Photos: Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Repair Work

March 30, 2015

Last week, Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier attended a site visit at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in order to see the completed roof works at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Restaurant.

A government spokesperson said, “The high winds from Hurricane Gonzalo had removed the majority of the slate from the southern side of the roof which covers the kitchen to the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Restaurant.”

minister visits  gibbs hill light house 1

“Upon inspection of the exposed rafters, Public Works engineers determined that the roof members were rotten and the entire roof had to be replaced.”

minister visits  gibbs hill light house

“In addition to the roof works, several walls had to be chipped and hacked for re-plastering, new ceilings were installed and all the electrical, inclusive of fire and security alarms were upgraded.”

New Roof Rafters 3 (2)

“The Public Works team also installed new tile throughout the entire kitchen. The work was carried out by the Ministry of Public Works, Buildings team.

“During the site-visit, Minister Cannonier was able to meet the Buildings team and congratulate them for their hard work.”

New Roof Rafters

“As the Minister for Public Works, I must congratulate this team for a job well done, this is some real quality work, done in a timely fashion and under budget,” said Minister Cannonier.

“The works were completed in eight weeks which was incredible considering we had a few months of very poor weather, with lots of high winds and rain. I am truly impressed with how committed and motivated this team was to completing this project.”

Re-Plaster Wall (2)

“There were days when they were working up on this roof during rain and high winds without complaint.

“The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Restaurant reopened on March 27th.”

Team on Roof (2)

“The Public Works Buildings team that carried out the roof works on Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Restaurant included:

  • Superintendent: A. Rudolph Ebbin
  • Foreman: Edwin Bashir
  • Charge Hand / Carpenter: Kenneth Cann
  • Carpenters: Dean Eve, Antwon Darrell
  • Masons: Rudolph Seaman, Erik Trott, Runekco Edwards, Malvin Hodge
  • Plumber: Montoya Lawrence
  • Electricians: Shawn Smith, Keishawn Woods, William Wolfe
  • Supt. Dale Thompson, Charge Hand , Kris Simons
  • Painters: Sinclaire Simons, Ryan McGhie
  • Laborers: Quinn Outerbridge, Mark Franklin, Mahlake Darrell
  • Truck Driver: Wallace Wellman
  • Buildings Manager: Stephen Tucker
  • Assistant Buildings Manager: Myron Burchall

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