Minister: MP Scott Is “Misleading, Incorrect”

April 3, 2014

Shawn CrockwellMinister of Tourism Development & Transport Shawn Crockwell today [Apr 3] responded to what he termed “misleading and incorrect allegations” concerning the Department of Marine and Ports made by Shadow Transport Minister Lawrence Scott.

Minister Crockwell said: “Mr. Scott has claimed that, ‘The Minister’s repeated refusal to meet with the workers regarding their grievances has worsened already strained relations between management and the workers.’

“Clearly Mr. Scott doesn’t understand how the Civil Service operates, and that Ministers should not be involved in staffing matters. This is why there is a hierarchy in the Civil Service and separation of the roles of elected officials and management within the Civil Service.”

Mr. Scott said that the “reported creation of new posts within the Department, seemingly tailored for non-Bermudian workers, while ignoring the capable, qualified Bermudians in the department has generated a major concern among the staff.”

In response, Minister Crockwell said: “Mr. Scott has received incorrect information. The posts in question are not new but reflect managerial changes commenced over two years ago – and recently demanded by the Bermuda Industrial Union – to realize improvements in ferry fleet operational oversight and the Department’s fleet maintenance decision making generally. Both posts were advertised locally.

“They have now been advertised overseas as no suitable local applicants were identified in accordance with Public Service Commission hiring guidelines. It is expected that any contracted future post holders with the required qualifications and experience will also be required to mentor and train any suitable local employees with development potential.”

Mr. Scott also said the “…seeming penalizing of workers who participated in strike action by the withholding of their pay beyond the normal deductions that have been traditionally been made for previous industrial action.”

Minster Crockwell responded: “It is fitting that Mr. Scott used the word ‘seeming’ as his allegation has no basis in fact. The issue of pay following industrial action was resolved at a recent meeting between the BIU and Marine and Ports Management.”

Concerning the charter ferry Millennium, Mr. Scott said: “Minister Crockwell promised that the Millennium would depart the island at the conclusion of the 2013 season, a promise that was subsequently broken as the Millennium only left last week.”

Minister Crockwell responded: “Had Mr. Scott taken the time to make a simple inquiry, he would have been told that the Millennium was simply delayed from departing Bermuda due to the sudden onset of winter weather.

“I can confirm that she departed ahead of a limited weather window at first light Friday, March 21st to return safely to the United States for routine scheduled out of water maintenance work.

“Perhaps Mr. Scott also failed to realize that chartering of the Millennium was the former Government’s idea, which we supported. MP Terry Lister, who is a former Transport Minister, has consistently applauded the use of the Millennium.

“I can add that the chartering of the Millennium ensured we provided excellent transportation for our visitors during the past season and allowed the Department to institute a much needed maintenance programme on our local fleet of ferries.”

Minister Crockwell added: “My only hope going forward is that Mr. Scott takes the time to find out the facts before sending out misleading and inflammatory accusations to the media which serves no other purpose than to try and distract from the good work this Government is doing to revive our economy and provide jobs for Bermudians.”

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  1. O'Brien says:


    • Robert says:

      Lol, if only bernews would allow what i really want to say about your well spoken former court associated.
      Enough said !!!

  2. Sparky says:

    Crockwell owns Scott !!!!

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Why take Millenium back to the USA for routine maintenance? If the powers that be (the BIU and Civil Sevants) understood such matters and took their blinders off, Millenium would have been serviced here in Bermuda, by Bermudians trained to provide the service and maintenance that is needed.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Has it occured to you that facilitys capable of handling the boat do not exist here? Did you read the story or simply read the headline & think that since it was coming from the Minister in charge it was not worth reading?

  4. CommonSensenBda says:

    Once again, the application of innuendo is more important to the PLPbiu rather than reality.

  5. BETTTY TRUMP says:

    Typical response from Mr. Crockwell, always trying to remove the OBAubp government from taking responsibility away from their Role in most things in government. Only willing to accept praise if it works in their favour. REALLY

    * Perhaps Mr. Scott also failed to realize that chartering of the Millennium was the former Government’s idea, which we supported. Please Mr Crockwell the government has the choice as the government not to accept this idea, the OBAubp could have well rejected the plan in regards to the Millennium, after all the boat was not in Bermuda. NO actual Contract had been signed off on. It was signed off by your government. SO please except the responsibility of your actions for once. Please Mr. Crockwell stop attempting to mislead the public, and accept responsibility for the decision you made regarding bringing the Ferry.

    *The Minister/OBAubp have a history of ignoring capable, qualified Bermudians in the various government departments has generated a major concern among the staff across government”. Why not attempt to work with existing workers whom have the qualifications, but may require a little more additional mentoring for the job. I am sure workers are feeling disenfranchised, as this is why they are highlighting this concern.

    Where is the plan to ensure Bermudians are moved into such jobs? NO the OBAubp continue to give most of the highest positions to NON-BERMUDIANS< slapping Bermudians in the face once again. GET REAL CROCKWELL as your overlooking Bermudians for post is inflammatory as well as outright wrong. Where is the plan to work with Bermudians for a change?

    Look at all the monies you spent on this ferry, more so the up keep of the staff while here. REALLY you want to overlook these key facts.

    This government continue to attempt to HID from accepting RESPONSIBILITY AND TRANSPARENCY FOR ALL WHAT THEY DO…it always someone else doing it, or saying it, except them, this will not work going forward, folks are now aware of this strategy employed by the OBAubp.

    • haha says:

      typical response from betty dump…blah blah blah and more blah

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Nice that you have time to waste reading it. Anything more than 5 lines of her, in any form, is a skip.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Face it Betty. Crockwell kicked Scott’s ass.
      Scott’s a lightweight. His “points” are always weak.

    • 32n64w says:

      Betty – did you actually read the remarks above or do you purposely ignore FACTS that don’t suit your narrative? Talk about hypocrisy.

      Speaking of “responsibility and transparency”, you offered “to list whom is on the UBPoba Friends and family contracts by this government” Can you please do so in detail, including the exact amounts paid, frequency, length of contract and complete counter party names?

      Please also provide at least five examples of sustainable, workable and realistic PLP suggestions to improve our economy for 2014.

    • somuchless says:

      Betty you’re an @SS

      • JustAskin2 says:

        Okay, I’ve seen a couple of comments now like this. Since Bernews is allowing it, here’s mine:

        When reading comments such as this, sadly it appears to me that some of the supporters of the OBA appear to be a little more illiterate, insulting and just plain damaged than supporters of the PLP.

        • somuchless says:

          No Betty just rants on everything like the PLP is always right. She needs to give it a break really.

    • Ty says:

      It can’t be possible for you to be the most trifling person on this island but you are determined to convince everyone that you are. WELL DONE. But honestly, did you read any of the story.
      You make so many points (and some are quite valid at times) but offer no explanations of your findings nor do you answer anyones questions that are put to you. That makes you QUEEN of TRIFLING land.

  6. HONESTY says:

    Then Crockwell tell me why Minister Fahy came and met with customs officers, which help smooth some serious problems we were having. It showed and act of kindness on his part and much respect goes out to Minister Fahy for meeting with us.

    • 32n64w says:


      • Iron Man says:

        @ 32n64w please read!!!!!!

        Minister Crockwell said: “Mr. Scott has claimed that, ‘The Minister’s repeated refusal to meet with the workers regarding their grievances has worsened already strained relations between management and the workers.’

        “Clearly Mr. Scott doesn’t understand how the Civil Service operates, and that ((((((((Ministers should not be involved in staffing matters)))))))). This is why there is a hierarchy in the Civil Service and separation of the roles of elected officials and management within the Civil Service.

  7. Coffee says:

    Shawn clearly understands his role at the top of the totem pole ; however at that height he fails to realize that everyone has a clear view of his azz .

  8. nuffin but the truth says:

    the defunct plp were always MISLEADING!

  9. Take it Easy! says:

    To the PLP why do u keep bring things up that We already know the answers to! Its the SAME story ya been saying ever since the boat has been here! Just because u keep twisting up the story over and over again it is still the SAME story! The PLP/BIU dont want the Bermudian public 2 see how PRIVATIZATION works!

  10. Bermewjan says:

    Let’s take a moment to pause and consider some questions for a moment:

    Given that this ministry’s staff are striking and generally causing disruption whenever triggered by the BIU/PLP, is this likely to cause the Minister or other senior service budget holders to be inclined to pay more or less attention to their plight? Or are such behaviours likely to get less attention and more cold shoulder?

    Why is the Government of the day going to invest any money in a Ministry which is likely to be “mutualised”, when there are so many other high need areas that need the little amount of budget that hey have to operate with?

    It seems to me that the real message to this ministry’s staff is be nice or suffer the consequences. If you want help show an attitude which is likely to generate sympathy and empathy, not defensiveness and reticence.

    Perhaps the staff of this Ministry might wish to consider less the triggers of the BIU and PLP, who only wish to use them for propaganda and political gain and think about their own futures and behave in way which will save their ever reducing incomes and opportunities.

    Personally I have never thought of the behaviour of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face to be that beneficial.

    • Bermewjan says:

      And if the PLP and BIU truly cared for these folks they would be doing their best to gain sympathy and empathy from said Ministers and budget holders, rather than riling them for political gain. I suspect the PLP/BIU are only going to continue to hurt the lives of these people by their political gaming shenanigans.

  11. Navin Johnson says:

    The PLP have never been about the people of Bermuda as their only concern is the PLP and getting elected.

    • swing voter says:

      I’m certain a former Premier and transport minister publically confirmed that M&P maintenance teams refused training offered by the FF manufacture(s)…He also couldn’t figure out why the bus operators rejected the new schedule without reason. He also introduced me to the term ‘attitude of entitlement’….as a perfect synonym for the BIU mentality

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    Scott is following daddys MO to the ‘T’. Shoot in all directions. Maybe, just maybe hit something. Most often, as in this time, all he has done is make a noise & make himself look silly for not getting the facts before spouting off with a loose mouth.

  13. clearasmud says:

    Minister Crockwell is correct in his statement about not interfering and our system only works if everyone understands how it is suspopsed to work. There must be clear separation of the civil service from the politics of the day and it is long over due that we fill the post of the Head of the Civil Service! It was acknowledged by the SAGE report that we need to have this post filled and despite its importance it remains unfilled with Mrs Whitter acting in the role.

    • swing voter says:

      AND ….. if her past performance is taken into account, she is utterly inept in that role….sorry Sherry

  14. Rockfish#1 says:

    I am not a fan of Crockwell. But truth be told, he scored a first round KO over Scott on this one!