Police Service To Increase Patrols For Halloween

October 30, 2015

[Updated] In anticipation of Halloween tomorrow [Oct 31], the Department of Public Transportation [DPT] has advised “that the Bermuda Police Service will be shadowing bus routes and increasing patrols throughout the island.”

A spokesperson said, “In an effort to safeguard bus operators and supporting employees, the DPT is encouraging responsible behavior, and in particular cautions individuals against throwing of any articles at or in the buses.”

“As a reminder to the public, any anti-social behavior carried out on a public transportation bus that is contrary to the Omnibus [Conduct] Regulations 2012 is subject to prosecution and carries a fine of up to $2,500.”

Bermuda Police Service press conference held today on Halloween policing:

Update 5.36pm: Acting ACOP Darrin Simons referenced the fatal shooting last Friday and the attempted robbery of the cash transit van yesterday afternoon, and said the police “have factored these incidents into our plans and we are ready for the weekend.

Mr Simons said, “This year Halloween falls on Saturday evening which means there is a convergence of normal trick or treating along with night time social activity. This is a recipe for a busy weekend: as a result, the public can expect to see the police out in significant numbers.

“We will be conducting Stop & Searches under the authority of Section 315F of the Criminal Code. We will also exercise our powers under 315G to require persons to remove items that obscure their identity.

“Please be aware that failure to comply with a police officer’s instructions to remove items that obscure identity, or to obstruct a stop and search, are arrestable offences.

“Finally, I would encourage anyone who usually celebrates Halloween to do so freely again this year. The best thing our community can do is to continue to stick together, go about our normal business, and have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

“Please visit our website at bermudapolice.bm, and our Facebook page, for some advice to parents, motorists and children on safe trick or treating.”

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Comments (3)

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  1. Terry says:

    Everyone at the top Bermuda Police Service is “Acting”…..

    They cut 10 jobs….
    Go figure.

    “significant numbers”.

    More ‘OT’.
    Less bodies.

    Time for change in the BPS.

    • Y-gurl says:

      They are “acting” like they know what they are doing

  2. yess says:

    ‘Increased police activity’ yet my house still got egged…