Endurance Adopts Dame Marjorie Bean School

June 13, 2012

Earlier this afternoon [June 13] Minister of Education Dame Jennifer Smith announced another addition in the “Adopt-A-School” programme, with Endurance Specialty Insurance Ltd. being recognised for their contributions to the Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy.

The Minister of Education said, “Today, we are here to celebrate the adoption of the Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy, and I am very delighted to be joined by Mr. David Cash-CEO of Endurance Specialty Insurance Ltd., the latest donor in our Adopt-A-School programme.

“When I think of good corporate citizens – it’s individuals like Mr. Cash who come to mind. He is leading by example with this act of generosity.

Dr. Dena Butterfield–Phipps, Endurance CEO David Cash, Dame Jennifer Smith and Endurance’s Kim Morgan:

“Allow me to offer just a brief bit of background. As a result of Endurance’s Employee Day of Service programme last year, several public schools benefitted from their community service efforts – this included clean up, painting and other services performed by the employees.

“However in honour of their 10th Anniversary, which was in December of last year, Endurance sought a more sustainable way to continue their community efforts. They wanted to do something greater -that would have a more lasting and meaningful impact on one of our schools. After discussion between the Ministry and Endurance, it was determined that Endurance would adopt Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy.

“I cannot express my appreciation enough to Mr. Cash and his colleagues at Endurance, particularly to Mrs. Shirley Nosakhere-Fountain, Vice President, Human Resources Shared Services Manager, who has demonstrated considerable passion for this project. I know that parents, families and students of this facility are most grateful.

“In this challenging economic environment it is easy to sit back and criticise the performance of public and private sector entities. However it’s much harder, to join in, roll up our sleeves and develop meaningful solutions that benefit our community as a whole.

“That is why today’s demonstration of good will by Endurance Specialty Insurance Ltd. is so important. It is a tangible example that Government, business and the community are most effective when we work together.

“Mr. Cash, you and your colleagues should know that your act of kindness for these very special students at Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy will have a far reaching effect on this school, and this Island. It is my pleasure to publicly thank you for this contribution.

“Ladies and gentlemen, with this latest donation, the Adopt-A-School programme will have raised over $190,000 for repairs and services at more than a dozen of our public schools.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Education and the Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy, it is my pleasure to present you with this Certificate in recognition of your contribution,” concluded Dame Jennifer.

Endurance CEO David Cash said, “We are genuinely thrilled to be part of what is happening at Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy. It’s a very important school in our school system, it takes care of 25 young special needs children, and it does so in a way that is very positive.

“If you look around the facilities here, they are terrific facilities. The kids are having a very positive time, this is an important part of our community. So for us to be able to participate and help provide support for the school makes us all feel positive.”

Dr. Dena Butterfield–Phipps said, “On behalf of the Dame Marjorie Bean School I would like to say thank you to Endurance. I was brought to tears when I heard you had chosen to adopt us, and we are appreciative of the phenomenal things that you have done, and also because you want to continue this journey with us and support us.”

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