Photos #1: 2011 Bodybuilding Night of Champions

August 22, 2011

Some of the buffest bodies in Bermuda took to the stage on Saturday night [Aug.20], as the Bermuda Body Building Federation held the 2011 Night of Champions at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium.

Garwin “House” Phillips retained his Mr. Bermuda Title, Jackie Jackson was crowned Ms. Bermuda, Carolina Erasmus won the Fitness Title, and Ranae Cann won the overall Figure Title. Class winners will represent Bermuda at the 2011 IFBB Central American and Caribbean [CAC] Bodybuilding Championships.

President of the Bermuda Body Building Federation Candy-Lee Foggo said, “As the new President, it is my vision to broaden the scope of the Federation so that it becomes a pillar of strength in the community for promoting health and fitness for the residents of Bermuda.”

Ms Foggo – a former champion bodybuilder – concluded, ‘I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the Federation and may you be inspired by tonight’s competitors to set your own fitness goals so that you may be the best that you can be.”

Update: Thirteen videos of the show posted here.

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  1. star man says:

    Stunning! Congrats to all winners! The best looking women in the world live in Bermuda.

    • pebblebeach says:

      Star man…sorry, but I am going to have to disagree with you on this one…Bermuda does have some good looking women, but the best in the world, I don’t think so….

  2. Really? says:

    I’m sorry, but some of these women just look gross. It is one thing to have a toned body with good muscle definition – but there is nothing attractive in seeing ribs and muscle everywhere! How could this possibly be feminine? These women look like they are trying to rival Arnold in terms in muscle mass, and the results are not flattering!

    • Onion says:

      Have you even seen a picture of Arnold? Your statement about them rivalling Arnold in terms of muscle mass is ignorant.

    • lOl says:

      i agree, i just figured you have to be into body building to appreciate the sight of those women!

    • Just Different says:


    • Nana says:

      It sounds like you cannot appreciate hard work, commitment and dedication because that is what achievement is all about.
      Stop looking at the outer of a person and learn to be aware of the inner essence of who they are and what drives them to work at what they Love…
      It’s obvious you would not know Feminine if it stared you in the face..

      • whistling Frog says:

        @ Nana: If it’s not about the body then why are they posing and showing off their bulky tone bodies? Why would someone put in all that hard work to look sick like that? And to think this is not the body building event… SMH

        • Onion says:

          Why does anyone put in the hard work to run 26.2 miles as fast as they can?

          Marathoners put their bodies through intense training too, potential muscle and joint problems aside, some women stop having their periods. The heart can become enlarged through intense physical training which can lead to arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). Drinking too much water while running can result in hyponatremia which can then lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Would you ever tell someone training for a marathon that they shouldn’t? That they’re sick?

      • lOl says:

        um sry but have u been to a body building show? u dont “get to know” these individuals you simply go there to look or judge what you can see… and I am pretty sure Really? has an idea of what feminine females look like and I must agree these women do not look feminine, but then again that is not the point of the body building show… we arent sayin these women have nasty personality, we are not saying these women are ugly, we are simply saying they do not look feminine which at times is a huge turn off

    • Away says:

      You’re fat.

  3. Think about it says:

    *Barf* I agree with @Really? This is just not attractive at all. Woman should always have some meat and curves on them. These women look like teenage boys overdosed on steroids, and that fake tanner they put on makes them look even worse. To each his own, but just don’t refer to them as “stunning” cause they’re not Lol *Barf* >:-/

    • Onion says:

      Another one ignorant about bodybuilding. If they were on steroids they’d be the size of a brick sh*thouse. The tan is to enhance their definition. If you think they look extreme, google Iris Kyle or Branch Warren. They are extreme.

      Our bodybuilders dedicate themselves to training and proper nutrition. They train year round. Not like some johnny come lately who turns up for a few weeks starting in January to lose their Christmas fat and get ready for summer. Most never even make it to summer. And their fitness goals remain out of their reach.

      Congratulations to all the competitors, male and female. Ignore the haters. In reality they hate themselves more for being incapable of achieving their own fitness goals. If they were happy with themselves they wouldn’t even worry about what you look like.

    • Lissa says:

      Jackie Jackson and Kara Gibbons look sexy as heck.!!!! and they did a job well done. Two very driven ladies. Think about it!

      • lOl says:

        Sry but that is YOUR opinion JACKIE is not sexy… but koodos to her for winning the title…

        • Watching Patiently says:

          i do find it funny how you tell someone you dont agree with their opinion, and then state yours as fact.. lol

        • Lissa says:

          101 – you need to go lay down somewhere…sit and spin…. something…..of all the comments to answer you choose this one and find the need to be negative on top of that….like really??!!!

  4. clueless says:

    Ummm how about no they don’t compare to Arnold and this wasnt even the “bodybuilding” category. Arnold hasnt been around for years but if you are not in the know you can only go by what you have been exposed too. I am a guy and have no problem with a woman looking like this. Its not their everyday condition so after the show they will go back to a more softer look. Its only for one day of glory to come in looking like that so its no ig deal. I’d encourage anyone who’s interested to go abroad. I have been to many shows in the US and our women ARE NOWHERE NEAR EXTREME. I have seen some “interesting” looking females and yes it does get to a point where its a bit over the top but these women are alright. All have feminine faces still….which is great in my book cause once that goes, its down hill after that….lol

    • lOl says:

      according to ONION they do this all yr round not just January to Aug tryin to get that body

      • Onion says:

        They train and eat right all year. The competition training and dieting lasts about 4 months.

        There is a difference between “off season” training and nutrition and “competition” training and dieting.

      • Watching Patiently says:

        they train all year.. but most of the time they look like sexy ass girls with a bit more body fat. The cut/definition part is only pre-show. There is a difference between figure/bodybuilders and sports-models.

  5. Um just sayin says:

    Nasty, just nasty!!! yuk – oh and I dont see any feminine faces, they look hard. yicky yuk

    • Emeka47 says:


      • Onion says:


  6. Betty Rech says:


  7. wow says:

    woman arent supposed to look like this! heck no….

  8. Such haters says:

    I attended the competition for the first time and totally enjoyed it. While body building may not be something I’m into, I am in awe of the dedication and commitment that it takes on the part of both the men and women to push their bodies to limits most of us wouldn’t even imagine. So, ‘haters’, take off your judgmental uninformed hats and appreciate the sport for what it is. An old high school friend of mine won her class and she looked FABULOUS. And… she is very beautiful. Always was. Congrats Sabrina!!

  9. Away says:

    It’s nice to see the women in good health no matter what the haters think. Bermudian shelf lives are about 23 after that they get fat and sloppy

  10. Colorful Heart says:

    Congrats to all of the competitors! These women are absolutely stunning! For all of the folks who have no clue about the sport let me educate with what little I know. These athletes undergo scientifically studied diets to deplete their bodies of water and access fat. This process is timed perfectly so that by show time every muscle in their bodies can be seen. These women do not look this this all year round. Physically it would not be possible. Out of competition they are fabulous looking. Trust me! Head turners for sure! The same women you see walking down the street and wished you like. I have the utmost respect for them for the discipline they have shown. That in itself is very attractive!

  11. me says:

    YOU ppl are WEIRD n need a life! There’s nothing but low minded Bermudians! Judgemental about everything!! its what they enjoy doing so let them enjoy doing it!! Get a dam LIFE!! Clearly u ppl like it if u took the time out to look at the pictures!! There’s a time and place for everything n here isn’t the time nor the place! So get a life n stop being such low minded bermudians! Instead of wasting ur time trying to criticize others go find something you enjoy doing!!! WEIRDOS!! P.S- congrats to all who participated!

  12. RealityCheck says:

    It’s a body building competition not a a competition for a center fold!! If you want something soft and feminine looking go check out the play boy mansion or sports illustrated!! Or better yet go down to horsehoe beach!!

  13. bernews says:

    More to come, but the first bunch of videos are up [fitness routine, figure quarter turns, female bodybuilding prejudging, night entertainment]:

  14. PawPaw says:

    I am under the assumption that the negative comments are coming from women.

    Congratulations to the competitors and winners who placed in their categories.

    I train year round and although I am not a body builder or a fitness competitor, I can appreciate their dedication and hard work.

    There are too many grossly overweight women in Bermuda, who have poor eating habits and are unhealthy, I see them every day. Some are just lazy and think it is acceptable to be large!!
    Not everyone can be slim, but to be grossly overweight is a health hazard and is unattractive. Who wants to have a belly bigger than your breasts, unless of course you are pregnant. And who wants to have a backside larger than your sub zero refrigerator!

    I applaud these women, I think they look great and should keep up the good work.

  15. MinorMatters says:

    Call me a salmon for swimming upstream but the only thing I have a problem with is the side view of the fake boobs. Make the tops bigger to cover the fall-out. Everything else is awesome! That type of physique can only be achieved through discipline, determination and hard work. Congrats to all!

  16. Tired says:

    Good Day Bernews, I noted this before but it was never posted so I’ll try sending it in again. But as you can see from the above, many of your commentors are IGNORANT, and UNINFORMED. Why do you allow those people’s posts to even remain? Surely professionalism and integrity are more important to you as a professional body/service?

    They are not aiding in the image that you, a news distribution medium might be interested in maintaining. Instead it seems to be a vocal point for the miserable, jealous and uneducated mouthpieces on this island. And I’m sure you along with other’s have seen evidence of this on the majority of your posts.

    Can we step it up a notch please?

    • bernews says:

      Thanks for your opinion, however censoring people’s opinions is something we try and avoid – unless its legal issues/profanity/racist attacks/involves young people etc. We block hundreds for reasons on that line.

      For example, you post calls some Bernews readers “ignorant” which many could see as rude, and think we should censor you – same as you think we should censor others. Its a catch 22, whatever we do people will complain. You asked about my “professionalism and integrity” – that is exactly why differing opinions are allowed.

      Speaking personally, I happen to be an ex-bodybuilder who competed in this show myself. Obviously I like the genre, so I think all these women look completely fabulous. That’s my view…we all have different viewpoints.


    • Think about it says:

      I laughed while reading this comment. No one here is being ignorant at all. This whole thing started because someone posted that these women are stunning, and myself and another poster simply disagreed. It is not ignorant to express what someone thinks or doesn’t think is “stunning.” If in my opinion I don’t think these women are attractive, theres nothing wrong with it.

      p.s. I would take a slightly overweight woman to one of these “ladies” any day of the week. Real women have curves and @ss.

      • Onion says:

        Calling someone “gross” and starting and ending your post with “barf” is ignorant period. And if you don’t know anything about bodybuilding, which you obviously don’t, mentioning steriods is also ignorant.

        • Think about it says:

          First, it was a joke, I’m sorry for calling your wife gross and insinuating I was vomitting. Second, I said they “look like teenage boys overdosed on steroids,” not that they actually ARE on steriods.

          Take the stick out of your @ss

          • Onion says:

            First, I am not married to any of the competitors.
            Second, I’ll take the stick out of my @ss when haters like you learn some manners when voicing their “opinions”.

  17. shakaZulu says:

    Bernews, did I miss the pictures of the male winner Mr. Bermuda?
    I would hate to think it is because he is not a Bermudian.

    • bernews says:

      Interesting you single out his nationality, as none of the Bermuda-born bodybuilders – male or female – are in this set either.

      This is the figure/fitness division gallery, bodybuilder photos will be set #2. Also, yes, you did miss it, as Mr Phillips’ photo was posted yesterday on the results post. More to come however, plus video of course. Still uploading it all…

  18. water says:

    this event takes another level of dedication and commitment that most people dont have.

    for all those who have negative comments …..women arent suppose to look sloppy and fat the way most bermudian women do ….. the way most of you and your wives probably are…. so just take a break and applaud people for pushing themselves and dedicating themselves to achieve something close minded people never will.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Hear hear. I was talking to one of the contestants last week and she was telling me about the diet required to achieve the muscle definition. Utter and total dedication.

  19. LMAO says:


  20. whoa says:

    holy crap !!!

  21. Observer says:

    I am willing to bet the majority of these negative comments are from women. I’m a dude and I see it day in and day out. Check it out….some women on this island watch other women more than guys……case in point, pretty woman walks past…guy thinks well she’s a cutie…same individual walks past another lady,….in ladys mind…..hmmmmph I don’t know who she thinks she is, but she ain’t cute…she thinks shes all that… can so much be determined about a person that hasn’t even said a word to you? It’ all boils down to insecurity and feeling threatened……grow up, and get off this island to become more diverse….our island is small….doesn’t mean that our mind has to be.

  22. True says:

    I have noticed that too many of our Bermuda women are over weight in the first place I wonder how many wish they can get that slim mmmmmmmmmmmm keep working on your bodies ladies

  23. BombsAway says:


  24. What matters most... says:

    Congrats to all the winners and competitors! They are truly amazing athletes. As someone who trains on a consistent basis and has had the opportunity to work closely with competitors, I can say that this one night of fan fare in no way reflects the level of work committment and dedication it takes to compete. The weeks leading up to the show when they must train harder with less energy due to the diet required to reduce body fat and highlight muscle definition is commendable. These athletes push themselves beyond their comfort zone during training on a consistent basis, which is something that many of those who have commented negatively are not likely to do.

    When you are five feet tall wearing a size 14…sorry to break it to you…but they stopped being curves a long time ago. We are in a society now where obesity has become accepted as the norm and it can be considered that this translates to poor health being considered the norm as well.

    When I was overweight, I made the same comments that a lot of the negative people on here made…”she thinks she’s all that” well you know what?!?! SHE IS! Instead of being negative I got off my A$$ and trained too…Nothing better than tying your shoe laces without having your air cut off by your gut…and you don’t have to be huge for that to happen…trust me! You can bet money that these people here aren’t the reason for the rising health care costs…food for thought…

    Congrats to Bubbles and Chisel….Love you guys!!!!!!!

  25. PawPaw says:

    I have to agree with the comments from Observer. I am a 52 year old, single black and childless Bermudian female (which is an achievement within itself in Bermuda)!!

    I work out in the gym at least 3 to 5 times a week and have never entered the competitions, but I do get the stares and comments from other women. Their comments are more vicious than their stares. They do not know me, but are so judgemental and hateful.

    I have noticed that there are a lot of angry Bermudian females who appear to spend a lot time judging other women who take pride in keeping themselves, fit and healthy. It’s really sad that we all can’t learn to live together and accept and appreciate others with their differences and qualities.

    We must also remember that it is the choices that we make in life…if you choose to be overweight (if it is not a medical problem), or have multiple children for losers, and if you are not interested in improving yourselves …. then you have no one to blame but yourselves!!

    My advice: Do some form of exercise, it leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

    • Zoey says:

      Well said. I totally agree.

      If you don’t like something, do something about it (i’m talking fitness/excercise/health here)

      I am in the gym 5 or 6 times a week, i’m not a size 2 nor do I want to be (because of body structure) but I have a clean bill of health & can run circles around a lot of these youngsters (i’m 45). I love to watch my body transform as well as my performance in the gym increase as i’m sure the women in these pictures have the same feelings, whether we like how they look or not, it’s not for us, it’s what they want & have accomplished.

    • SO... says:

      “I am a 52 year old, single black and childless Bermudian female (which is an achievement within itself in Bermuda)!!”

      You call that an achievement :S Who wants to be 52 and alone??

  26. Onion says:

    Bodybuilding is about finding the ideal muscular physique NOT the ideal average body.

  27. PawPaw says:

    RE: SO….I don’t usually respond to dullards, and I hate to digress, as the subject is about the bodybuilding event… but you are exactly the type of individual whom I was referring to in my earlier post.
    My comments were not personal attacks on anyone, just a general observation.

    We all have choices in life and that is my choice..and it is an achievement in Bermuda to be 52, childless when most Black Bermudian women are in their 50′s, divorced, with kids and grandkids, bitter, promiscuous, hypocrites and unhappy.
    There are very few who are happy…

    I am happy and not alone. I choose not to be married, I have a loving and loyal boyfriend, a wonderful mother, father and siblings….so get a life and get over it… go and lift some weights and take out your own frustrations in the gym!! LOL!!

  28. Feel the LOVE says:

    Yes a job well done to the contestants but the woman who won over all should not have won. She had a lot more weight that could have been lost and a lot more definition to build… not impressed by their choice!

  29. PawPaw says:

    That may be true, but unfortunately there were only two women who entered as Body Building contestants.
    Not to worry, I will enter next year and hopefully give these gals a run for their money!! LOL

  30. Feel the LOVE says:

    @ PAWPAW: lol, I was thinking the same thing. I guess ill see you out there! Hope ypu have started training…