Video: Altercation Occurs During Cricket Match

September 13, 2015

[Updated] The 2015 Champion of Champions cricket match yesterday [Sept 12] was marred by an incident which saw an altercation break out during the match, which involved a bat being swung at another player, a player being tackled to the ground, and then a player kicking another player while he was on the ground.


Players, officials and members of the Bermuda Police Service rushed in to calm down the situation, and after cooler heads prevailed, the match resumed with Cleveland County defeating Willow Cuts by 72 runs.

Update 9.59am: The Bermuda Cricket Board said, “The BCB is gravely disappointed by the distasteful altercation during the Champion of Champions Final yesterday which marred an otherwise successful return to this historic competition.

“The BCB expects that the match reports from the umpires and match officials, corroborated by BCB Executive members at the game, will be received shortly, in addition to the video evidence already available, to enable the Disciplinary Committee to meet on Thursday September 17th.

“The game between Bailey’s Bay and Cleveland today has been cancelled but all other games are as per the schedule.”

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  1. Um.... says:

    The wicketkeeper needs to be banned from the sport. This isn’t his first such offense and it won’t be his last if serious action is not taken against him. We must keep sports as pure and as gentlemanly as possible as it sets examples to our children as to what is acceptable or not. And club need to do a better job of selecting and disciplining players who represent them.

    • Shaking my head in disbelief says:

      So much for the game of Gentlemen.

      I fully agree, time to show some backbone BCB. The wicketkeeper must NEVER be allowed on a cricket field again. I hope the police do their bit too, this is a criminal issue. Do this on Front St at 2am and see what happens.

      I still can’t quite believe this.

      • hmmm says:

        If you can’t control your temper then leave sport. It does not want you.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      I thought sports was suppose to a skillful, fun and happy event. Back in the day even trash talk was taken with laughter..

    • Rmeenswell says:

      Seems this gentlemen”s game has taken a turn for the worse?

    • Onion Juice says:

      WELL, things are looking up.
      A certain political party has not been blamed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • PBanks says:

        Give it time, besides someone further down already threw the “PLP gave them millions” comment.

        Everything in Bermuda becomes a matter of politics and or race eventually :/

      • NoWonder says:

        And you didn’t bring up race in an article- I suppose we should give that time too…

  2. Yvonne says:

    This is just Disgusting . Cricket is getting out of hand. Hope those involved is dealt with to the fullest. And they get a lengthy ban from playing cricket.

    • smh says:

      No let’s get it right…Cleveland Cricket team is a disgrace. Feel sorry for their loyal fans who continue to support this Bad Sportsmanship /Attitude team, But eastern Counties board could blame themselves!! If ECCA would have put a foot down after the First eastern counties game that this supposedly “good” team made a mockery of then I’m almost sure this situation would have been avoided. I’m calling for tougher bans and a reshuffle on the ECCA board. Ohhh ya and a boycott of Cleveland Cricket Team.

      • Peter says:

        Thankfully he did not land a blow with that bat , such unprofessional deadly dangerous behavior !

        • Jim says:

          I agree, but I also saw the other dude kick him in the head when he was on the ground…

          • My2cents says:

            Adams looked like he was on the end of that kick! His own team mate.

          • Father have mercy says:

            @Jim, this is how things get blow out of proportion, how issues are escalated
            You did not see the male in the dark blue be kicked in the head at all, in fact his head was very much protected thankfully to the team mate of the aggressor who unfortunately suffered the blow.
            Look very well at that video. Which I did, numerous times.

            Please be mindful of the words you release until you are absolutely accurate.

            • hmmm says:

              the guy kicking should be gone, the guy swinging the bat at a person should be gone, the wicket keeper should be gone from the sport for life.

              • Onion Juice says:

                Hey Dreamer, the guy kicking was the wicket keeper, the guy swinging the bat was in self-defense.

                • Causeway says:

                  Self Defense? If you said he was retaliating, I might say I agree, however, self defense! I think you got too much Onion Juice in your eyes and it is impairing your vision.

                  I’m just glad that wicket keeper didn’t do this while representing Bermuda in an international game!

        • smh says:

          Maybe he should have…. He was provked and attacked. If you watch carefully the batter is walking away and the Wickkeeper goes after him.

      • Andre says:

        I think an individual was responsible for this. Don’t brand the whole team!

        • Smh says:

          COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY. Have a look at the meaning- that’s what TEAMWORK is all about.

      • Legalgal says:

        Apart from criminal charges, the WHOLE team needs to be banned for a Season. Let the good ‘ins find another team. Stamp it out now.

  3. aceboy says:

    What a disgrace.

  4. Peter says:

    Simply not sportsmen should be banned for life

  5. Just sayin says:

    Isn’t that Cleveland out there? SMH, and as always they would tell you they didn’t do such a thing. All on camera now fella!!!

  6. Oh,I see now says:

    Because of the types of persons we have now participating in sport cricket and football are way finished on this island….sigh.When my son was growing up at the beginning and height of all this madness we got him involved in sailing,bowling and water activities.No way was I allowing my son to play cricket or football on this island.I don’t condemn the sports only the negative shyt and persons that seems to always be associated with it.

    • curious says:

      It’s not the sport. It’s a few people which your children have to be raised to make right choices whether on the field or away in colĺege. Some fine people and good leaders have come out of cricket and football.

      • Varied says:

        You’re absolutely right, it’s not the sport itself. It’s the players – and if I had kids choosing a sports programme, I would be very reluctant to have them train with people prone to such behaviour. We don’t see this happening in other local sports, is it a matter of team/player discipline?

        • Champions? says:

          Absolutely right. We’ve all heard the saying “children tend to become a product of their environment”. Wouldn’t want my kinds around this environment for fear that they might become a product of it.

          I trust the sponsor of those teams will also say bye, bye!

      • Whiteblack says:

        The whole point of this post is way way way to heavily dependent on your own unknown personal definition of fine and i can’t agree with you yet

    • Sorry Sir says:

      I agree. If I had a son, no way would I want him involved in cricket or football. It’s a shame too, because those are the most popular sports. I wouldn’t want my child around bad influences.

      • Onion Juice says:

        If you teach your children how to behave you wouldn’t have to worry about bad behavior.
        So what happens when they hang with their friends or do you allow them to go outside, or if they go college, PLEASE.
        They will always be exposed to bad behavior but if you’re insecure that they will be influenced in society then you will have to question their HOME influence.

    • MLS says:

      @Oh,I see now – While I understand what you are trying to say, you’re a bit naive to think your son will not encounter things like this at school or when he is sailing, bowling, etc. There are stupid people everywhere! The key is being involved with what your kids are doing and raising them correctly.

      • PBanks says:

        I don’t think it’s as much being naive as them choosing a sporting environment with smaller risks for bad behaviour happening. Of course, you’ll find bullies or the like at any discipline. And you’re right in that quality parental involvement is a big deterrent to future bad behaviour.

      • Person who knows a little says:

        As a person who grew up playing football then switched to sailing(cant speak for the other sports) the chances of encountering these violent behaviors is much lower in sailing. Which is the point of their post.

    • I heart 441 says:

      By you not putting your son in a particular sport because of minor bad influences in ludicrous. Football continues to be the number 1 sport in the island that gets out players college scholarships and pro contracts.

      • Person who knows a little says:

        Would love to see the exact stats for that. But I would imagine that is heavily influenced by how popular the sport is here.

  7. Wtfhaha says:

    These two teams should be ban from playing, Cleveland and willow cuts has shown us that they’re still just little boys playing in the school yard. Grow up destroying the game so much of us love!!!!

  8. blow in says:

    a new gang sport

  9. RBKing says:

    The fact that the match resumed after this tells you all you need to know. This will never get resolved. The thugs and idiots get away with whatever they want.

    • Rica says:

      I agree the match should not have been resumed because the players involved should have been in the back of that police car.

      • Whiteblack says:

        I agree both should have been escorted off the pitch by the police and at least one of them should have been leaving in the back of a police car and the game canceled…….The reaction by all authorities governing bodies and the general public is the problem and why it is common these events take place……. that’s why I am very skeptical about the intentions integrity and competence of said persons in position of power and control and am extra weary of believing what the say when the speak of their love for the sports / Bermuda and have puppets that speak of their greatness when the evidence right in front of us is showing a massive failure

  10. Axlerod says:

    An amateur game of cricket played by two neighbourhood teams….in a make-believe cricket league, and they still can’t behave accordingly. The government of Bermuda has stood by now for the last 15 years or so and allowed this type of behaviour to, sadly, become the norm at sporting events in Bermuda.

    Solution: First every paid employee of the Department of Youth and sport should be fired on Monday morning cause you are just not earning your salaries, pay, and benefits. What are you employed for if not to ensure that the Island has policies and frameworks in place to ensure that the population of Bermuda is able to enjoy organised sports in a safe, healthy (mentally and physically), fair and developmental manner? I have never even seen the DYS even react to these continual disturbances to the peace of this country, and you should every time all the time. where are your policy papers presented to the cabinet and the public showing your research into these events (the who, what , when, where and why these things occur) with possible solutions.

    Second put forward solutions: Perhaps every organised league, or sporting event that calls on the public to support it by attending its events should have to be licensed by the Dept of Youth and Sport. That way the heads of the governing bodies can be held accountable via being threatened with non-renewal of the leagues license to hold events that can be attended by the public. This is how it works in Italy and many clubs have been forced to play in empty stadiums where the public is not allow to attend their games due to racism or anti-social behaviour. Also, DYS must adopt the concept of “the sport is more important than one player or one club” and thus DYS must impose on the offending leagues the necessity of imposing lifetime bans on players and clubs who are repeat offenders.

    Why have a Dept of Youth and Sport if all they do is collect paycheques, organise summer day camps, and show up at the air port with a Minister in tow to welcome somebody or some team back home. Time for pink slips. No performance, now pay. PLP was useless and now OBA is useless in this area of Bermuda social life!

    • Zevon says:

      It’s not run by the government. It’s run privately by the BCB. The BCB could control this by banning players, stopping matches, disqualifying teams, etc. but it won’t happen of course.

      • Outkasted says:

        It needs to start at club level

        • Zevon says:

          Why would clubs control it if the BCB doesn’t seem to care?

        • Seriously says:

          Agreed 100% because not all Clubs players behave like this. It is always the same teams/individuals with the same nasty attitude. Please do not tar all teams with the same brush. Kids coming up in these sports need to be taught sportsman like behavior from the start, it is not all about winning and they need to be held accountable for their actions immediately, the team and the individuals. Get a backbone BCB and deal with them pronto, the future of cricket depends on that!

    • Johnny says:

      What an idiotic post with a lot of false information, and to get 10 likes is ridiculous.

      If your post made any sense you would have first called for the Premier of Bermuda to be fired and then all of the Govt. ministers next and somewhere down the line the paid employees of the Dept. of Youth and Sport.

    • james says:

      you said:
      first: fire everyone
      second: put forward solutions

      sorry.. if you fire everyone who’s putting forward the solutions?

  11. Watcher says:

    This is what you get after years of BCB inaction from the national team on down to bad behavior. An utter disgrace, is it any wonder that sports like rugby are blowing up in youth participation when you see how these wanna be tough guys behave.

  12. D says:

    Omg Embarrassing

  13. Comfortably numb says:

    The wicket keeper should be banned for life: he was the instigator and he kicked the player on the ground.

  14. Legalgal says:

    Just not cricket. Such a shame that cricket and soccer in Bermuda is associated with thugs and gangstas. No parent will let their kids play. The end of those sports here.

  15. Good Guy says:

    I was there n it was just horrible! We just went out to see a good game and this is the foolishness that takes place! I definitely believe that player (Mr.A) that started the mess should be banned for LIFE and both teams should get fines or suffer some sort of consequences! I love cricket and going out to support the games but this had to be the worst and I’m not sure if I’ll ever attend a match again especially with Cleveland playing! Just completely disgusting and embarrassing behavior! These lot need to man up or stay home!

    • curious says:

      Ironic thing is attendance will probably go up.

      • Varied says:

        Nah, I wouldn’t be that cynical. Most people that could be future cricket supporters are going to stay away.

        Like someone upthread suggested, sports like rugby are growing in popularity among the youth, and I don’t know the last time we saw a major instance of indiscipline in ‘minor’ sports. If parents, children, etc. go and choose rugby, tennis, basketball, etc. over cricket, then so be it.

  16. Honestly says:

    OMG!! I saw nothing but hood rat bullies! Something must be done to rectify this problem immediately. It’s sickening to have many ppl support the game and witness this! Sorry Clevland Cricket Club you are not winners considering you do not display the kind of sportsmanship we expect and deserve! Disqualify them forever. They must grow up!

  17. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    KPMG, in my opinion, will pull sponsorship on Monday morning. And, in my opinion, they will insist that the team NOT wear those shirts with the KPMG logo anymore. And more sponsors need to do the same thing until cricket, or other sports with blatant hooliganism, return to what they used to be. Sad that you cannot even take your family out to a “family” event anymore.

  18. jorey says:

    LMAOOOO at 34 seconds looks like Jason Anderson kicks his OWN teamate in the head lol

    • So someone getting kicked in their head is funny to you? What’s wrong with Bermuda is people with that type of sick, demented thinking.

      • Champions? says:

        I believe they are laughing at the irony of the whole thing. He kicked his OWN teammate.

        • blazer says:


  19. Just One says:

    Why cancel the Bay game today? Just increase police/security with zero tolerance! Smh

    • Whiteblack says:

      There shouldn’t be a need to play today because both teams should be disqualified for the behavior of the players involved in the display of the lowest absolute lowest level of sportsmanship that is supported by administration and coaches at club ……. Just give Bay the worthless trophy

    • ImJustSayin says:

      Waste Police resources on a bunch of crown ups that can’t play cricket and just wanna fight for every little stupid thing. I don’t think so..

  20. Sad days for our island says:

    The wicketkeeper started it and needs to be dealt with harshly….but what was up with the girl that tried to jump in? Really?? Spectators need to be banned from fields too it they want to become part of the problems. This is why you would never see me at local games. 20 years ago I had my 3 yr old at a football match and bottles were thrown. That was the last time I ever supported any local league game. Football and cricket are getting out of control thanks to players that need anger management.

    • Father have mercy says:

      @Sad days for our island,
      Look again at the video clip, it is not just any girl that is a police officer; geez this is how stuff starts on the island.

      As clear as day and you still don’t see it.

      People are so ready to stir the pot without checking all the ingredients, ugh!

      • Smh says:

        No. There was a girl that came on that clearly wasn’t an officer so you need to look again yourself

  21. Triangle Drifter says:

    Just another day at one of Bermudas two biggest team sports. What can you do but shake your head in disgust? These people are supposed to be adults. This is just a game FFS.

    It is no surprise that spectator attendance is way down at soccer & cricket. Who wants to take their kid to see this behavior?

    Government needs to have a rethink about who gets how much of very limited money grants to clubs & sporting organisations. Some don’t deserve a penny.

  22. sandy says:

    Yes it was a poor display but at the same time you cannot blame the entire club for the actions of 1 man.. cleveland players tried to difuse the situation..a cleveland player was injured as well trying to break it up..u must remember that individuals make decisions for themselves the club as a collective didnt sit and say punch him..he is a grown man and he needs to be dealt with accordingly not the club…stop trying to make a scandal out of everything from behind ur computer screen..

    • Varied says:

      Respectfully, I don’t think it’s the online commentators making a scandal out of anything here. It’s the players, caught on video, swinging a bat at someone and another launching a kick at someone’s head… that’s the issue.

      And, whether the clubs or coaches have anything to with it, doesn’t matter. It’s yet another black eye for cricket in Bermuda. As a ‘national sport’, it’s simply disgusting.

      • james says:

        I thought your first point was great. But, I read further and I don’t think you watched the video. Wicketkeeper went after the batsman.

        Separately, ‘sandy’ said:
        “you cannot blame the entire club for the actions of 1 man”
        Actually, an institution is the sum of its individuals. This act tarnishes the entire organisation. This club decided to let this clown join their team. I’m not saying everyone on the team is bad – I’m saying they made a colossal mistake by letting these muppets play alongside them. I could see a number of the players get frustrated – most just want to play the game, not throw punches.

        Anyway, sack the fools who think fighting is part of the game. That simple. If it means we have fewer teams, so be it. Stand up for the sport. Get rid of these fools.

        • Varied says:

          No you’re right, the wicket keeper jumped after the batsman and then the batsman retaliated. We don’t know exactly when it all started or who started it. Maybe the umpires’ match report will have other details, or other info will come out. Main fact, which I think many of us agree on, is that we had a brawl on the field and it was *this* close to being much, much, worse.

  23. empero says:

    only 2 players i see involve stop talking about the teams and as for as i see its just another problem we have in bermy when it comes to love…we are loosing it slowly but shorely and its getting scarey..!!!

  24. Oh,I see now says:

    These are the same type of people who place a high priority on not being disrespected I can only think of one word that suits their behavior perfectly ……oxyMORON.

  25. ImJustSayin says:

    I know cricket is boring but surely they can try some other way to make it exciting.. I may start going to the games..

  26. Did that really happen! says:

    This should be a criminal matter not a BCB matter. Cricket bats being swung at players heads and kicking people when they are on the floor!! If that bat had connected it would of been a repeat of last weeks high profile court case!! In the public eye and showing such behavior is not an example to set, but those involved should be made an example of!!

  27. Jus Wonderin' says:

    I blame the ECCA….they have showed absolutely no spine whatsoever!! And we won’t even talk about Cleveland, they don’t even deserve any trophies!

    • blazer says:


  28. Lorri says:

    And weren’t these the people that the PLP gave millions to represent our Country. There are so many other deserving, well behaved, hard working, dedicated athletes out there that deserved that sponsorship. Absolutely disgusting behavior.

    • Varied says:

      Oh God. Leave the politics out of this. Leave the so-called “millions of dollars” out of this.

      This is about a few athletes being horrible, tarnishing a national sport, recorded for all to see. Focus on what’s important here.

      Yes, there are other sports that deserve attention and athletes in them doing the country proud, but that’s a separate matter.

  29. Teacher advocate says:

    Who goes to watch this trash?

  30. Truth says:


  31. Terry says:

    These clubs don’t care.
    All they worry about is gate receipts and bar sales.


  32. Colenall says:

    Sport is a passionate indulgence.

    The winners are those who win the mental fight as much as the physical.

    All conflict arises from unmet needs.

    That’s all we got.

    I have a need for excitement once in a while, to escape the drudgery of my forlorn existence, so every now and then I look at a cricket or football contest to occupy my thoughts.

    The players have needs, needs for approval, a sense of accomplishment and a need for team acknowledgement and protection from the umpires.

    I found this story in the Int’l feed in Montreal so it is making the rounds…

    Possibly true the violence is provoked and the needs went out the window.

    The batswing and the kick are out of order… But the lady fan turning up on the field? Wanting to keep the aggro going? Putting another log on the fire?

    This is PURE EVIDENCE that the Bermuda cricket scene is ALIVE and potent…

    Just a bit of misdirection, is all.

    The world is watching.

    At last cricket seems interesting.

    Arrests and criminality?

    How about accountability… Umpires were slow to protect the batsman, and we don’t know what he said to the wicketkeeper. Even in a court of law, we would want that info.

    I am certainly gonna keep an eye on this league next season. For a tooth.

  33. just me says:

    Do these teams have SPONSORS? Then cancel the contract…..pronto.
    All members should have to do community work for an allotted number of hours. Heck they can take their frustrations out with a lawn mower in hand, don’t trust them with machetes nor hoes nor weed whackers though. Do the community work for so many hours or kick them off the team…..Amen

  34. Jahmani says:

    Boy I hope this doesn’t happen between the Americas Cup teams .

  35. My2cents says:

    Just to think that these two represented St. Georges in Cup Match and also Bermuda’s national team. So sad!

  36. Full moon in Paradise says:

    Unbelievable and worst of all, excuses will be made for that poor display of behavior . I wonder what’s written in the Code of Conduct for players and of one exists. Let the consequences reign and PLEASE don’t disappoint us.

  37. Logic76 says:

    Disgusting display. Is that seriously the quality of our police officers? What an embarrassment. No situational awareness, failing to control the situation; I surely hope that’s not a reflection of the greater service. The “service” needs to revert back to being a “force”.

  38. Vesey sweet says:

    The wicket keeper and members of his team are wearing shirts that show the sponsorship of KPMG. If I were KPMG is would cancel any and all future sponsship of this group. This is now becoming the “un-gentlemanly” sport.

  39. Terry says:

    Can’t wait to see the crap when their team looses at the AC.

  40. Just wondering says:

    maybe i missed something and please correct me if i am wrong – but there were TWO umpires there who saw this whole thing up close – at least 3 serious criminal offences committed and not one person gets sent off for this??? for gods sake there was a police jeep on the filed

    • Varied says:

      I don’t think there are such rules for ‘sending off’ a player in a cricket match like this, although as someone else suggested, perhaps the match needed to be suspended at the very least to allow the authorities to figure things out (and at least try to cool some heads). Maybe there’s a cricket umpire reading the thread who could confirm or refute this.

  41. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    These spoilt lil brats need their a** cutting with a big Whip till they cry for their momma!

    btw,that wicket keeper,he’s nothing!

  42. Aleist says:

    As a well traveled member of the younger generation these continued incidents of rampant belligerence are repugnant . We are an island of international recognition and yet we repeatedly hear of these sorts of things. People get off scot-free for violent crimes (all the time) while others are on the stop list for non violent ones. Can’t we move into the 21st century? I’ve never touched drugs in my life, avoid the binge drinking scene here on island (its a drug too you silly Bermudians – and its about time we educated our children properly on the dangers of it) but I respect the right of someone to live their life as they see fit so long as they aren’t harming another human being. Grow up people, with a little common sense, a little direction and proper management we could turn this Island into a place which thrives while the rest of the world (economically) goes down the drain due to unsustainable debt levels and derivatives (which will eventually kill the modern economy). Instead we ruin peoples life’s for not doing anything wrong (in my opinion) while hearing repeatedly about stories like this. Its truly disconcerting and a real shame. And for those of you that say the PLP would do a better job shame on you!!! It doesn’t matter whose in power politicians are politicians. Lets learn what it means to be Bermudian again and then maybe the money will flow back here in mass. Until that happens incidents like these will continue to happen. We became one of the leading tax havens in the world for a reason. Do you want to become another Jamaica? Do you want to go outside at night and be scared your going to be robbed? I don’t and myself and my family has put in over thirty million dollars into our beautiful island; that’s paid for dinners, construction worker salaries, and allowed other people who would anywhere else live a life of poverty and hardship. Every day I hear another person leave because they’ve given up on this place and I don’t list that figure to gloat; personally I’m broke and unemployed and I have a prestigious degree in economics – guess what I can’t find a job. Ten years ago I would be set with a career and a prestigious future. What happened to being an island that caters to people with money and means? Or do you want to become Europe and one day find that your bank just instituted a bail in. That day is coming and its coming soon – time is running out Think people! Use your brains, before its to late and we become just like every other island – a mess.

  43. impressive. says:

    As a cricket lover, this is appalling.. There is no excuse for this behavior and it has been happening to often this season.. These are grown man, but they don’t have the self discipline or self control to restrain themselves.. I am embarrassed, I grew up like alot of Bermudian males in club life, playing both cricket and football, these incidents are not a result of the sport itself, or the clubs, these incidents stem from the society and times we are living in. People are more concerned with salvaging their street credibility, then they are their own well being.. Foolishness.. You are all man, Once you go 21 you should be at a point to tolerate the things that anger you for the most part.. Get a damm grip fellas.. We all get mad, we all want to vent our anger at times, your personal issues are not something that many others havent experienced..

    • impressive. says:

      I have noticed that many of the younger people (Boys and girls) equate being strong minded with being rude and confrontational.. That is not being strong, it takes strength to restrain yourself. It takes strength to evaluate a situation and consider the consequences and not be driven by emotion.. This is not just a Bermudian thing either, I think its just a reflection of world we live in to some degree. With that said, I do believe that we have the power to reverse this trend here in Bermuda as we are a small community.. You want to be treated like a man, act like a man.. Over and OUT

  44. Time Shall Tell says:

    Cleveland County = Controversy County

  45. Barbara Cooper says:

    What a disgusting example to our young folks! This is exactly the type of dispicable action that is the root of Bermuda’s problems. What kind of role models are these individuals ? The results of the game that was played during the altercation should be SCRATCHED and the offending players dismissed from the sport FOREVER. Wake up Cricket Board.

  46. Mark says:

    Kick Cleveland out of all domestic cricket.

  47. Common Sense says:

    There is no doubt that this incident is disgraceful and all those involved need to be punished with more than a pat on the wrists.

    However, just in the last couple of weeks I was listening to an official of one of our cricket clubs and he was openly stating that he wanted to see his players expressing themselves and showing more passion on the field. This comment was in reference to another recent disgraceful incident on a cricket field. What amazed me was that no-one appeared to challenge what this official was saying, and to me there was no doubt that he was encouraging the sort of aggressive behaviour witnessed today.

    It’s time to take strong action to deter this sort of disgraceful behaviour and for club officials to do their part to deal with their club members who behave this way. But I won;t hold my breath!

  48. Oh,I see now says:

    What disgust me even more than the incident is that CC will continue to let that guy represent them in the future….sigh

  49. skinnydipper says:

    I remember when you was a hoolingin to be a gombay and a sportman to play cricket but based on how cricket is played today and how well the gombay compitision went …i rather send my grandkids to be a gombay. MAYBE GOVERMENT SHOULD TAKE MONEY FROM CRICKET AND SEND TO BUILD MORE GOMBAY TROOPS AND BUILD MORE OF THE ALL READY WELL MANNERED YOUNG MEN WHO ARE GOMBAYS

  50. MIA says:

    Looks like a bunch of lames who can’t fight, a few appear to have a napoleon complex. Welp at least this made cricket interesting for once.

  51. Starting Point says:

    The BFA (Bermuda Football Association) must be loving this article…


  52. Mr. Meoff says:

    Lets ban criket and soccer matches until these idiots grow up. Stopped going to the games ages ago. I dont want my kids to be seeing this type of behavior anywhere.

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      They see in on TV, video games and rap videos.

    • I heart 441 says:

      These same horrific events happen in Europe and the Americas. Educate your children right from wrong and they will be less prone to be a part of such mess.

  53. young generation says:

    All i want to say is dont criticize…this is learned behaviour..dont forget who raised this generation..dont think im condoning it by this comment but when you have parents out drinkin partyin and fightin with their kids what more can u expect…when u have teachers out partying with their students then demanding eespect on monday what more can u expect…dont forget who raised em!

  54. Square one says:

    The issues coming to the fore on the sports fields are an extension of those in the society. There is a very obvious bent on giving peopl a light tap on the wrist these days for infractions unless the infractions seriously aggrieves the society.. for example, murders, shootings, robberires etc. But check and see how many persons repeatedly go before the courts for repeated offences against the person and society at large and get suspended sentences, on and on and on. So what do you expect will happen in other arenas? No one wants to punish for the wrong commited, at all levels. thats why we have a society where the young people have no discipline, ignore or disrespect the rules and care less about anyone or anything other than themselves. We are reaping the rewards of ‘pampering” to wrong doing.

  55. BornB says:

    When a person keeps being threatened/attacked what is one to do but defend…. When the J.A. hit G.O. in the neck… you can clearly see that G.O. wanted to hit back but he didn’t.. he used self control … J.A. on the other hand kept going on about it and came at G.O. again through the crowd of people who were trying to diffuse things…. a person can only take so much so I think the only person who needs to be reprimanded is J.A. Hands down, case close.. you can clearly see who the aggressor was… and his name was already marred from the other game down St. Davids … this guy does not deserve to be on a field playing or watching any kind of sport…. and to think he represents St. George’s for Cup Match… ban him from that as well… all cricket .. altogether. Poor display for a so-called mature aged man…. Shame on you J.A. Even if G.O. said something untoward to J.A. (if that be the case) deal with it it maturely…. J.A. is no role model for any youth!!! I know J.A. personally and am extremely disappointed in this behaviour displayed on the fields here recently by him…. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

  56. Lovely cricket says:

    All huff and puff and absolutely no substance. If the BCB was fair dinkum it would instruct the umpires to send players from the field. See how losing your best batsman or fast bowler for the rest of a match would be . This would very quickly curb this scourge on the game. Won’t happen though, nothing ever does.

  57. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    When mom and dad and teachers were stopped from being parents and disciplinarians putting some licks on their misbehaving children, the world started to unravel.

    Social engineering running amok.

  58. Southampton says:

    This is so not right.
    We are supoose to so professional. So what do we have? A couple players who can not control their behavior. I am ashamed to acknowledge these players.

    Grow up and play the game. You embarrass the older generation so much.


  59. Oh My says:

    Now all you people that commented on this video, go to the article about Sentwali Woolridge and put up some comments.
    Lets show this young man he matters too!

  60. blazer says:


  61. John says:

    The mind boggles!, “… this is sort of unnecessary” !!!! Is he kidding – this video has gone viral as we write. This is CRICKET? Oh small island, how far can you fall?

  62. Sam The Man says:

    Both the BCB AND the clubs must mete out punishment quickly and severly ! If you look at the video, you will see that J.A. leaves his post and runs up to G.O’B. and hits him in the head. Anderson continues to jump at him and THEN O’B. swings the bat. I realise that I’m not the judge in this, but it’s clear that J.A. instigated the aggression and should be punished much more severely than the other. If I had my way, J.A. would be banned from playing cricket FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE !! There’s no doubt that O’B. deserves punishment as well, but the video evidence is clear – he was defending himself from this maniac, and reacting to being hit first !

    That’s my 2 cents…..

  63. stunned... says:

    has cricket become the new NHL?

    • skytrain says:

      I went to watch a Cricket match and a Hockey game broke out….

  64. ImJustSayin says:

    If the video is anything to go by this looks like a little altercation. I blame the players and officials who seem to be too chicken sh…. to get involved. When you see 2 players getting at each other you immediately get in between them and defuse any potential bad situation getting worse. Instead of standing like your watching a movie.. That is what I see.

  65. Really poor example you lot…Your playing a gentlemans’ game…many lessons are learned from it….i would ask any young people saw this to forget it…file it in the round file cabinet….i believe that there are chldren better behaved than this.personall i expect atheletes to teach good sportsmanship.

  66. BermudaBermuda says:

    I don’t kno wat world some of u ppl live in. Fights happen in cricket no it’s not right but it happens, yes should ther be punishments. You ppl talk all this craziness until ya the victim what would you have done?