Man Convicted Of Resisting Arrest, Assault

June 25, 2012

Allan Robinson’s trial took place this morning [June 25] before Senior Magistrate Archie Warner, with the 52-year-old found guilty of assaulting a police officer, possessing an offensive weapon and violently resisting arrest.

Mr Robinson previously pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour in relation to the same incident, which saw him arrested outside the Court building on June 21st.

Evidence from two of the four Police Constables was that on 21st June 2012, Mr Robinson had twice ridden past them as they stood on duty outside the Court building.

On the second ride past, Mr Robinson had stopped his bike, gotten off and drawn a length of metal pipe. This pipe was produced as evidence. Both officers attested to Mr Robinson’s shouting at them and causing them to be concerned for their safety.

The officers said that he had waved the pipe in a threatening manner while shouting at them: “Leave my people….Do you want a piece of me….” and other phrases.

Both attested to Mr Robinson’s struggling with them, kicking one of them in the course of his struggle, and that Mr Robinson had been taken down with a taser after police had warned him that they might use a taser.

After hearing from both police witnesses, Mr Robinson declined to cross-examine them and said that he would give evidence from the witness stand.

After an adjournment and an explanation of his rights by the Magistrate, Mr Robinson elected not to take the stand and offered no witnesses.

The Senior Magistrate ruled that the case had been proven and convicted Mr Robinson of having an offensive weapon, assaulting police, and violently resisting arrest.

Overruling the Crown’s request that the matter be dealt with under the Mental Health, the Magistrate ordered a Social Inquiry Report and a return to Court on 15th August. Mr Robinson will remain in custody until then.

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