Vote Of No-Confidence, Allan Douglas Removed

December 19, 2014

The Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB] Executive passed a vote of no-confidence in Allan Douglas and removed him from the Board, saying that the “significant under-performance of the national team in the recent tournament is a matter that the Board is taking very seriously.”

The BCB Executive met on Thursday December 18th to consider the report from the Tour Review Committee led by 1st Vice President Nyon Steede.

The BCB said, “The Committee was formed by the President of the BCB, Lloyd Fray, to a thorough and full investigation of the recent tour to Dubai and Malaysia.

“In the course of compiling the report the Committee interviewed 6 players and all 4 tour management staff members. The comprehensive report collated responses from the participants on 5 prepared questions.

“The Executive gave full consideration to the report and then met with Acting National Coach and BCB 2nd Vice-President Mr. Douglas. After a careful and thorough deliberation the Executive passed a vote of no-confidence in Mr. Douglas and removed him from the Board.”

Lloyd Fray, President of the BCB, noted: “The significant under-performance of the national team in the recent tournament is a matter that the Board is taking very seriously.

“There are a number of areas highlighted in the review that need to be addressed and we are working on them expeditiously. As soon as the processes are complete the Board will communicate them.”

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  1. Varied says:

    as a coach, no doubt he failed to get the team to perform to standard. But for him to get kicked off the Board itself, well that must speak to something even more egregious.

  2. mr keys says:

    There’s an old saying, players win and coaches lose.
    What about the fact that some of the players, from multiple reports, spent nights out the night before a game, arguing with the coaches, late for shuttle to the game/practice, refused to play the game, played outside of their role?
    I think there are a number of things that went (and continue) to go on while BDA teams are on tour. Granted, Mr. Douglas probably didn’t lead the team to perform at their best, BUT what about the players? Will they ever be held responsible for their role while representing the country? Or will they be told how they conducted themselves is OK? Mr Douglas was kicked off the board all together…OK, will these same players represent Bermuda again and continue to have their same attitude? #doublestandards

    • Varied says:

      I think there’s a whole lot of truth in regards to player commitment. It would seem that there’s a fair few of the current national squad players who need to be dismissed permanently.

  3. Sinclair Williams says:

    Douglas took over at the last minute and he is held accountable for the team’s performance? I respectfully suggest that his comments on the state of cricket and the national team after the tour is why he was removed.

    Keep your head up Mr. Douglas. We still love you in the East!

  4. X man says:

    We could be expecting to much from a team that neither the guts and heart to truly play good Cricket
    in the first place.— young bye’s today simply don’t have what it takes — there to spoilt!
    Unfortunatly were blaming the individual who wasnt even playing – how about firing some of the players.
    Were still trying to get Ten Thousands Dollars worth out of a Twenty Dollar Bill.

  5. watchfuleyes says:

    Fire the lot of them- do we really need a team we can’t train because they are not committed?- what a stupid move to let Douglas go.