Video & Photos: Blossoming Beauty Hair Show

March 26, 2017

The New Testament Church of God Island Women’s Ministry held their ‘‎Blossoming Beauty Hair Show’ at the Heritage Worship Center this weekend, with the fashion show featuring models in exotic head-wear made to look like flowers walking the runway while music was interspersed with inspirational messages of faith.

“Cindy Roberts, who is the owner of Salon Viola on Court Street, has designed these fabulous pieces. Ms. Roberts was the winner in 2015 Evolution Hair Show,” a spokesperson said.


“This is a women’s fellowship of fun. It’s light not preaching with emphasis on the fun, out of this world hair styles designed to look like flowers. This Hair show is put on by the women’s fellowship.

“Woman was fearfully and wonderfully made. She was endowed with unique beauty and talents. The ability to multi-task is second nature to her, she knows how to get a million and one things done in a day and still make a house a home.

The 18-minute live video replay is below

“There is a grace in the woman that may be matched with the value of flowers. This hair show had an emphasis on the highs and lows of a woman’s life. The contrast will be between young pods [where the flower cannot bloom or blossom] and full bloomed flowers.

“Metaphorically, you will hear of issues faced by the 21st century woman and the resultant outcome of their path to recognizing and fulfilling their full potential and purpose in Christ. If you listen carefully you will hear the reasons why flowers [women] do not bloom and what it takes for them to bloom.”

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    One of the best hair preparations is two table spoons of baking soda ; rinse ;and baby shampoo in that order the rinse cycle is the most important.
    do not let backing soda get in eyes.

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