches of the EPL teams (Herbie Bascome, Andre Manders, Clay Smith and Clevie Wade) as well as the National Coach, David Moore.

Coach Moore stated “Unfortunately, due to injury, illness and work commitments, the League was not achieving the outcomes that were expected. Rather than continue on with the EPL the decision was made to make the most out of the wonderful facilities available and reshape the League to give the BCB the greatest opportunity for player improvement.”

“With the reduction to two teams and the intense battle for positions in the National team for the upcoming tournament I hope that all players will be available and committed to this series of games. The BCB, Coaches and I thank those players that participated in the first two EPL games but did not make the final two teams. We are very hopeful that the EPL continue in a new form in 2012.”

“These two teams make up the ‘On Island’ preliminary squad for the upcoming T20 tournament and to be eligible for the final selection, and not withstanding illness and injury, players are expected to be available for all practices and undertake the set training program in full. I fully understand that some players will have other commitments that take precedent over cricket. I respect this however, unfortunately, they will not be considered for the National team.”

Players being considered for selection but based overseas include David Hemp, Stefan Kelly, Terryn Fray and Damali Bell. Their performances are being reviewed through communication with their local coaches with each of the teams that they are playing with.

“We are very fortunate to have Dwayne Leverock in one of the sides. Although he has retired from International duty Dwayne is still an International class spinner and his talent and experience will be valuable in replicating the challenges that the final team will face.”

Coach Moore finished “This is truly a showdown between the best available players on the Island for positions in the team. Not only will these players have to perform on the field but show the appropriate level of commitment at practice and an excellent attitude which is expected from athletes that represent their country.”

Blue Team

  • Stephen Outerbridge (BB) (Captain)
  • Chris Douglas (WC)
  • Dennico Hollis (BB)
  • Fiqre Crockwell (St. David’s)
  • Deunte Darrell (WC)
  • Lionel Cann (St. David’s)
  • Chris Foggo (PHC) (WK)
  • Delyone Borden (St. David’s)
  • Dwayne Leverock (Rangers)
  • Malachi Jones (WC)
  • George O’Brien (WC)
  • Kyle Hodsoll (BB)
  • Kevin Tucker (PHC)
  • Dennis Musson Jr (CCCC)

Red Team

  • Rodney Trott (YMSC) (Captain)
  • Dion Stovell (Rangers)
  • Oronde Bascome (St.G)
  • OJ Pitcher (St. David’s)
  • Kamau Leverock (PHC)
  • Irving Romaine (BB)
  • Sam Robinson (St. David’s)
  • Jason Anderson (PHC) (WK)
  • Joshua Gilbert (Somerset)
  • Kevon Fubler (WC)
  • Justin Pitcher (St. David’s)
  • Jordan DeSilva (Somerset)
  • Burton Outerbridge (BB)
  • Lateef Trott (BB)

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