Regular Access To Horseshoe For Good Friday

April 5, 2017

The Ministry of Public Works advised that there will be regular access to Horseshoe Bay Beach, via the main entrance off South Road, during Good Friday [April 14].

A spokesperson said, “Vehicles and pedestrians will be permitted to access Horseshoe Bay Beach via the main entrance off of South Road.

“There will be car parking and cycle parking, as well as minibus, shuttle and drop-off areas. However, as in previous years, there will be no parking permitted along the access road leading down to the parking areas.

“As members of the public will be aware, the main access to the beach has been closed since improvement works began in late-January.

A slideshow showing work taking place last month:


“It should be stressed that the ‘Soft Opening’ of this entrance is for Good Friday only [from 7:30am until 10pm].

“As of 10pm on April 14 the gates will be closed to both vehicles and pedestrians and remain closed to allow improvement works to continue until the grand opening during the first week of May, 2017. Any vehicles that are left in the parking lot Saturday morning will be towed at the owners’ expense.

“Once Good Friday concludes, the public are reminded of the two alternative access locations – both just east of the main access point:

“First location -There is a pedestrian access point which is located across the street from the Southampton Rangers Sports Club field. This access has a large layby and some parking for cars. Beach-goers using this access must exercise some caution due to the steep grade of the path to the beach.

“Second Location -This access point is located at Chaplin Bay which is directly across the street from the Warwick Camp entrance. This access location provides entry for cars, cycles, and pedestrians. Once at this location, the beach visitor must walk in a westerly direction to reach Horseshoe Bay Beach.”

“It was of great importance to me to have the main beach access open for Good Friday,” said the Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier. “Going to Horseshoe Bay Beach on Good Friday has become a longstanding tradition for many people and my team worked feverishly to ensure that the area could safely accommodate beach-goers.”

The Ministry said, “Department of Parks and TCD staff will be on-site on Good Friday assisting with traffic coordination and to ensure the safety of pedestrians on the newly-constructed boardwalk.

“The concession at Horseshoe Bay Beach will be open for refreshments on Good Friday. The public may recall that owners and operators of the Bermuda Bistro at the Beach were awarded the tender for the Horseshoe Bay Beach concession last year. Chops Ltd, which also runs Red Steakhouse and Bar, promises a “classic, vibrant, laid-back Bermuda beach experience”.

“The bathrooms at Horseshoe Bay Beach, which have been undergoing renovations, will be open for Good Friday and will remain open.

“The improvement works will increase the ease of transport and accessibility at the beach, as per the Bermuda ‘Beach Vision’. The scope of works taking place at Horseshoe Bay Beach includes the following:

  • The construction of a new timber pedestrian boardwalk with view corridors stretching from South Road down to parking lot areas and pedestrian beach access;
  • A new integrated storm water management swales and civil structural storm water management systems;
  • The repositioning of asphalt roadway to the northern part of the property with circular vehicular loop to separate foot traffic from vehicular;
  • New bus, shuttle/mini-bus, taxi & car drop-off zones, increase in car and bike parking with turf-grass surface;
  • The repositioning of the existing salt water pump for existing bathroom facilities;
  • The construction of a new retaining wall and seating area near the bus passenger drop-off area;
  • The removal of invasive species of plants and trees, retaining and protecting existing species of plants and trees and planting new plants and trees;
  • The addition of new parking facility lighting with Belco electrical poles and lighting fixtures.

The Ministry added that the project remains on schedule.

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