Photo Set #1: 2012 Convening Of Parliament

November 2, 2012

Scores of locals and visitors thronged Front Street this morning [Nov 2] to catch a glimpse of the annual Convening of Parliament ceremony. Held on the Cabinet Office grounds, Governor George Fergusson delivered the Throne Speech outlining Government’s legislative agenda for 2013 to an audience comprised of Parliamentarians and other senior dignitaries. You can view our live blog of the event here, and read the full text of the Throne Speech here.

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  1. JustSayin says:

    Nice hat!

  2. SMH says:

    What a rediculous hat Madam President.

    • LOLA says:

      She looks like she belongs in WhoVille freaking Dr. Suess Character.

  3. CYA says:

    Please give me a break…can we get some humble Bermudians PLEASE.

  4. Winnie Dread says:

    Yea they found use for the bikes.

  5. SSOA says:

    Please give me a break…can we get some humble Bermudians PLEASE. Moral fiber family men who do not lack CHARACTER

  6. Pat Ferguson says:

    OMG – she’s done it again! It’s giggle at the hat time again. Dear God forgive her for she knows not how to dress. Amen!

    • Webster says:

      Pat. that birds nest on her head is so funny !!!where the hell does she shop ?

      • Rick Rock says:

        She probably got it in San Fran while picking up a “Women’s Leadership Award” that she got her friends to give her for the third year running.

  7. Bermy-boy says:

    Scott Simmons…PLEASE give me a break…can we get some humble Bermudians PLEASE. —-

  8. Familiar says:

    Some people can wear a hat. Some people can not. I wish people knew which they were.

    • Webster says:

      I wonder why women need to wear a hat !!!!

      • foldgers says:

        usually its about a bad hair day.. or sometimes its about finishing an outfit a certain way.. this hat signifies the finishing of an era.?? hhmmmm

  9. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    Perhaps someone should have mentioned that halloween is over.

  10. Lennie says:

    oooohhhh, Bernews took photos of Police Officers. It was okay today but not yesterday a mere 100 yards away…SMDH

  11. Self Hate says:

    SOme of you bloggers are either bitter or suffer from severe self hate, why would you post a blog to say something about an individual who was invited to an event and simply attended?

    I really dont get it, as a White Bermudian i can understand why we will never even scratch the surface of resolving some of the issues that plague our beautiful home, Bermuda.

    Every single picture shows people appropriately dressed on a mild sunny bermuda day, why all the personal attacks???

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Maybe because these well dressed clowns are the very people who have put this island where it is over the last 14 years, maybe your better off than you were say 14 years ago but the majority of us are not, so when we witness this type of sham we get upset, anyway the fact your a white bermudian means what..and to who?

    • stillpulse! says:

      @selfhate—as a Black woman,I agree,…my favourite is Black Rod!

    • foldgers says:

      because some hats are funny and you take yourself way too seriously.. the fact that you had to put your color is indicative of your mindset.. check yourself.. its all about opinions and a laugh.. lighten up self proclaimed white person

  12. Poetic Justice says:

    The female police cycle rider is HOTTTT!!!! or is it just the uniform!?? or is it the lip gloss!!?? Or is it just me :) …….HMMMMM!!??

    • Not Just You says:

      No, it’s not just you. She has a perfect pair of lips!

  13. back-at-you says:

    Self Hate
    Your red and white slip is showing…LMAO! White Bermudian as black as you are….come on bra…take the heat you know that you are a fraud!

  14. front row! says:

    @Self Hate,
    Who are you referring to Sir?

  15. the word says:

    I thought saint patricks day was in march?

  16. Truth is killin' me... says:


  17. SoMuchMore says:

    this gombeyment needs to have uniform where you can’t wear hats because auntie paula looks aweful but i am sure she thinks she looks perrrr-d LMAO

    at least she dont look like a perdue chicken or rooster (this time)! LOL

  18. Vote For Me Blah Blah Blah says:

    What the Hell is that on Paula Cox head? Some one needs to call animal control because it needs to be put back in its cage…

  19. SSOA says:

    What does being white have anything to do with horrible hats and men who are constantly in a myriad of business and personal scandal. I know at least one of these men has a major oops he should sort out before showing up to anything where his picture is taken he may be aggravating those who have been left to clean up his messes

    I’m black they are black

    all deserve that comment separately and collectively.

    Again can we get some humble Bermudians please

    • Exactly says:

      I am so with you on this. We need to stop showcasing frauds. The comment about being white was so over the top that you really have to wonder if the person was white or was it a black person that was named and felt the pinch so bad that they could not resist blogging out of his high chair. It is no secret what these 3 musketeers have done are doing and plan to do…————-

  20. Vote For Me Blah Blah Blah says:

    I didn’t know Shaggy from Scooby Doo is our Governor.

  21. Talk that Talk says:

    Paula cox is helping the environment by wearing the new cahow nest hat. This 14 million dollar initiative nest hat has been created and approved by the ministry of the environment to help bring back the cahow. Do you see the cahow’s head peaking out? Get yours today!

  22. Simonsays says:

    this has nothing to do with politics but who is her stylist? They should be fired!

  23. no way in hell says:

    she looks like a f##kin peacock. unbelievable

  24. judge dread (r) says:

    i just laugh cause i thought the point of a hat is to protect your eyes/face from the sun…

  25. Bermy Dude says:

    Paula, really has bad taste!! I don’t what see looks like!!

  26. SMH says:

    You ppl are hilarious and rude at the same time,leave my school friend alone. She has this whole island in her hands, although I couldn’t help but laugh myself… Lol

  27. Victor says:

    I feel obliged to remark the old cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words. That hat is just plain weird and also neither matches nor complements the dress in any way. I see a tired, drained person who needs to step back and assess where it all went wrong before she helps make an even bigger mess.

  28. Ayisha says:

    The premier only started wearing stupid hats since William and Kates royal wedding.

    Why do always become the things we claim to hate?

    • Ayisha says:


    • New Bermudian says:

      I thought she wore the one that looked like the green scrubby sponge before the royal wedding…stupid hats have been de rigeur at many churches I’ve attended, waaaaay before the royal wedding. Though your later comment holds some water, the former one not so much.

  29. terry says:

    With the money she makes; the money she will get; the monies………
    She will have the last laugh along with EB.