Photos/Video: Elliot Primary School Career Day

January 24, 2014

The Elliot Primary School recently held its second Annual Career Fair with representatives from many different career choices including businesses, services and Government departments available to share information with the students.

Chairperson of the Career Fair, school counsellor Cliftina Bowen explained the event was started to expose the students to some of the different careers that are available in Bermuda and to enforce why different subjects in school are so important as they relate to different careers they may do in the future.

Elliot Primary School Bermuda, January 17 2014-17

Students made their way in small groups around the different areas with many asking questions and taking notes. There were many interactive presentations including Works & Engineering carpenters showing off their different trade tools and supervising students using a drill.

Hospital staff were engaged with a CPR demonstration and tours of an ambulance with many stories being shared by students of previous medical incidents involving themselves or family members and friends.

Elliot Primary School Bermuda, January 17 2014-15

The Bermuda Police Service had a display of the different tools of the trade and explained their use for different applications while outside, students were treated to a ride on the police trike.

The Bermuda Hospitality Institute were on hand introducing the different careers available throughout the local hospitality industry and Aquarium staff shared their experiences in becoming an aquarist.

Fashion designers, In Motion Dance School, the Bermuda Regiment and the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service also joined many others at the event.

Ms Bowen went on to thank the many different presenters for giving of their time and sharing information with the students to help shape them to become productive citizens in the future.

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  1. Kitty Kat says:

    Go Elliot Primary!!!!

    That’s a GREAT IDEA. Other primary schools should do the same.

  2. iBleedRED says:

    Proud Elliot Alum!!

  3. ElliotSmartGirl101 says:

    Go Elliot Primary !!!!!!! :-)
    That was the best Carrer Fair Ever!THANKS Mrs.Bowen!!! :-)

  4. Mazumbo says:

    Its nice that they did this but I think its a joke. How many of these children’s parent’s are finding it hard to find work in Bermuda (especially competing with cheap foreign labor) but it sounds like it was a good exercise and I wish them the best, but I’m just saying.