Cricket: Bermuda Lose Second Game To USA

October 20, 2013

The Bermuda National Cricket team lost their second match to the USA on Saturday [Oct 19].

At the Brian Piccolo Park, in Fort Lauderdale the United States reached 148/6 in their allotted 20 overs. Akeem Dobson was the United States of America top scorer with 33, while Srinivasa Santhanam added 31. Jacobi Robinson was the pick of the Bermuda bowlers returning figures of 3-0-15-3, while Dion Stovell bowled 4-0-29-2.

In reply Bermuda were bowled all out for 104, 44 runs short of their target. Tre Manders was the top scorer with 17, while Chris Douglas added 15 and Stovell the only other batsman in double figures scored 11. With figures of 2-0-11-3 Timroy Allen led the United States of America bowling attack, while Karan Ganesh bowled 3.2-0-21-3.

United States of America Inning

  • ..12 [08] Steven Taylor c Christian Burgess b Dion Stovell
  • ..33 [26] Akeem Dodson c Malachi Jones b Jacobi Robinson
  • ..08 [09] Steve Massiah c Davd Hemp b Dion Stovell
  • ..06 [10] Orlando Baker c Tre Manders b Jacobi Robinson
  • ..22 [24] Karan Ganesh c Chris Douglas b Janeiro Tucker
  • ..31 [19] Srinivasa Santhanam b Jacobi Robinson
  • ..17 [12] Timroy Allen Not Out
  • ..13 [12] Elmore Hutchinson Not Out
  • ..06 Extras [3lb-1b-2w]

148 Total for 6 Wickets after 20 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-18 [Taylor], 2-30 [Massiah], 3-43 [Baker], 4-67 [Dobson], 5-115 [Santhanam], 6-127 [Ganesh]

Bermuda Bowlers

  • 4.0-0-31-1 Janeiro Tucker
  • 4.0-0-29-0 Derrick Brangman
  • 4.0-0-29-2 Dion Stovell
  • 4.0-0-28-0 Malachi Jones
  • 3.0-0-15-3 Jacobi Robinson
  • 1.0-0-12-0 Chris Douglas

Bermuda’s Inning

  • ..15 [18] Chris Douglas b Muhammed Ghous
  • ..08 [10] Terryn Fray b Danial Ahmed
  • ..05 [13] Lionel Cann c Neil McGarrell b Muhammed Ghous
  • ..17 [23] Tre Manders c Akeem Dodson b Karan Ganesh
  • ..11 [17] Dion Stovell c Srinivasa Santhanam b Timroy Allen
  • ..02 [5] Derrick Brangman b Timroy Allen
  • ..01 [03] Christian Burgess c Steven Taylor b Timroy Allen
  • ..06 [05] Jacobi Robinson c Steven Taylor b Karan Ganesh
  • ..05 [07] Janeiro Tucker Not Out
  • ..01 [02] Brian Hall Run Out
  • ..13 [13] Malachi Jones c Elmore Hutchinson b Karan Ganesh
  • ..20 Extras [1b-8lb-10w-1nb]

104 Total All Out after 19.2 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-32 [Fray], 2-36 [Douglas], 3-40 [Cann], 4-67 [Stovell], 5-72 [Manders], 6-77 [Brangman], 7-78 [Burgess], 8-84 [Robinson], 9-89 [Hall], 10-104 [Jones]

United States of America Bowlers

  • 2.0-0-18-0 Adan Sanford
  • 2.0-0-11-0 Elmore Hutchinson
  • 4.0-0-11-1 Danial Ahmed
  • 2.0-0-08-2 Muhammed Ghous
  • 2.0-0-06-0 Neil McGarrell
  • 2.0-0-11-3 Timroy Allen
  • 3.2-0-21-3 Karan Ganesh
  • 2.0-0-09-0 Srinivasa Santhanam

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    Umm, umm umm :-( This wasn’t how it had been planned…Come now you bies’ get it together! These are the same folks you’ll be competing against in Dubai…

  2. Really??? says:

    Bermuda will not win any matches till the BCB get their heads out of their _ _ _ _ _!!! Can somebody tell me what the Senior players are in the team for, as it can’t be to lead from the front. Like I said before. We might as well send a completely young team to this tournament and give them the experience that the are craving. All Janairo, Kwame, Hemp, and Linoel are getting is a free vacation from the tax payer. Again Bermuda will not win one game in the whole tournament, and even worst not come close to competing against the teams in their group!!! The board need to pack up and ship out as the ship sank long ago and the captains’ should have stayed on board and sank with it, instead of jumping and still hanging on to their own selfish needs!!!!

    • Reverse Sweep says:

      UM do you realize this is the world cup qualifiers?? #1 This is not costing US taxpayers as these are tours are funded by the ICC!!! #2 The players you have named have a better batting average in domestic and international level!! there are more than enough youngsters in the team and have been given the opportunity but have yet to produce! Given the population of cricketers we have on the island compared to other countries,we don’t have a whole lot of talent that can play at the next level.As a former cricketer, cricket is one sport that if you don’t have the talent,no amount of training or exposure will change that! As you can tell by the results the younsters didn’t do to great themselves.The players you named are the backbone of the team and contribute greatly in other areas! I would not like to see the team without these players,proven game winners or the results would be much worst than they are now!! As a read your comments again they seem PERSONAL,as for that I have no comment, but to say that Janeiro,Hemp and lionel(Leading the batting/bowling averages in the team) shouldn’t be on the team is ridiculous!!!