Thursday: “Shop, Dine & Unwind” In Hamilton

May 15, 2012

In an effort to encourage and promote their on-going “Go Local” campaign, the Retail Division of The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce has organized a “Shop, Dine & Unwind” event for this Thursday, May 17th.

Retail Division Chair Paula Clarke noted; “We are very excited about this initiative which will bring shops from all areas within the City limits together with participating restaurants to promote our Go Local campaign.

“A total of 60 stores and restaurants will be participating; all the stores will be open late and the restaurants involved in the promotion will all be offering special late shopper discounts.”

Ms. Clarke, who is also the CEO of Gibbons Company, went on to state that there will also be many in-store activities and promotions from Front Street to Court Street. “It is all about having a fun, interactive shopping experience.

“At Gibbons Company for instance, we will be featuring models at ‘Style Stations’ throughout the store, as well as offering super saver pre-May 24th deals and complimentary wine tastings.”

Supporting the event Chamber EVP Joanne MacPhee noted, “The Chamber’s Retail Division is always very active, looking for creative ways to promote the Go Local concept and we are delighted that they have partnered with our restaurant division to offer this City-wide experience.

“Our stores are full of wonderful merchandise, at very competitive prices, so we urge shoppers to come into the City on Thursday night and get into the holiday spirit. “

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  1. Tammy says:

    What does “open late” mean in Bermuda terms? Why are they advertising this all over but not putting the actual times they are closing? Open late to Bermuda is 6. I guess it’ll be 9 like the last time they had this event but it would be nice if they would put the actual time on the ads.

  2. Much to do about nothing says:

    I wish it was until 10pm… atleast I have time to go home, go shopping and dine at a restaraunt and not feeling like im the only one in town after 11p,

  3. Razor says:

    “Our stores are full of wonderful merchandise, at very competitive prices”


  4. Old Furberts kettle says:

    There is tremendous news. Zzzzzz

  5. Honestly says:

    I try my best to be positive! In whose opinion is the clothes in Hamilton wonderful mechandise? I walk in stores and I walk out with nothing! Merchants must re-evaluate their goods and prices! Are the products meant for everybody? Reflection is necessary!