856lb Marlin Caught During Today’s Tournament

July 11, 2013

The Bermuda Big Game Classic got underway today [July 11], with the big catch of the day weighing in at 856lbs.

Caught by Martin Estis on board Capt. Andrew Dias “Triple Play”, the fish was brought ashore at 5:30pm today and weighed in at Barrs Park.

The Bermuda Big Game Classic is a three-day, big-fish team event with top-team honours going to the team that tallies the most points during the tournament. Now in its 12th year, the Bermuda Big Game Classic is part of the Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship.

This tournament follows after last week’s Blue Marlin World Cup, which saw a 668lb catch from Kevin Gaylord of North Carolina take the top prize.

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  1. Truth (Original) says:

    Adult blue marlin have few predators apart from man. Blue marlin are sought after as a highly prized game fish by anglers and are taken by commercial fishermen, both as a directed catch and as bycatch in major industrial tuna fisheries. Blue marlin are currently considered a threatened species by the IUCN due to overfishing.[1]

    Females can grow up to four times the weight of males. The maximum published weight is 818 kg (1,800 lb) and length 5 m (16.4 ft).[5]

    • Tiggerbm40 says:

      I have no idea why we would in any way celebrate the deliberate and senseless (apart from the stroking of someone’s ego) killing of one of earth’s great species.

      Where is GreenRock and similar organizations with their outrage over this activity? Not to mention the amount of fuel used and resultant pollutants dumped in our ocean – both with significant detrimental effects on our island eco system.

      If I was the Minister of the Environment I would be pushing hard to ban such activities and be a leading example of being serious about protecting not only own environment but that of the world in general.

      This is just sick.

      • Ya Thunk says:

        Stop with your holier than thou attitude. Should we parade down front street and call for the closing of all stores selling designer purses? Do you really need the ten pairs of fancy shoes in your closet, are they a necessity!? Nice leather iPad Case you have? Did you enjoy the lobsters, burgers or steak you had for dinner? You do know that animals died so you could have that fancy purse, iPad case, shoes!

        • Truth (Original) says:

          Cows are not an endangered species.

      • Goose says:

        It was the sportfishing lobby that ran the “Take Marlin off the Menu” campaign that is chipping away at the idea of marlin being a food in every region where it is still eaten. These same sportfishing organisations lobby for the limiting of longlining, which helps marlin and tuna stocks rebuild themselves.

        Fish are indeed killed for tournaments, however over 90% of marlin killed each year are killed by longliners that are targeting tuna (Kitchell et al. 2004). The vast majority of marlin caught during tournaments are released, alive and kicking.

        Banning sportfishing means that there will be far less interest in keeping these fish around for future generations. Sportfishing is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, and the benefits to local economies mean that any proposals to ensure the long term viability of these economies hold serious weight with legislators.

        Sportfishermen ARE egotistical. And selfish. They want to catch fish. Lots of fish. Big fish. The only way for that to happen is to ensure that there are more of them swimming the oceans.

  2. Robert says:

    Where the hell are all the conservationist when this sh@t is happening ? Let government allow someone to build a wall where a garden once stood and ole stwearty hayward would be out with all guns blazing !!!

  3. Unreal says:

    While your on your soapbox, why don’t you gather up all your leather shoes/purses/wallets and donate them to your favourite charity since you’re outraged by the sensless killing of animals. Also lay off the meat while you are at it. Remember to ride your bicycle to work tomorrow and forever more. Just doing your part right?
    Gosh what hypocrites.

  4. letmypeoplego says:

    @Unreal-Tiggerbm40 is having a moment.probably didnt have frosties yet..lol

  5. Miguelito says:

    In other parts of the world, there is a thing called “catch and release”. You get the thrill of catching your prey, and then put it back where it came from…alive.

  6. backbush says:

    yes a boat can release a fish but if no boat catches a bigger fish he is looking at a nice pay day around 130k so am sure if any of u was in his shoes u would want to kill that for chance of that kind of money on another note lets look at this it is not like that fish would go to waste it would be used as a bait to catch tuna so can u tell me what other fish is used for more than one purpose

  7. Bushytail says:

    @backbush – Actually, marlin is a really nice fish to eat. A hell of a lot nicer than half the fish Bermudians have been eating over the last 30 years, as fish stocks have been recovering from over fishing due to fish pots. I guess Bermudians have not sussed this out yet?

    • Really?? says:

      @Bushytail, something must be wrong with your tastebuds. Marlin is not a nice fish to eat. The only thing people use marlin for is chum and bait. Please name half the fish that marlin is nicer than. Obviously you are not fussy about your fish if you can say that marlin is good to eat. LOL

    • bun out says:

      hahaha you talk a pack. u aint supposed to eat marlin bra!!

  8. downderoad says:

    Sadly, we interact with nature as if it is here for our pleasure and/or profit.

    Eating fish occasionally or farm raised meat is NOT the same as killing this apex fish for pleasure, cash and then bait! We raise animals for food. This is a wild creature at the top of the food chain, except for us. Show some respect (or are you interested in hunting lions, tigers and bears as well to stick on a wall)!

    If you think we were put on this Earth to dominate it, then there is nothing more I can say to you. Continue fishing these magnificent creatures until there are no more. How about doing it on a more level playing field. No big boat, with twin diesel engines. No fancy rods to give you an unfair advantage. Just you in a small boat, a line and a lot of praying! Then let’s see comes back.

    • Downderoad says:

      (Typo) “Let’s see WHO comes back!”

  9. roger says:

    THESE GUYS n BOAT are WINNERS! A few years ago they won the 4th July Tournament. This must be the biggest for the season, maybe their sizes will reach 1000++ lbs. UP SOMERSET!!!!! :) :)

  10. Muff diver says:

    We Somerset guys,always catch the biggest fish!

  11. bir says:



  12. sugra says:

    Triple Play is back! Long overdue… pretty work. Well done guys.