Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration Events

May 28, 2012

To mark the Diamond Jubilee, celebrations with take place between Saturday June 2nd 2012 and Monday June 4th. The events are as follows:


  • Departing at noon, a Flotilla of Local Vessels will sail from Hamilton Harbour to Dockyard; an open invitation is extended to local mariners, the JL Cecil Smith (the ferry on which Her Majesty travelled in 2009) will lead the event.
  • A Street Festival sponsored by WedCo in Dockyard — entertainment, food, and fun for all starting at noon.
  • Evening Lighting of Beacons at Commissioner’s House, Fort Hamilton and Fort St. Catherine — mirroring beacons across the Commonwealth. (Beacons lighting at 9pm)


  • Service of Thanksgiving for the Diamond Jubilee of HM the Queen at St. Peter’s Church in St. George’s, commencing at 11am. (Followed by Jubilee Garden Party in the churchyard) at 12 noon.
  • Featured will be the debut performance of the Jubilee Fanfare, commissioned of Major D. B. Robinson EM, Director of Music, Bermuda Regiment
  • Picnic in the Park with entertainment and family events. Sponsored by the Corporation of Hamilton.
  • Under the Patronage of HE Governor Fergusson and Mrs. Margaret Fergusson, Project Action are holding a Bermuda Reception “High Tea” in the Harbour Room, Fairmont Hamilton Princess at 4pm


  • Charity Day – public and private sectors are encouraged to participate in a charity project in support of local causes. Outward Bound is the proposed Jubilee Charity – for its vital contribution to building character and engendering community spirit in young people.
  • The Jubilee Grove: initial planting of the Jubilee Bermuda Cedar in an area to be designated the Jubilee Grove located at Coney Island, Hamilton Parish (to complement the reforestation project there) mirroring a UK project with similar aims. The Grove will be opened and the tree planted by The Premier and H.E. The Governor.
  • Two Jubilee Scholars, based on academic prowess and all-round qualities, will be designated and announced with a variety of awards to recognize their achievement. Scholars will be announced at 4:30pm

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  1. Chardonnay says:

    Not good enough Bermuda – where is Government and Department of Tourism? Asleep at the wheel?? Well done St. George’s, Bda Regiment, Dockyard, Corp of Hamilton and the ferry service for saving this Diamond Jubilee from being a complete non-event. Tell me any other place apart from Bermuda that would completely ignore such a fabulous opportunity to promote British history-based tourism that our American friends love while bringing people together for a community-building celebration. Duh and more duh.

    • The road to hell says:

      Perhaps one that wants to be independent?

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Take a brief break from your job as a brain surgeon and realize that every entity you’ve listed is a Government one. Ever heard of the Diamond Jubilee Committee for Bermuda? Or were you in surgery at the time?

  2. Gambler says:

    Govenement is doing a lot for this evet I work for them and have a crew all week preparing and doing things

  3. Chardonnay says:

    @Gambler I really hope you are a joker as well, but just in case you are serious I’m glad to hear you have “a” crew working all week now that we are 5 days to count down. Announcing this so-called Schedule of Events today sure gives a lot of tourists a lot of time to book their vacation around all the huge events, like planting a tree at Government House. Not that I’m against planting a tree- we need all the trees we can get – but whoop de … doo, I’m just dying of excitement over Bermuda’s big Schedule of Events.
    @Hmmmm. I didn’t know St. Peter’s Church was Government, nor did I know Corporation of Hamilton was Government. Glad Government has at least one, single, solitary ferry boat celebrating Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. Yay. History in the making! And it took an entire committee to organise and then not tell us about it until 5 days before the event???? Corp of Hamilton organises their concerts in the park, WedCo organises their family fun days, so what exactly has your committee done? If there is a Diamond Jubilee Committee – and no, I’ve never heard of it – seems to me I was justified in my original comment – you and Department of Tourism were asleep at the wheel. Either that or you were allocated so little resources that you were doomed from the outset. Which was it?

    • Hmmmmm says:

      OK. I get it. You can’t fix stupid. Do some research and then come back and apologize.

  4. Chardonnay says:

    Done some research:
    I said well done St. George’s, Bda Regiment, Corp of Hamilton and ferry service.
    You said all were Government entities.
    I admit I was sloppy in my initial generalisations. I was sloppy in suggesting St. George’s was responsible for the service at St. Peters although I know St. Geo is a pretty tight community – kudos to them. Actually, St. Peter’s Church is not a Government entity, nor is Corp of Hamilton unless I am missing something (didn’t they just hold their own elections?). (Nor is the charity Project Action who is hosting a tea.)
    I said I had never heard of Diamond Jubilee Committee for Bermuda – my apologies, I must have missed it in our news and your marketing campaign for this fabulous event that has gripped the imaginations of millions around the world.
    I’m big enough to apologise when I am wrong but I am not wrong in stating that Bermuda has missed a fabulous opportunity, and I am definitely not stupid. If you can show me that the Department of Tourism has promoted the Diamond Jubilee as an opportunity for American tourists to come here and celebrate 400 years of British history with Bermudians, then I will definitely apologise. Until then, I stand by my position that Bermuda could have used the Diamond Jubilee as a diamond opportunity to promote Bermuda’s 400 year-old British history and entice hundreds if not thousands of American tourists to our Island. Just google “Nova Scotia festivals” and see how they exploit their British/Canadian/French/Miq-Maq heritage to full advantage.
    Where are the street parties (Dockyard excepted), the marching bands, the Royal Navy ships docked at Front Street, the special sporting events, the flags, the bunting, the special concerts, the involvement of school children in special projects, the fundraising for a commemorative fountain/park/playground, etc. etc.? To deny our British history is to deny our heritage, our identity, and our future. So brain surgery is not needed at my end, Hmmm…..

  5. Tired Mum says:

    Ok, so I thought it might be worth taking a look at the work of the committee, as Hmmmmm seems to imply that Chardonnay is being stupid over this.

    The first ever mention I can find is the announcement of the committee being formed (not actually having met, mind) in January 2012:

    The first mention I can find of the proposed (not confirmed) schedule of events is on the PLP webiste in April 2012:

    I note on the PLP website that a ‘committee spokesperson’ stated that more details would be released in the forthcoming weeks, but today is the first time I see any mention of them.

    Not sure how this makes Chardonnay stupid – 5 days is hardly enough time to draw tourists to the island, and I’m not sure I would fly from the East Coast to Bermuda to watch a ferry travel from Dockyard to Hamilton.

    Hmmmmm, if you have any more information to give, please let’s hear it – that’s all I can find for now!

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      This was another major tourism opportunity squandered.

      Every time there is a royal event, wedding, anniversary, jubilee, it’s a marketing opportunity for Bermuda. Americans love the idea of a vacation where there is a royalty angle.

      Of course, the government would rather try College Weeks Reunions and spending another 6 months coming up with a Tourism Plan.

  6. tired of the petty people says:

    I am astonished at the lack of interest and apathy in this once in a lifetime event – especially since most Bermudians actually hold a British passport! But no, once again a easy opportunity missed. I guess the politicians are so busy jostling for position that they didn’t think this might bring visitors other than 6000 passengers perched at one end of the island.

    It would have been so easy to have a couple of huge picnics and parties in the parks – such as the Botanical Gardens, the Arboretum – the list could go on. Govt House could have opened its gardens. Who are the tourism organisers and parks people who could have made this happen?

    Shame on you for not celebrating the British heritage of this island. Despite all the wrong that happened in the past, at least celebrate the good.