30 Minute Video: ZBM Evening News For Dec 12

December 12, 2016

National Football Coach Andrew Bascome revealing that he was abused; an allegation made against a police officer that she left her assigned duties without permission, covered her police uniform and joined the protest at the House of Assembly earlier this month; and detectives say they have arrested five men in connection with the shooting murder of Deshaun Berkley, are some of the stories ZBM covered in their newscast this evening.

zbm 9 news Bermuda December 12 2016

With an aim to expand the way they deliver their news to the community, the Bermuda Broadcasting Company is continuing to live stream their evening news programme online for viewers both on the island and abroad.

The live video will begin at 7.00pm, and play to 7.30pm, and then the replay will be available:

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