RIMS Reception To Highlight Culture & Music

April 16, 2015

Award-winning band Mohawk Radio will pay homage to legendary singer Hubert Smith Sr. at the annual Bermuda Reception at RIMS in New Orleans later this month, which will also showcase Bermuda themed cuisine such as fish chowder and Rum Swizzles, along with a Crown & Anchor table.

“Bermuda is Another World” is the theme of this year’s risk industry reception, hosted by the Bermuda Business Development Agency [BDA] and attended by Premier Michael Dunkley and other government ministers and corporate chiefs.

A key networking event for insurance industry leaders, the April 28 reception will be held at Club XLIV, at the city’s Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and will highlight the Island’s history, culture and traditions—including a special tribute performance by Mohawk Radio.

Children of the late Hubert Smith Sr., Bermuda’s National Swim Coach Ben Smith, and Denise Nanette, of RenaissanceRe, with BDA Conferences and Events Manager Nicole Conrad Morrison [centre], display family memorabilia that will be showcased at the Bermuda Reception at RIMS 2015, including song sheets for his iconic 1969 song, “Bermuda is Another World.”

1. smith family

“Our BDA staff are very much in touch with their Bermuda heritage and are excited about celebrating how fantastic Bermuda is,” said BDA CEO Ross Webber.

“We are committed to growing business on the Island and we know it is more than taxes, regulation, intellectual capital and nice weather that brings, and keeps, corporate residents here. It is the combination of all those parts of our incredible Bermuda culture that makes the jurisdiction a special place.

“As we work to grow jobs in our community, we want to ensure people and companies coming to our domicile understand and appreciate the Bermudian culture and people,” he added. “Growing our economy, supporting and promoting international business, and creating jobs, will benefit us all and continue to make our Bermudian culture strong.”

The late Hubert Smith Sr. at home

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Every year, the Bermuda Reception at RIMS has represented an important networking and business development opportunity for the Island, said BDA Conferences & Events Manager Nicole Conrad Morrison.

“This year, we decided to leverage its popularity to showcase some of the unique cultural treasures Bermuda offers—from our cuisine to our impressive musical talent, past and present,” she said.

Voted the best new musical talent in the UK Parliament’s recent Rock the House competition, the Manchester-based Mohawk Radio will perform at the event—including a special tribute to Hubert Smith Sr. [1918–2001], whose 1969 ballad “Bermuda is Another World” is considered the Island’s unofficial national anthem.

Sheet music for “Bermuda is Another World”

3. Smith, Hubert004 72dpi

“We would like to say ‘thank you’ for honouring our father Hubert Smith Sr. at the Bermuda Reception in New Orleans,” said two of his children, Ben Smith and Denise Nanette, in a statement.

“We are delighted the BDA has chosen to showcase our father’s memory and legacy and the contributions he made to Bermuda. Our father was very proud of the Island, as anyone who hears the words of his songs will know.

“One of his favourite songs was ‘Bermuda is Another World’ which he wrote back in 1969. He enjoyed singing and entertaining and it was his passion to perform for everyone. We know our father would have been extremely proud of this event. On his behalf, we say ‘thank you’ for recognising his dedication to the Island.”

Smith Sr., known as “Hubie” to his family and friends, was a musician and song-writer who composed numerous songs about Bermuda, including the iconic “Another World.” His musical career spanned some 60 years, including time spent travelling and performing overseas with the band “The Coral Islanders” that also featured his oldest sons, the late George and Hubert Jr.

“To say we are honoured to play at this prestigious event, is an understatement,” said rock band Mohawk Radio. “We cannot express how proud we are to represent Bermuda, and to honour the late Hubert Smith Sr.”

Bermudian Mia Page, lead singer of Mohawk Radio, was once the recipient of the Hubert Smith Vocal Scholarship through the Bermuda School of Music, and is a long-time family friend of the Smiths.”

The Coral Islanders, from left: Kenny Iris, Max Smith, Hubert Smith Sr., Mike Stowe, and Smith Sr.’s eldest son, George Smith

4. Smith, Hubert002 72dpi

The Bermuda Reception will also feature traditional Island dishes such as fish chowder, mussel pies, peas ’n’ rice and bread and butter pudding. Gosling’s Ltd. will serve hallmark cocktails such as dark ’n’ stormies and rum swizzles and a tasting station will feature the company’s Family Reserve aged rum.

Other Bermuda traditions featured at the reception include a “Crown & Anchor” table, where guests can play for Island-themed prizes. The venue will also have a wall of photographs displaying the Island’s scenery, seascapes, and personalities, including portraits of Smith Sr. and other well-known Bermudians.

“It will be a true celebration of Bermuda in New Orleans,” said Conrad Morrison. “We view the event as an opportunity to demonstrate to the international business community that as well as corporate expertise, Bermuda also has a rich culture and history.”

For more information, go to bda.bm.

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    In-spite of the countless negative things, there had been also “community togetherness” and that’s what inspired many to return to Bermuda and mingle with locals at all levels. As for entertainment, it had been second to none! Yes, Mr. Hubert Smith and others are gone but never will they be forgotten.

  2. Cream of Onion says:

    This is wonderful initiative by the BDA. It is refreshing to see a business organization that actually understands Bermuda and Bermudians. – well done

  3. Great story and the negative I can say is the fact that we often refer to the late Mr. Hubert Smith Sr. and his group as the Ambassadors that they are, but disrespect their legacy by not allowing the song Bermuda is another world as our Anthem, so if our powers that be really want to make a difference I challenge them to do the right thing and give the late Honorable Hubert Smith Sr. & Jr. along with their group the respect they so deserve.

    Bermuda is another World has reached more visitors and locals alike across the globe more then this joke of a song that we claim is at present our so called national anthem, Bermuda is another in the heart of the majority will and always be our song, so to the joker who wants to challenge me about why and how we arrived at having the present song as our anthem, my answer is simple we all did not have a input in the decision making, a selective group made the choice not the people.

  4. Raymond Ray says:

    Now Duane, you can come better than that:-) As long as we remain a British Colony we will be singing: ” God save the Queen/King.”
    But yes, it would be far-more appropriate hearing “Bermuda is another world.”