Speaker: “Could Not Be Further From The Truth”

August 17, 2015

The allegation he accepted a $45,000 payment could not be “further from the truth,” Speaker of the House Randy Horton said, adding that he “categorically and emphatically” denies that he ever “received even one cent from the OBA or any agent of the OBA.”

Speaking in the House of Assembly this morning [Aug 17], Mr Horton said, “There was one matter concerning myself about which I feel I must speak from the Chair today.

“I believe that it is important that the members of this honourable House and the people of Bermuda know exactly where I stand with respect to that matter.

“An allegation was made about myself that is simply not true. During the debate on the Motion of Censure, it was alleged that I was given and/or that I had accepted a $45,000 payment from the One Bermuda Alliance or from some agent of the OBA government.

“No allegation could be further from the truth,” added Mr Horton.

“For the record, I state categorically and emphatically that I have never received even one cent from the OBA or any agent of the OBA.

“Those unfounded ponderances are just that – unfounded. They are totally, completely, and utterly false.”

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  1. Jeremy Deacon says:

    Has Bermuda politics ever been in a worse place? constant allegations, disinformation campaigns, court cases …… is this a developed country that many seek independence for?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      It all proves that we are nowhere near politically mature enough to even think about independence.

      • Jonah says:

        Do you even read the foreign papers or watch the foreign news?

        Come on!!

      • PBanks says:

        To be fair, this kind of junk also happens in governments of independent countries.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Sad isn’t it. No qualifications to become a politician, just the gift of the gab to fool the easily fooled.

    • Jim says:

      Wow, so now you can just stand up and slander the Speaker of the House (without providing any evidence) ?

      And there are no consequences for this kind of behaviour??

      • SMG says:

        The consequences will be at the polls

        • Jonah says:

          I’m not a betting man but I would bet heaviily that you won’t get good odds on that …

      • Toleratate says:

        Because Jim; we have a bunch of piranhas in Bermuda who will eat their own. Mr. Horton’s been around for years… Get me, years…. Disgraceful comments by followers of his own Party.

      • mj says:

        wow. and there is parliamentary privlidge to mislead as well, so that ANY MEMBER OF THE HOUSE give false information, misleading amouting to a lie, and they are protected under their privilidge so we the public don’t know who is zooming who.. the only way to find out is through the court system which if he had indeed received illegal funds the mechanism for illegal behaviour should have been activated instead of the hurling of accusations under the protection in the house, if there is some wrongdoing, due dilligence of investigation by responsible offices should take place, then case closed….no need for pnderance if facts are presented to the attorney generals office …hmmm

    • Truth says:

      Do you really believe that the Speaker will admit to something that will put him in the wrong light? After all Money talks, and some people FALL for it. The Speaker needs to allow an Inquiry into this matter, because right now most folks I talk to believe something Sinister is at work. I want to believe other wise, but just too many fingers are pointing at the Speaker, and his actions do not help.

      • ReALLyBettty says:

        Do you OBA supporters really believe the Speaker will admit anything?………..come on now……..he will Denial it outright…..his response is Expected………but if you ask him to allow an Investigation into the matter to ensure this is not the case………he might also say NO………….his speech today was expected…..it was staged……….

        The Speaker had an opportunity this morning to clear his name once and for all……..he could have requested an investigation or Inquiry into the matter…….but NO NO that would have been to TRANSPARENT,,,,,,,,,I mean really…….

        • Boom says:

          So who in the PLP got the $800 million that were “unaccounted for”!? Did it just disappear into thin air?

        • jt says:

          “…. a sustained program of information, DISINFORMATION and criticism must be considered acceptable”

      • hmmm says:

        So you are saying when a minister denies something he is therefore a liar ??? Wow you must really hate the PLP by now.

        • ReALLyBettty says:

          No I am saying that anyone in such a position would not openly admit to such……due to the what it would do to them….he not going do that….but if he is innocent, why not clear his name via an investigation or inquiry……….it looks like to many he is hiding something ,,,,,or all is not on the table…yet…….

          • Starting Point says:

            intersting so you advocate for a new process of guilty until you prove your innocence….very telling. There are historically thousands of Black males that would have an opposition to your barbaric way of thinking…..

          • jt says:

            “…. a sustained program of information, DISINFORMATION and criticism must be considered acceptable”

        • Toleratate says:

          @hmmm, guilty until you prove yourself innocent is what it sounds like.
          And if you do too good a job of proving without a doubt your innocence; you be guilty for that.
          Lets investigate why the damn sun rose today because the PLP challenged it.
          Sheets becoming more and more pathetic by a bunch of hypocrites.


    • Scoalsy says:

      Independence = Dictatorship and there are a few unscrupulous people here that want to be THE Dictator and bring us down more than we are at the moment :(

    • Jonah says:

      Jeremy – the US is a developed country, however much the same or worse dominates their media outlets on a daly basis and more so now, given their upcoming elections.

      It’s politics baby, politics.

  2. Warwick pond skink says:

    This smells of PLP smear tactics.

    • ReALLyBettty says:

      This smells more like OBA COVER UP…….if not why not allow an Inquiry or Investigation into this matter…..it would put things out once and for all……why is TRANSPARENCY SO DIFFICULT FOR THE OBA……..Folks do not buy it……today the OBA supporters are busy clicking yes…..to make folks believe otherwise…..but folks know the difference…….please……

      • jt says:

        “… a sustained program of information, DISINFORMATION and criticism must be considered acceptable”

    • Jonah says:

      What smells is the hint of smoke..

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Good for you Mr. Horton for sticking up for yourself. Lies and deception are common place these days especially in politics but the rays of truth will set this whole island free!

  4. hmmm says:

    It is a shame that Horton does not get the chance to sue, because of House rules.

    • ReALLyBettty says:

      Really, like Horton will admit anything anyways…..I mean come on……….what going on with you OBA diehards, I thought you were all smarter than a Kindergartens…..I mean really……Overlooking facts and details….more so failing to hold the government account blindly following along………for real….

    • Had Enough says:

      Could we the people sue on his behalf. I have never seen the PLP stoop lower than this but I am not surprised. Perhaps with great hope someone is getting close to the truth of their missing fortunes? and they need to deflect??

      • ReALLyBettty says:

        This government has been governing by the process of SUE..SUE….SUE…..and it continues on at the expense of the Tax-Payers monies…….I mean for real….this is ridiculous……just face the music of TRANSPARENCY and do what is right…put it on the table for all to see the truth…..TRANSPARENCY in Action….INQUIRY…….

        Why run from Transparency as promised pre-election….the people need more than this……. or you will pay for it at the polls……

        • jt says:

          “…..a sustained program of information, DISINFORMATION and criticism must be considered acceptable”

        • ABS says:

          Betty you really should take your blinders off and seen what the WORLD sees, at the same time take your plp headphones off and listen to what the WORLD thinks. Perhaps open your mind to the real world not just the world according to plp

        • aceboy says:

          You are laughable. Under the PLP everything was a secret. You want more of THAT?

          I am not worried about the next election. You guys keep up this nonesense and see what happens. You think the electorate are stupid…you are relying on that. It will not work.

  5. somuchless says:

    The only people that should have a front row seat in hell is the politians. They do a pack.

    • SMH says:

      All this is to knock the Marc Bean issue off the front pages

  6. Curious says:

    Amusing that these allegations only come up in the House.
    The accuser cowers behind parliamentary privilege while the accused has to face the comments in the court of public opinion.

    • Hurricane says:

      It goes with the territory and he knew the territory before he stepped into it

      • Curious says:

        And that doesn’t make it any less defamatory does it?

      • hmmm says:

        What , the PLP lies, accusations and disinformation attacks?

      • TonyC says:

        I disagree. Defending yourself against slanderous remarks which have not one shred of evidence attached is not what is expected in a civilised country. Unfortunately, the opposition seem hell bent to slander their way all the way back into Government, and couldn’t care less about their country or the people they pupport to represent.

        If you have evidence, let’s see it. If not, stick to trying to improve the awful position in which the PLP left this country.

        • ReALLyBettty says:

          Well prove yourself ……………..TRANSPARENCY is easy to do…….have an Inquiry or Investigation……whats the problem unless your hiding something….maybe or maybes….

          • St Kool says:

            What absolute nonsense. So based on your logic, there should be investigations/inquiries into absolutely everything. And these investigations/inquiries you speak of, who’s going to pay for those? The government? And then you’ll complain about the cost of doing so, correct?

            We really do have some idiots on this island.

    • Hurricane says:

      Additionally, these are politicians we are talking about………..yes? Where else would one expect these allegations to come up but in “the house”

  7. jt says:

    “Sustained program” of “disinformation and criticism”, as directed by a former PLP Leader.

  8. Vote for Me says:

    This is a very important statement. Clarification should be provided as to whether $45,000 was received from any source. Is it possible that funds were received from a ‘non connected person’? Those alleging the payment should be required to show proof positive about what they were referring to in the House during the previous debate.

    • Jonah says:

      I agree that it is entirely unfair to look at Horton’s previous behaviour and consider it proof that this is any more than a baseless accusation.

  9. aceboy says:

    More PLP lies and falsehoods.

  10. KarmaGotEm says:

    Well all I am going to say is Bill Clinton proved me right! He denied, denied and denied. Then his last ditch effort was to stand in front of the entire world and wag his finger at us and say “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” But oh, that little blue dress. Politricks, I trust none of them. If their mouths are moving most of them are lying.

  11. Starting Point says:

    Let the record show that the PLP is supporting “guilty until proven innocent.” remind us again who is speaking for average Bermudians? The speaker, waterfront, jet saga etc. all examples of where the PLP wants their policy of being assumed guilty put in place.

    How long before they change the laws of the land to put the burden on the accused? WOW, scary stance to take for a party that pretends to have its roots in the civil rights movement….

  12. bluebird says:

    $45K you must be kidding .
    The PLP/BIU could have come up with a more realistic number.

  13. Ringmaster says:

    If there was any truth or facts to support the allegation against Mr. Horton then it would have been publicly displayed without hiding behind House Privilege, the use of which is being abused.

    There is a striking similarity here to the Salem Witch Hunts. You are accused and have to prove you didn’t seek bribes. Show the panel the documents that prove you didn’t ask for $45,000. Pathetic and in view of the response today in The House to the question by Walter Roban regarding the financial fraud investigator on secondment to the police since 2013, maybe the heat is getting hotter.

  14. Just a matter of time says:

    Emphatic denials made can be believed or disbelieved depending who the person is making the denial. I recall when then Premier Cannonier emphatically denied some of the events of the Jetgate affair which was proven untrue hence his resignation. I tend to try and believe the passionate denials only to be proven wrong. Sometimes where there is smoke there is fire. I eagerly await all the truth to come to the surface eventually.