Yo-Yo Ma Concert Tickets Sell Out In 90 Minutes

November 25, 2014

Due to overwhelming demand tickets for the Yo-Yo Ma Founders’ Recital are no longer available, with tickets going on sale at 10.00am this morning [Nov 25], and selling out in some 90 minutes.

Festival Chairman Ian Davidson remarked: “Having a world renowned musician like Yo-Yo Ma accept our invitation to perform in the Ruby anniversary of the Bermuda Festival is incredible.

“Due to his popularity, the fact that we were only able to engage him for a single night, and a limited amount of seating, all tickets for his Founder’s Recital have sold out incredibly quickly.

“We apologise for any disappointment that this may have caused. However, there are many additional world class performances in our 2015 line-up for which tickets are available that should have broad appeal to the Bermuda community.”

Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Anthony McGill & Gabriela Montero at President Obama’s inauguration:

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  1. PBanks says:

    Mercy that was fast. Then again, not every day we can have someone of his caliber and reputation perform on our shores.

  2. Stunned says:

    what an unmitigated disaster…crashing internet, busy telephone lines and a total of 20 tickets available between two box offices…

    • Disappointed says:

      Those people who had no access to the internet had no chance of seeing Yo-Yo Ma.

    • Stunned... says:

      On reflection, I think the Yo-Yo Ma situation was a PR Opportunity that was mishandled.

      The Festival Organizers should have kept the Yo-Yo Ma performance as a private fund raising event as well as a “Thank You” to all of the Sponsors who have graciously and generously supported the Bermuda Arts Festival for the last 40 years and as an enticement to continue to support the Bermuda Arts Festival for without the Sponsors and volunteers none of this would have been possible.

      I hope that the disappointed public (including me) will forgive the organizers for this misstep and continue to support the Bermuda Festival and all that it does with generous assistance from Corporate Sponsors and the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

      Looking forward to seeing the 2015 line-up which includes our own local celebrity.

      Thanking you advance.

  3. Xaxa says:

    Can we not have satelite sites that can CCTV the show in for a fraction of the cost? Come on people, so many want to see him!!!

  4. No chance says:

    90 mins….try 2 mins!!

    I logged on to the website and started calling at 10am on the dot. After multiple website crashes, no one answering the phone, being hung up on, not getting through to either of the two stores, they had sold out far far earlier than at 90 mins.

    At 10:08am there were only 7 tickets showing as “available” on their website, but the website would not let me click on any of them to buy.

    I know someone else who tried to buy at 10:02am and found them sold out too.

    So disappointed. Maybe they should be a draw for this kind of show…so that everyone gets a fair chance.

    • Bull says:

      Where did 90 minutes come from? I had the same experience as you, it was sold out immediately. I call shenanigans…

  5. Jarvis Trott says:

    This was poorly handled by the Bermuda Festival. It’s clear corporate and other sponsors had virtually all the tickets. The handful available at Pulp & Circumstance had been put aside before their doors even opened. A terrible way to manage sales for this event. It would be good to know who, if anyone, was able to get tickets today, either online or at one of the retail outlets.

    • Disappointed says:

      @Jarvis. In defense of Pulp and Circumstance, they had an allotment of 10 tickets which were sold to the 5 people in front of me. Each was allowed to purchase 2 tickets each.

  6. Puma says:

    Thank you so very much for this beautiful music…thank you.

  7. Micro says:

    Maybe move it to a larger venue?

    Prime example why we need all weather multipurpose stadium

    • Varied says:

      Would be nice, but we’d need to ensure it gets regular use.

  8. Gavin says:

    The tickets were sold out in less than 15 mins as my wife waited in line as I tried the website.

    The webpage didn’t work, there weren’t enough tickets available at P&C. So due to the terrible mishandling of ticket sales, we will be boycotting any further performances put on by the festival.
    This event should have been held at the SH Princess.

  9. Jon says:

    Very badly handled. I have no problem with the corporate sponsors/patrons paying the extra and getting access to tickets ahead of the general public. Just don’t advertise it as part of the festival – its a private show. Giving people hope that they may get tickets shows a lack of respect. People took time out of their day to try and secure tickets when the organisers knew there were only a handfull available – Then to suggest that the rest of the festival is of equal standard implies folk are stupid!

    From my knowledge tickets have not been made available to the local schools/music schools – This would be a perfect opportunity to inspire music students.

  10. Jarvis Trott says:

    Why hasn’t the Festival explained why they’re not using a larger venue?

  11. mike says:

    If there is one gd empty seat that night, sponsors should be raked across the coals!