Premier, Ministers To Attend RIMS Conference

April 7, 2014

Bermuda is set to reinforce its position as a global leader in risk solutions at the annual Risk & Insurance Management Society [RIMS] Conference taking place in Denver, Colorado, from April 27 – 30th.

Those in attendance will include Premier Craig Cannonier, Minister of Education & Economic Development Dr. Grant Gibbons, Finance Minister Bob Richards, Bermuda Monetary Authority CEO Jeremy Cox and Bermuda Business Development Agency CEO David Cash.

A spokesperson said, “It is anticipated that almost 10,000 registrants and over 400 exhibitors will attend the conference to network and gain valuable insight from risk management professionals from around the world.

“Bermuda, known as the ‘world’s risk capital’, will be represented by almost 200 delegates from government, the Bermuda Monetary Authority, and industry executives.

“Known for its unique combination of strong insurance, reinsurance, captive and ILS markets, Bermuda representatives are sought after for their expertise as much as they are for the signature Bermuda shorts worn by some delegates.

David Cash said, “Collaboration for RIMS by The Bermuda Government, our Regulator and industry professionals demonstrates our commitment to our clients and Bermuda. The insurance industry is vitally important to our economy and has the potential to grow further provided we continue to innovate and remain competitive. This requires Bermuda to be responsive to the needs of the market and to be visible at key events like RIMS.”

“The island’s flagship booth, a two story structure with Bermuda architectural styling, will be constructed almost in the centre of the exhibition floor and manned by BDA representatives and industry leaders that will interact with attendees.

“RIMS is the largest gathering of risk managers and practitioners and continues to be one of the leading forums through which Bermuda can gain access to business prospects and to learn of trends and business strategies in the areas of claims management, enterprise risk management, insurance, legal legislation and strategic risk management.

Shelby Weldon, Director of Licensing & Authorisations at the Bermuda Monetary Authority said, “The Authority is pleased to once again support Bermuda’s jurisdictional showcase at the world’s largest insurance conference. As Bermuda’s regulator, it is important for the Authority to support the domicile by attending RIMS and answering any regulatory questions that our existing or prospective clients may have.

“Bermuda registered 91 new insurance companies in 2013. This represents a 72% increase on the 53 firms registered in 2012,” Mr. Weldon said. “Achieving this level of business in today’s competitive global marketplace reinforces Bermuda’s unique ability to service the full spectrum of high-end, global insurance business. As the market fosters innovation in alternative risk transfer products, it also demonstrates the continued relevance of Bermuda as a insurance laboratory.”

“After the Conference on the evening of April 29, Bermuda will host a private reception to provide exclusive networking between local dignitaries and industry representatives. Guests will enjoy the melodic sounds of ‘Heritage,’ a jazz and blues band led by Bermudian Gianluca Gibbons, as well as be treated to culinary specialties from the island.”

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  1. Standing Strong for the OBA! says:

    Dear Premier,

    Given your inability to make cogent presentations in the Media wouldn’t it be better to make Minister Gibbons and the Heads of the various professional service firms and insurers go along.

    In case you have not noticed you need to do some urgent work here in Bermuda to repair your credibility and communication with the Public, specifically the voters who ticked OBA.

    Please spend some time and resources here in Bermuda, going to Colorado will be the wrong choice for you

    Standing Strong for the OBA

    • Baltic Fury says:

      You’ve obviously never been, or have any idea of what RIMS means to the excess casualty market here, one that employs a lot of Bermudians.

      It’s not a popularity contest, it’s about what’s best for Bermuda in the long run. Trust me, he needs to go.

  2. Jahkai says:

    Good show of support, and essential. The Bermuda reception is always packed, and to be greeted by the Premier at the door carries a huge amount of weight. I’ve seen clients blown away by this.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    They might want to experience a little Rocky Mountain High & see first hand how Colorado deals with legal weed while they are at it before we are playing catch up on that one too.

    Seriously, it is noce to see Bermuda treating this get together of industry titans in a responsible way. No more Gombeys prancing around on a taxpayer funded junket.

  4. watching says:

    Cannonier cannot speak without talking points and scripted interviews. What will he talk to the folks at RIMS about?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      What did former Premiers Jennifer Smith, Scott or Doc Hollywood talk to RIMs about? What clue did any of them have of IB?

      At least Canonnier knows how to hold his head high when he is speaking. Does he know all there is to know about IB? Nope. Not a chance. He does however have people around him who do know what IB is all about & its importance to Bermuda. That is something those listed above did not have.

  5. Bermewjan says:


    Enjoy your holiday. It must be great to be in a job where you get to go on holiday so much. I bet your Bucket List has seriously been reduced since you’ve had this job. And what a nice car you have too.

    I suspect the best part of the job must be that you can take your friends on holiday with you while you get some of your political colleagues do the real work. Oh, wait.. that’s not quite the case, you’ve got a couple of quality high rate consultants for that. Isn’t delegation a wonderful thing.

    Hey, you’ve really done well for yourself! You must be loving it! You can’t go wrong, or even if you do you can smash down anybody who says anything about it. Wow, that must be so cool for you!

    Have a great time.

  6. ABM says:

    THis is funny!!!!!!!! I won’t call names, but a poster on here was not in favor of any politicians going to this RIMS meeting when PLP was in power, now it is ok to go because the OBA is in power. FUNNY!!!!!

  7. Senior says:

    With this Premier, it all seems to be about taking trips – absolutely no communication with the people of Bermuda (whether they be OBA or PLP) ithout someone providing him with a script. What a joke!!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Wait… When he DOES communicate, it’s “who wrote that? Speechwriters are bad!”, now it’s “he never communicates!”
      Which is it?

  8. Coffee says:

    How many more trips ?

  9. more than enough says:

    200 delegates…holy $$$-hit
    why does dunkley not go to colorado and examine the viability of legal cannabis for jobs for bermudians and the benifit of our visitors. recreational and medical ganja could be produced locally, providing opportunity for a perfect model of the buy bermuda campaign. other flawed models of decriminalization could be upgraded to and more honest and beneficial approach of complete legalization. immediately this will create a new pillar for our economy run solely by bermudians for bermudians creating jobs in the medical,tourism,agriculture,retail,etc…
    providing payroll tax for the government and ensuring that most of the funds involved will remain in the local economy.
    and then maybe we can shed the stereotypical hysteria surrounding this useful plant and its uses and align ourselves with the ever increasingly favorable world view. or possibly take the lead and assure our place in history by blazing the trail towards legalization.
    man cannot live by ib alone…

    • Baltic Fury says:

      Read it properly. 200 from Bermuda. RIMS is vast, north of 10,000.

      That’s why.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      That’s 200 people spending their private money to promote Bermuda’s interests.