Video: Coral Gardening At Bermuda’s Reefs

August 27, 2016

A recently published video is showcasing the work that the Living Reefs Foundation is doing with the help of 11th Hour Racing to help protect Bermuda’s coral reefs.

The Foundation’s website says, “Living Reefs, a Bermuda Registered Charity, was formed in 2014 to help implement some of the measures needed to keep Bermuda’s reefs and the marine life they support healthy.”

“This initiative stems from sound scientific studies recognising that coral reefs are key to Bermuda’s touristic appeal and the island’s prime marine asset. We are scientists, watersport operators and environmentalists, who have worked in the marine world for over 30 years.

“With the approval of Bermuda’s Ministry of Environment, we are working with government departments and NGO experts to enable priority measures for the preservation of Bermuda’s valuable coral reefs.

“Our goal is to earmark 85% of all donations for reef-related work and in this way assist experts in sustaining the health of Bermuda’s coral reef system.”

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  1. Curious says:

    What a wonderful project to explore how we potentially can repair the damage humans have done over the years to our reefs and oceans. Everyone can help support a Reef Garden.

    I wonder how our current practice of pumping raw sewage into our ocean and over our reefs is helping or harming.

    Is our raw sewage considered a helpful fertilizer when we pump it into our ocean, poison or a combination of both?

    • justin says:

      I think some of the stats are a bit far fetched like reefs contributing $1.1bn of GDP per annum but a good cause nevertheless.

    • sage says:

      Oh yeah, raw human effluence is great for the natural environment, that is the basis for our sewage disposal system I’m guessing. Maybe we can import some from overseas and have the mega ships dump theirs closer to shore or at the dock, and increase reef fertilizer levels improving them for visitors.

  2. Remember “magic rocks” ?

    Perhaps we could purchase like…a few cases of them and put them in the mouths of cave.
    Remember how colorful they were?

  3. Faith Choice Change says:

    How can I help ??

  4. Albie says:

    It’s my understanding that BIos and its predecessor have been monitoring all sewage out falls for decades and have generally detected on problems.

    I do not recall any calls to arms over coral dieback or damage to the reef in general save H Ross Perot and his overly enthusiastic contractor down in Castle Harbour a long time ago.

    The recent modifications to the north channel were accompanied by a reseeding/transplanting excersise at no small cost to the taxpayer.

    From what I see on the website this initiative has no obvious problem to address our reefs are healthy and repair themselves.

    Similarly the initiate does not and cannot address sedimentation, climate change, overfishing or the presence of aquatic invasive species.

    More of a feel good excersise in my opinion.

  5. magic rocks are the solution…they are very colourful and grow larger in larger containers!