Monday: List Of Areas BELCO To Work On

October 27, 2014

[Updated] As restoration from Hurricane Gonzalo continues, BELCO has provided the list of areas being worked on today [Oct 27], and said that in addition to these areas, crews will work on commercial customers, medical emergencies and quick fixes, and will move on to new jobs in addition to these, where possible.

The last count from BELCO was approximately 2,062 customers remaining without power, and the company has said that “based on the number of customers who are still awaiting restoration and the number of jobs we expect to complete each day, we have targeted early next weekend to complete the Hurricane Gonzalo restoration process.”

List of areas to be worked on today:

  • My Lord’s Bay
  • Kitty’s Drive
  • Old Road
  • Panaorama Drive
  • Ramgoat Hill
  • Hermitage Close
  • Tee Street
  • North Shore Road, Pembroke
  • Stepney Lane
  • St. Augustine Hill
  • Bluck’s Point
  • Mill Shares
  • Woodbourne Crescent
  • Harbour Road near Valley Road
  • Ridgeway Road
  • Witchery Lane
  • Pearman’s Hll
  • Paddock Drive
  • Ord Road
  • Cobbs Hill
  • Grape Bay Drive
  • Jones Lane
  • Easting Lane
  • Deepdale
  • Tamarind Vale

For all our coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here.

Update 8.40pm: BELCO said that as of 6pm, there are approximately 1,743 customers without power and a number of jobs still ongoing.

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  1. LongBay Trading says:

    THANK YOU BELCO -Church and St. Annes Southampton just got theirs and and we are grateful.

  2. Paddock Lane says:

    As someone who is on day 16 at paddock lane (directly next to Paddock drive I REALLY HOPE I am included today

    • Reyna says:

      Just a note…if you’re at home and are able to, look out for the BELCO van and let them know you’re also without power. From personal experience, the crews aren’t necessarily checking all the houses in one neighborhood. They are told to go to specific sites and you may be bypassed since you’re one lane over and not on the list. So just to be on the safe side you might want to flag the BELCO truck down if you can (trust me, I had to do it). Hope your power is restored soon!

  3. on the bright side …they are very entertaining…just when you think you’ve seen it all…dey take it to the next level up or down you decide

  4. hamilton parish says: