Rugby: Harvey School & U18 Girls Train Together

March 24, 2015

The Bermuda U18 Girls Rugby Team has been hosting The Harvey School’s Girls Rugby Team this week, with the 23 players from Harvey training alongside the island squad.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda players have been training together for just over two months, but their progress has been so impressive. Eight of the 15 ladies only started playing in January or February and with an increase to three training sessions a week last month the girls have really committed to improving their skills and learning to play as a team.

“The visitors have spent the weekend training on the beach, experiencing the sights of the west end with a scavenger hunt in Dockyard, taking PE classes at Gilbert Institute, and helping clean up the island with Keep Bermuda Bermuda. The Bermuda U18 Girls Rugby team hosted the visitors in a mini tournament at Police Field.”

Harvey School's And U18 Girls Training Together (2)

“Harvey brought 23 players to the island so they split into two teams and got the afternoon underway with a sevens game between their two teams resulting in a 10-5 score line with scores by Macy Drude, Ava Cohn and Alexis Palmer.

“Bermuda then played each of the teams first going down to Harvey with a score of 10-5. Tries by Claudia Smith and Alexis Palmer for Harvey and Haley Place for Bermuda.”

Harvey School's And U18 Girls Training Together (1)

“In the final sevens game the Bermuda girls stepped up their play to a 15-0 win with tries by Daesha Smith, Emily Sinclair and Najee Pitt Clarke.

“We ended the afternoon with a 10s game between the two squads as a tie breaking game resulting in some amazing break aways from the Bermuda girls resulting in a 25-0 scoreline with two tries a piece for Daesha Smith and Najee Pitt Clarke with a final score by the captain, Haley Place.

Harvey School's And U18 Girls Training Together (3)

The Bermuda U18 Girls Rugby Team includes:

  • Haley Place [Cedarbridge] Captain
  • Kayla Mahoney [MSA]
  • Corrie Cross [Warwick Academy]
  • Najee Pitt-Clarke [Berkley]
  • Satiqua Butterfield Wade [Cedarbridge]
  • Taiynna Allen [Cedarbridge]
  • Daesha Smith [Cedarbridge]
  • Emily Sinclair [MSA]
  • Bella Green [Cedarbridge]
  • Camille Chin-Gurret [BHS]
  • Mika Woods[Warwick Academy]
  • Angele Basden[Warwick Academy]
  • Cerise Woodley [Warwick Academy]
  • Sihle Sharrieff-Hayward [Cedarbridge]
  • Jiquena Furqan [Cedarbridge]

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