Photos: Justice Kawaley Visits Berkeley Institute

April 12, 2017

[Written by Berkeley Institute student Jahzuena Bradshaw-Douglas]

The Berkeley Institute welcomed Chief Justice Ian Kawaley during a visit Tuesday morning to educate and advise aspiring student lawyers.

Justice Ian Kawaley visited Berkeley Institute Bermuda April 2017 (3)

Mr. Kawaley, alumnus of London University, attained his PhD. in law in 1999. Mr. Kawaley then returned to Bermuda to pursue a career in criminal defense, and whilst maintaining a successful career in law he also was able to author and publish a few books.

Through hard work and dedication, Mr. Kawaley was promoted to Chief Justice in April 2012 after being a Judge of the Commercial Court.

“I never actually wanted to be a lawyer,” Mr. Kawaley stated. “However my father persuaded me to further my studies in law. I hated the first few months of school, but I can honestly say I have no regrets.”

The students listened intently as Mr.Kawaley spoke about the beginnings of his career and the rich history of Bermuda’s independent legal system.

Mr.Kawaley informed the students about a few of Bermuda’s most famous cases and people in law ranging from John Wood who was the first criminal trial in Bermuda for drunkenly threatening the Governor, Sally Basset who was suspected of poisoning her master and mistress, she was then sentenced to death by being burnt alive on Crow Lane. The evolution of law in a time span of 400 years has truly been astounding for our island.

Julian Hall, a renowned lawyer for his brilliance and charismatic nature, was Mr. Kawaley’s  biggest role model.

With our young generation taking an interest in law, there is no doubt Bermuda’s legal system will only continue to grow. Mr.Kawaley is a great role model for young students all over the island wanting to pursue law or other judicial careers.

Photos by student photographer is Zamar White, click to enlarge:

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  1. Auntie Zuzu Bouche says:

    This is a fantastic and inspiring article!

  2. serengeti says:

    I like that guy. He is trustworthy and very smart. I trust him.

  3. just wondering says:

    Nice one CJ !!!

  4. wahoo says:

    Yes the legal system here will grow as long as there is demand especially in international business domain which is a wide ranging practice. Obviously criminal lawyers will always be in demand anywhere you go and history and TV are full of brilliant examples but my guess is that it is not all glitter and gold.

  5. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Bermudian chief Justice giving Back to the Bermudian Community and his Old Alma Mater ,Berkeley Institute.Commendable…..