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May 20, 2016

[Updated with video] Members from the Road Safety Council and CADA joined Chief Inspector Nicolas Pedro of the Bermuda Police Service today [May 20] “to advise the public on a number of matters to ensure a peaceful and safe time during this year’s Heritage Day holiday weekend.”

Remarks from the Police

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro said, “The Bermuda Police Service wishes to take this opportunity to advise the public on a number of matters to ensure a peaceful and safe time during this year’s Heritage Day holiday weekend.

“The purpose of this press conference is to share with the community the general policing plan. You will be aware that this weekend marks the unofficial start to summertime activities on the water. Therefore, along with the Bermuda Reserve Police, there will be a visible law enforcement presence on our waterways.

CADA Executive Director Anthony Santucci, Road Safety Council Chairperson Erica Rance Mill and Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro:

Bermuda Day Policing Presser May 2016

“We would like to remind the boating public to ensure that their vessels are registered; that a current 2017 decal is prominently displayed on the starboard side of the vessel; that all required safety equipment is on board; and that they are carrying enough fuel for the intended journey.

“It is also recommended that boaters file a float plan and certainly so, if they intend to go offshore. [Bermuda Radio]

“Members of the boating public should always exercise care and caution around other vessels and be on the lookout for swimmers. Speed is an issue not only in maritime collisions, but in the general nuisance factor that is experienced by boaters at anchor near the shoreline. To that end, the 5 knot – no wake areas will be strictly enforced in order to calm the marine traffic.

“We also encourage that persons do not mix any use of alcohol with power-boat operating or sailing.

“The annual Bermuda Day Half Marathon Running Race will start in Somerset Parish and finish in the City of Hamilton. The Bermuda Bicycle Association will also run their race from Somerset, and similarly will finish in the City of Hamilton. As a result, there will be new race routes and road closures in place to facilitate the races.

“As in previous years, the Bermuda Police Service and the race organisers will have officers and marshals positioned along the route. They are there to minimise risks to all road users, especially the cyclists and runners. 

“We are “asking the motoring public to fully cooperate with any direction given by them, and to familiarize you with the new race route and the times that the roads will be closed. We all need to do our best to ensure there are no collisions with race participants as that could lead to serious injury or death.

“On Tuesday morning, the roads along the race route will close at 8:30 in the morning.

“Therefore persons in the West End who are travelling on morning flights out of the L.F. Wade International Airport need to be sure they are at the airport before 8am.

“The roads will be opened when it is deemed safe to do so and delays up to an hour and a half or more should be expected.

“The routes for the races are as follows:

Sinclair Packwood Memorial Race [Cycle]:

Start: Somerset Road [o/s Somerset Market Place] Middle Road, Burnt House Hill, Harbour Road, The Lane, East Broadway, Front Street, Queen Street, Church Street, Cedar Avenue – finishing just north of the junction of Dundonald Street.

Appleby Bermuda Half Marathon Derby

“Start: Somerset Road [o/s Somerset Market Place], Middle Road, Burnt House Hill, Harbour Road, The Lane, East Broadway, Front Street, Queen Street, Church Street, King Street, Victoria Street, Cedar Avenue, Dutton Avenue to finish line.

“As a result of the changes to the race routes, the above roads will be closed from 8:30am until 12 noon. In addition:

  • No traffic will be allowed to travel in either direction during the cycle race.
  • No traffic will be allowed to travel in the opposite direction to the marathon runners.

“For persons intending to enter or exit the City of Hamilton, the following procedure will be in place; motorised traffic will be allowed to cross over/through the race route at the following junctions only:

  • Middle Road /Harrington Sound Road [Flatt’s] to North Shore Road [entry and exit to City of Hamilton].
  • Tee Street/Middle Road to Orange Valley Road [entry into City of Hamilton only].

Heritage Day Parade

As you may be aware, the Heritage Day parade starts at 1:30pm. Spectators should not obstruct the passage of the participants of the Heritage Day Parade.

Start: Bernard Park [Dutton Avenue], Marsh Folly Road, Cedar Avenue, Church Street, Court Street, Front Street, Queen Street, [due to City Hall Car Park undergoing construction renovations, the parade participants will perform on Church Street in front of the City Hall Car Park. Thereafter they will disperse].

Many of the performers demand the entire width of the road, and others are mounted on heavy vehicles with limited vision. Serious harm and/or disruption to the parade could result in the event of spectator interference.

Certain roads and road junctions will be closed in the City of Hamilton until the parade has concluded and Corporation of Hamilton Waste Management teams have completed trash collections. We will be unable to open roads in order to allow cars parked within the city to leave. Cars parked in areas that become isolated due to the closures [particularly Reid Street] will not be able to move until the roads and junctions are opened.

No parking areas will be clearly marked, and specific road closure times are contained in the gazetted notices.

The following temporary road closures will be in effect within the City of Hamilton:

  • Queen Street from Church Street to Front Street between 8:45 am & 8:30 pm
  • Burnaby Street from Front Street to Church Street between 8:45 am & 8:30 pm
  • Cedar Avenue from Church Street to City Boundary between 8:45 am & 6:00 pm
  • Parliament Street from Front Street to Dundonald Street between 8:45 am and 6:00 pm
  • Court Street from Front Street to Dundonald Street between 8:45 am & 6:00 pm
  • King Street from Front Street to Dundonald Street between 8:45 am & 11:30 am
  • Front Street from Bermudiana Road to King Street between 8:45 am & 6:00 pm
  • Reid Street from Queen Street to King Street between 8:45 am & 6:00 pm
  • Church Street from Queen Street to King Street between 8:45 am & 6:00 pm
  • Victoria Street       from Wesley Street to King Street between 8:45 am & 11:30 am and from Washington Street to Brunswick Street between 11:30 am & 6:00 pm

*****Except Buses*****

  • Dundonald Street from Par-La-Ville Road North Roundabout to Brunswick Street between 8:45 am & 6:00 pm

No parking from 10pm Monday 23rd May through 10pm Tuesday May 24th 2016

  • No. 1 Car Park – Food Stalls and Vendors Only
  • No. 5 Car Park – Food Stalls and Vendors Only
  • City Hall Car Park – Closed
  • City Hall Rear Car Park – Reserved Parking for Vendors and entertainment only
  • Albuoy’s Point – Reserved Parking for Vendors only

No parking from 6am to 4pm Tuesday 25th May 2016

  • Queen Street from Front Street to Church Street
  • Burnaby Street from Front Street to Church Street
  • Cedar Avenue from Church Street to the City Boundary
  • Court Street from Front Street to Church Street
  • King Street from Front Street to Victoria Street
  • Front Street from Queen Street to King Street
  • Church Street from Queen Street to King Street
  • Victoria Street from Wesley Street to King Street
  • Reid Street from Spurling Hill to Court Street

In addition, please be aware that the Bermuda Police is authorised to close off streets or portions of streets, direct traffic and restrict and authorise parking as the Commissioner of Police decides.

Loud Music

Loud music complaints both in residential neighbourhoods and on the water are a problem associated with this Holiday and we accept that the celebration of Heritage Day brings with it a party atmosphere. We ask a couple things of the public: patience and tolerance on the part of the persons who enjoy a more somber celebration, along with a display of respect and courtesy on the part of those who like to party hard. We encourage members of the communities that they live in to work together to keep the peace in the neighbourhood, in an effort to avoid the involvement of the police. 

Crime Prevention

We urge the public to be sure to secure their homes properly over the long weekend, particularly if they are planning to attend any of the many events being held. We also stress the need to ensure that bikes and cars are properly locked and the keys are taken out to prevent crimes of opportunity.

Road Safety

Meanwhile, the motoring public should be mindful that the police will be highly visible on the roads. In addition to calming the roads there will be an emphasis on offences such as speeding, impaired driving and driving without due care and attention. Remember, road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Our final message again this year is to encourage everyone to exercise patience, tolerance and caution to help the Bermuda Police Service to do our job.

On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, his support staff and the Bermuda Reserve Police, I wish the entire community a pleasant, enjoyable and safe long weekend.”

Remarks from the Road Safety Council

Road Safety Council Chairperson Erica Rance Mill said, “The May 24th holiday is a significant time in the social calendar of Bermuda and signifies the unofficial start of Summer.

“Unfortunately, it also signifies a period where historically we notice an increase in road traffic collisions and fatalities. Sadly, this is a trend that we have become too comfortable with and it is the goal of the Bermuda Road Safety Council to educate the public as well as find long term solutions that will decrease these numbers.

“This Bermuda Day holiday, the Road Safety Council is asking all Bermuda to remember the following:

  • 1. Think about your driving habits and the choices you make when driving.
  • 2. Choose to make better decisions when driving/riding, and
  • 3. Live to celebrate special moments with your loved ones.

“There are several ways we can do just that -

  • We can adhere to the speed limit at all times.
  • We can remove all outside distractions while driving or riding. Put that cell phone out of reach.
  • We can fasten our helmets correctly to ensure their proper use.
  • We can ensure that our children are secured in the rear seats of the vehicle – in properly constructed child seats.
  • We can ensure that we do not engage in driving/riding while under the influence of alcohol or any form of drug.
  • We can talk to our friends and family, a simple conversation could save a life.

“Please don’t get so caught up in the holiday that you allow road safety to take a back seat in your celebrations. Road safety should be your priority every time that you enter our roads by foot, cycle, car or bike. Bermuda Day is our opportunity to celebrate all that is great about Bermuda.

“Together we can make a difference, and always remember to Think? Choose* Live! so that we all arrive alive.”

Remarks from CADA

CADA Executive Director Anthony Santucci said, ““Good morning. I am pleased to be here today on behalf of CADA, encouraging responsible alcohol behavior.

“In the last 6 years more than 63 people have died on our roads. So far this year, there have been 4 road traffic deaths. We know that 75% of these road traffic fatalities, alcohol, and or drugs, were involved.

“Against the backdrop of these sobering statistics, I am here to remind the public, that if they plan to consume alcohol during the May 24th holiday celebrations, to Always use Bus, Cab or Designated Driver, A,B,C,D. Take the Bus – Buses will be operating per the Sunday schedule on May 24th

“Or, put the phone numbers of cab drivers you know into your cell phone and when you are ready to go home call one of them. Or, arrange for someone in your party who is not drinking to be your designated driver Remember ABCD – Always use Bus, Cab or Designated Driver. HITCH, is an option

“Let Us Drive will be available this weekend, to-date this service has taken home more than 14,000.00 people. Thanks to the programs sponsors, Bacardi, Goslings, Burrows Lightbourne and the COH.

“CADA would also like to remind parents and other responsible adults that it is not okay to give alcohol to children and young people under the age of 18.

“The adolescent brain is not yet fully developed, and underage drinking is known to significantly affect the brain, and increase the risk of that young person becoming addicted to alcohol.

“Those who begin consuming alcohol before the age of 15 are 4 times more likely to develop alcohol dependence (alcoholism) than those who wait until age 21. So again we reiterate it is not okay to give alcohol to children and young people.

“In the 2015 National School Survey, 52.6% of Middle and Senior students have tried alcohol, of that average 55.1% are females and 49.8% are males, and of those 90% of those say they got the alcohol from family and friends.

“Again CADA, is calling for the establishment of and ABC, Social Hosting legislation, and Non-Selective Sobriety check points. For more information, visit On behalf of CADA’s Board, I wish everyone a safe May 24th holiday.”

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  1. Double 7 Single Niner says:

    Good thing I know chinnee and he is in charge for this holiday. He gave me special permission to mark my viewing spot at the junction of Queen Street and King Street. Myself and atetwoate will be at our viewing spot from happy hour tonight until the end of the parade. We’ll be passed out spooning with Jinx by the end of the night.

  2. lalalalala says:

    I could be wrong (but think not) Boats are required to carry a 2016 license as that license expires on May 31st of 2016 so a 2017 is NOT required. You would think he would check before speaking!!

    • Ate5Fore says:

      This is incorrect. As of May the decal displayed shows the expiry for the FOLLOWING year. In this case it is 2017, so the officer is correct.

  3. bda guy says:

    Well if you get drunk you should drive because the police charge someone for drunken driving and they never went to court and has been quart 3 time and still driving just because who he is,if it was me or you we would have went to jail for the third one and got five years off the road but when it come to this government some people is above the law,

    • Hoyal Lill says:

      If you know the truth – speak up and provide facts and witnesses not just gossip. Surely, if three different officers booked the same person for DUI then obviously these three officers are not friends of this person or the party. If you know these officers it should be easy for you to get proof. There must be an arrest record, DUI test, police log or something. Come forward with facts or stop with the rumors, that should stop after high school.