Guide For Investors In Bermuda Stock Market

March 9, 2017

The Bermuda Stock Exchange [BSX] announced the launch of their Investor Education Guide.

In making the announcement BSX President & CEO Greg Wojciechowski noted; “Following on from the successful launch of our Investor Education Programme, ‘Own your share of Bermuda’, the Exchange has, in partnership with its participating members, compiled an Investor Education Guide to assist first-time investors understand and navigate the Bermuda stock market.”

Mr. Wojciechowski went on to explain further; “The guide provides information on the types of securities available on the BSX, and seeks to explain basic investment principles in a straightforward and simple manner. It also offers guidance on how to open a local trading account.”

Mr. Wojciechowski stressed that the guide is not intended to provide investment advice, or constitute a solicitation to invest.

Rather it is intended to familiarise new investors with investment terminology, and provide them with a sound basis on which to begin a discussion with an investment professional regarding their long-term investment goals.

Anyone wishing to invest in domestic stock market must first open an account with a local broker, and it is up to the brokerage firm to provide investment advice.

The guide can be found online at The printable PDF version is located under the BSX Information tab here and the online version is located on the BSX front page: here. In the coming months, it is expected to be available on additional BSX member sites.

If a member of the public wishes to obtain a hard copy of the guide, they may obtain one free of charge by visiting the BSX at their headquarters at 30 Victoria Street, Hamilton.

In closing Mr. Wojciechowski noted; “Investing is a process, requiring an educated approach aimed at achieving a positive financial return by growing invested capital. Understanding the principles of investing is the first step to making prudent investment decisions.

“No matter how modest your initial portfolio might be, it is important that you understand key financial principles, such as risk and return, diversification and volatility.

“The Investor Education Guide is a great companion to other information available to investors on our website and we encourage anyone considering investing in the domestic market to visit our site.”

The Investor Education Guide is below [PDF here]

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