Police Investigating “Diss Track Videos”

January 27, 2016

The police said they are aware of the “so called diss track videos circulating”, and they are “actively investigating” with a view to determine if any offences have been committed in the production and distribution, and are “also looking to assess whether there are any connections between these videos and rising gang tensions and recent shooting incidents.”

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of the Youtube so called “diss track-videos” circulating around the island. Firstly, the videos show disturbing images with equally disturbing and distasteful lyrics.

“We are actively investigating these videos and working with the Department of Public Prosecutions’ Office with a view in determining if any offences have been committed in the production and distribution of these videos.

“Police are also looking to assess whether there are any connections between these videos and rising gang tensions and recent shooting incidents. Anyone with any information on these videos can contact police on 29-50011 or the Crime Stoppers hotline number at 800-8477”

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  1. Hhmmmm says:

    First off, let me just say the production is surprisingly very good.

    Secondly, you’re are riding a hover board which makes you a ***.

    You could make alot more money going into video production than making a couple grand (pennies) here and there on the streets. Being hood rich is…well hood rich haha

    • Onion Juice says:

      It’s just a hardcore version of political slandering, the only difference is that these fools kill each other.

    • Hiphop says:

      Controversy is the father of hip-hop so shout out to the BPS for linking two completely unrelated topics. The fact is rap beef isn’t a Gun war and these kids are in competition with each other for entertainment industry purposes. If you don’t like or understand hiphop music that’s okay too that’s why they made “hip pop” but I guess you didn’t bat a eye when Drake murdered Meek Mills lyrically. So please don’t double standard the upcoming talent you have on these island they are thinking globally and let’s face it as it has always been we are the only ones getting in each others way.
      As for the increase in violence talk to your political leaders. ✌️

  2. aceboy says:

    Just a bunch of poor misunderstood youths “Keeping it real”. (groans and rolls eyes)

  3. mike says:

    Kids today. smh

  4. Family Man says:

    Is there a link to see what these talented Bermudian entertainers can offer a potential employer?

    I mean, we hear so often that if only they had a job they wouldn’t have to resort to violence and theft …

  5. sml says:

    More pressing stuff to be investigating right now, like the $18million then some amateur video tape. Its called Dis trax for a reason. Want to be rappers are dissing each other, nothing more than that. Let it go.

  6. Know it All says:

    I’m filling my fridge with Arbor Mist and Twisted Teas, along with 500 red solo cups so I can be called gangsta now!

    The one surprising thing…not a single female seen in any of the videos….guess it really is all talk and no game!

  7. BobsYourUncle says:

    Doesn’t an article drawing attention to ‘diss-tracks’ online encourage the popularity of diss tracks? More and more people are going to search for the videos now (myself included) where previously we wouldn’t have known about them. Seems counterintuitive

  8. wow says:

    I just want to know what happen too the underage girl at Cup Match, Seems like the police have gone Hush Hush about it,

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Who cares? A week later there was another couple on the back of a boat off Spanish Point doing the same thing right out in the open.

      No fuss over that made. Plenty saw. The Round the Island Powerboat Race was on.

      Some people have no class & the BPS have more important cases to deal with.

  9. Cassie says:

    @ wow – excellent point! Heck, I almost forgot about that Cup Match 2015 incident. I think we need an update…BPS, let’s have it…

    • Double S says:

      No one has turned the culprit in or he hasn’t been identified…do you know who he is? If so, tell the BPS.

      And while you are there ask about progress updates on all the unsolved murders and armed robberies that have happened over the last few years,

      I am sure they will give you the same answer as the cupmatch case.

  10. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Dis tracs have been around for many years.I say that they are the basis for youth killing ,negative attitudes and drug use and abuse.The Police here in Bermuda and in America have known this for years.Famous names like Suge Knight, Tupac Shakur,Eminem ,The Game,Snoop Doggy dog,Fifty Cent,and others are some of the most recent,but these scumbags,have been at the base of the fuel for drug dealing,murders ,loose morals and a myriad of other low life behaviour.B.A.N. Bermudians against Narcotics have known this for years.When we tried to warn Bermuda they pooh poohed our efforts now their fleas are coming back to bite them.Ignore us if you want to.You wont and cant ignore the rising crime rate.Peace.

  11. Honestly says:

    The one with the best flow needs to get his life and focus on his talents. Leave this dumb #### behind bra. Before you find your true potential where the rest of them do … in Westgate.

  12. I heart 441 says:

    Rap music, Trap music…its all Trash Music to me. I pray to God my son doesn’t become a rapper. This type of music is a partial reason BDA has so many wannabe gangstas. Real Gangstas are in Mexico, LA, EL Salvador, Russia, Syria, Brazil, Haiti, Northern Ireland but def def not Bermuda.

  13. Whimsical says:

    Knowing just about all the young men in both videos I’d first like to say I’m a bit disappointed….There have always been videos out so not sure why these two in particular have garnered this much attention…I agree with a previous poster why put the videos out there and draw more attention to them as people are bound to go looking for them…The majority of the participants the police know so I’m sure it was not just for identification purposes…you’ll put something out like this identifying these young men who have not been charged with anything but yet Child molesters who have actually been found guilty remain faceless and nameless…go figure..

    The videos are actually well put together and it would be a great thing if the talent displayed can be channeled in the right direction..

  14. Seriously?? says:

    I had no idea hat tough guys drink Arbir Mist!!

    • Abraham Lincoln says:

      I would imagine that they don’t. But these guys clearly do.

  15. peter n says:

    Wow..what happened to freedom of speech…ppl should be able to say whatever they like…stupid,backwards,dictatorial third world island…

  16. Oh,I see now says:

    Some people believe these diss tracks are harmless pay them no ragged a$$ mind same thing we said about gangs yet here we are.

  17. Hair says:

    Geesh, modern technology is destroying society!! Let’s go back to simplicity….

  18. Free rashun says:

    The kids are trying to do something with their lives other than be in streets, they aint harming anyone so let them do their music

  19. And There's Hope says:

    Is everyones heads buried in the sand? These young men are clearly sending a warning to one another,please do something before another family has to bury there loved one..

  20. Astheworldturns says:

    All those who are making comments, you all know the truth about the video. If the video is so harmless, why is one of them who is featured in the video currenttly overseas being treated for gunshot injuries….. You see what is deemed as joke to many of you can be resulting in death to someone else. And, if some of you all are not so hypocritcal you will all admit some of these things are not as innocent as they look. So let me ask, parents where are your children tonight?

  21. Grizz says:

    While people are being murdered, robbed and ‘scr@wed’ at Cup Match, the police are investigating a ‘Diss Track’..SMH, my island truly is another world! Please use those same investigating techniques and solve a real crime. Expression of feelings through rap, no matter how disturbing the lyrics, IS NOT A CRIME! If that was the case prisons around the world would overflow. How many rap songs speak of violence? You can’t arrest people for that!! Jesus take the wheel cause CLEARLY I MUST BE MISSING SOMETHING. *And I haven’t seen the video* but as previous people stated, this article surely has boosted the viewings; done them a favor

    • Cassie says:

      so you’re quick to say why don’t you ask the guys who were shot to tell the police who shot them when most of the shootings are done by men in dark clothing wearing dark visors concealing their identities on stolen bikes. But yet, we have a girl being —– in public view at Cup Match in broad daylight in front of everyone including children, yet I don’t hear these same morons asking her to identify who the guy was! Surely she and her friends know! How about the police take their blinders off and look outside their high-rise office windows and see the fools participating in illegal activities down the road – that might be a small step in the right direction, then work your way up the food chain from there! You’ll be amazed at what will turn up from that.

  22. ghost says:

    You just gave punks with no talent exposure are you guys serious… an investigate all the different rap groups because it’s all types of laws being broken in these videos… underage drinking to drugs an violence

  23. youallknownothing says:


  24. Rick Ross says:

    LOL… These guys make Elton John and Mister Rogers look hardcore. The Arbor Mist was hilarious as was the cooking of baking soda in their moms condo. Sad that numpties like this can cause such havoc in Bermuda when clearly they enjoy a sausage party more than workers at Oscar Meyers.