BLDC Hold Meeting On Southside Development

April 28, 2017

The Bermuda Land Development Company [BLDC] hosted a public meeting last night at Clearwater Middle School to discuss the community development plans at Southside, including proposed options for the vacant lot opposite from the old St. David’s Post Office building.

A slideshow presentation displayed at the meeting said their mandate is, “The BLDC will manage Southside, Tudor Hill, Daniel’s Head and a portion of Morgan’s Point in a manner that reintegrates these properties into Bermuda’s social and economic fabric and increases employment opportunities for present and future generations of Bermudians.”

The presentation covered concepts including tourism, community, and local; with the tourism concept having a stated purpose to “connect and enhance all touristic activities/services with central hub,” the community concept’s purpose is to “create an atmosphere that introduces intimacy among residents,” while the local concept purpose is to “implement a zone of local and commercial services to enhance the community.”

Panel extracted from the presention showing a proposal for a shopping center:

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BLDC CEO Francis Mussenden

Area MP Lovitta Foggo

Area MP and BLDC Deputy Chair Suzann Roberts Holshouser

Photo slideshow of the meeting:


The presentation shown at the BLDC Public Meeting [PDF]:

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  1. San George says:

    The Romans had the Coliseum; the OBA has a boat race, an airport owned by Canadians and promises. People of Bermuda – this is too much government.

  2. Jeremy Deacon says:

    I wish I could have made the meeting. I have some questions:

    1. If the shopping centre idea goes ahead, have any studies been done to look at potential footfall? The last thing you need is for it to be half empty, that creates a very bad impression and I doubt there are enough people in St David’s to support this.
    2. the proposal for a ferry dock. great idea, but is Government on board with this already? Would that connect to St George’s and then go on to Hamilton/Dockyard?
    3. small thing, but does the plan incorporate a place for buses to stop?

    Also, if this happens, can the BLDC help to find an operator for the Black Horse?

  3. Warrior says:

    I was disappointed in that there was no question/answer interaction other than someone from OBM who had very little idea of St. David’s, except what had been told to her by Islanders. I feel as others do that we should be given the opportunity to express ourselves to the BLDC and OBM and others about this intrusion on our side of the wall. Changes are okay but remodeling our Village to be like Miami is unacceptable. Come up with ideas to fit in with our Community, we are open hearted don’t take advantage of that.

  4. watching says:

    While I all for sustainable development I must agree with the comments of MP Foggo that we have to determine what the people of St Davids want.
    It is a largely residential area which has a more industrial side parallel to it over on the side where the former baselands are.

    • just saying says:

      I agree with this comment, BLDC has Commercial Park, which would be an excellent area to put a shopping center, pretty much every area along Southside can be used for a shopping center. Why would you put it near a public school and a bunch or residential areas? The map isn’t even clear because there is a house just adjacent to where they are planning this development, how is this going to affect them? Another question is, is the ferry able to even get into Blackhorse dock?

  5. neighbour says:

    One big question: With all the ‘brownfield’ sites (previously developed areas) under BLDC control, WHY are they proposing to build a shopping centre on an area that is WOODLAND RESERVE??? Why not put a nice dock at Marginal Wharf, tidy up that area, and redevelop the old commissary / White’s grocery store site? It’s still an easy shuttle ride to Clearwater, if the aim is to improve accessibility for tourists. Realistically, they are not going to walk to Clearwater from either location. I agree that a series of smaller shops (with lower overheads – BLDC rents are high!) would likely do better than a single large grocery store, but the proposed location baffles me.