Cricket: Eastern County Cup Teams Announced

August 26, 2016

Eastern County Cup Champions St. David’s Cricket Club have made one change to the team that dethroned the previous champions Cleveland County, with Oronde Bascome coming in for Chris Douglas. The Challengers Bailey’s Bay have selected three colts in Malachi Jones, Zeko Burgess and Nyrobi Carmichael.

St. David’s Cricket Club

  • George O’Brien Jr. – Captain
  • Delyone Borden
  • Oronde Bascome
  • Chris Foggo
  • Justin Pitcher
  • Lionel Cann
  • Ankoma Cannonier
  • Rudell Pitcher
  • Macai Simmons – Colt
  • Cejay Outerbridge
  • Shannon Raynor
  • Reserves: Dean Smith, Dean Simmons

Bailey’s Bay

  • Rodney Trott – Captain
  • Terryn Fray – Vice Captain
  • Stephen Outerbridge
  • Sinclair Smith
  • Tre Manders
  • Malachi Jones – Colt
  • Zeko Burgess – Colt
  • Kyle Hodsoll
  • Dennico Hollis
  • Azende Furbert
  • Nyrobi Carmichael – Colts
  • Reserves: Jermaine Usher, Colidge Durham, Jordan Smith

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  1. Jus' Wonderin' says:


  2. y oh y says:

    St. Davids left Chris Douglas out because he is a illegal player… something Cleveland should have brought up.. hey Bay or St. Davids would’ve done it to them.. whats good for d goose apparently isn’t good for d gander

  3. Gcode4lyfe says:

    Eastside 297 Worriors lets get dat eat them alive!! Food is on d table yo!!