20.2 Tonnes Of Recyclables Collected From AC

July 5, 2017

The Ministry of Public Works announced that 20.24 tonnes of recyclables were collected from the America’s Cup event village during the 22 day event last month. This amount increased Bermuda’s monthly recycling, which averages 63 tonnes, by just under 50% per day during the event period.

A Ministry Spokesperson said, “Thanks is due to so many individuals and organizations who worked tirelessly both before and during the event, to ensure that items which were fit for recycling were disposed of in the proper manner.

“This includes ACBDA and ACEA, Keep Bermuda Beautiful, event village food and beverage vendors and, of course, those attending who participated in recycling at the event.

“This level of participation demonstrates the public’s awareness and support of Bermuda’s TAG [tin, aluminium and glass] recycling programme. The use of eye-catching waste and recycling bins and informative signage also helps the public make the correct waste disposal choices.”

“TAG recycling is part of Bermuda’s Comprehensive Waste Management Programme and is a vital initiative because it both removes non-burnable items from the waste stream at the Tynes Bay Waste To Energy Facility [TBWF], and reduces Bermuda’s carbon footprint.

“Aluminium and steel cans are exported to be converted back into new consumer goods, while crushed glass is reused on-island in construction, landscaping and road-works projects. Conversely, the incineration of cans and glass detracts from the TBWF ability to produce energy from Bermuda’s waste.

“Other sustainable initiatives at the AC event village included “Hydration Stations” which allowed spectators to refill their personal water bottles.

“The reduction of plastic water bottles eliminates the possibility of these items becoming litter and entering the marine environment where they take an estimated 450 years to break down. Plastics entering the marine environment cause the death of sea birds, turtles and other marine organisms through ingestion and eventual starvation.

“The production of 1 liter of bottled water requires the use of 3 liters of water, so each refill saves not only on plastics but 3 times the amount of water consumed. At the event village, the final tally of 16oz bottles saved through use of the Hydration Stations was 199,900 over 22 days.

“Other Hydration Stations at the volunteer area and AC TV area increased the final tally of 16oz refills to 249,018, significantly reducing the amount of waste created over the 22 day event.”

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