Argus Donates To Chain Reaction Bermuda

October 22, 2013

The Argus Group today [Oct 22] announced that it has made a donation to Chain Reaction Bermuda. The donation will enable Sandys Secondary Middle School to offer the programme to their students in the Fall 2013 semester at no cost.

Argus said, “Chain Reaction Bermuda is a voluntary, preventative programme aimed at disarming bullying and preventing violence in schools by promoting kindness, respect and understanding. The initiative is one of the main gang-prevention tools used in schools today as it fosters a sense of belonging and the importance of a caring community.”


The programme has been offered in Bermuda for three years in select Government schools for students aged 11 to 18. It challenges students to make a positive difference in their personal lives, schools, families and community. Guest speakers, visual aids, short video clips on character development and information on gang prevention are used to educate participants at monthly Chain Reaction Assemblies. The programme also gives students the opportunity to use what they learn in various organised clubs that help to enhance their skills. Chain Reaction clubs include: administration, recruitment and marketing, media and production and community outreach among others.

Chain Reaction conducts student leadership training for the student leaders that emerge after attending the monthly assemblies. These leaders facilitate the Chain Reaction Action Teams. Leaders are trained in leadership development, character building, group-management, and vision casting. Upon completion of their leadership training they serve as leaders among their peers for the Chain Reaction Action Teams.

There is also a mentoring programme that pairs at risk students with an approved mentor. Students are identified by their school councillors and introduced to a mentor who can help with their academic work and personal accountability.

Chain Reaction was founded in the United States by Darrell Scott, the father of one of the Columbine High School shooting victims on April 20, 1999. Mr. Scott felt the need to help students show respect for their peers. He began the programme with a hope of preventing tragedies such as Columbine. Gary Simons, Bermuda’s Chain Reaction Director, saw a need for a programme of this nature in Bermuda and worked closely with Darrell Scott to establish Chain Reaction Bermuda.

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer, the Argus Group, says, “The Chain Reaction programme teaches values and a sense of belonging, while offering a safe environment for children to express their fears and grow as individuals. Argus is pleased to contribute to such an important programme to help better the lives of the next generation of Bermudians”.

Gary Simons, Director of Chain Reaction Bermuda, says, “The Chain Reaction programme helps Bermuda’s youth to find their way and purpose in a vast and diverse society. We believe that the benefits of the programme are immeasurable and we thank Argus for their support. Donations help to keep Chain Reaction Bermuda alive and enable the programme to continue reaching Bermuda’s students who are at risk”.

Karen Raynor, Deputy Principal, Sandys Secondary Middle School, says, “On behalf of Sandys Secondary Middle School, I thank Argus for their financial support and for enabling us to offer this programme to our students. The programme teaches students a great deal about respect, kindness and generosity. Our students are grateful for the opportunity to participate and experience all that Chain Reaction has to offer”.

The Chain Reaction programme was launched on October 11 at Sandys Secondary Middle School and is open to all students.

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